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  1. Just to update this post, I ended up equipping high damage crossbows on 3 of my characters and snipering him at the start of the encounter which was one of the suggestions above. Tactics in this game are definitely a big pat of it. I'm getting better at them as I go.
  2. Why is it that spells like Fetid Caress sometimes don't work? I was fighting the ogre boss on level 3 of Od Nua, and was able to paralyze him once with Fetid Caress. But the other two times I cast it, it did not paralyze him.
  3. This is my first IE game (I dabbled in Baulder's Gate but never very far). So far I'm really enjoying it. But Maerwald is kicking my ass. He one shots 3/4th of my party with his fire AOE thing. Not sure if I'm 1) Too low level 2) Don't know what I'm doing My party is 1) Human fighter (player char) level 3 2) Durance level 3 3) Kana level 3 4) Aloth level 3 5) 2nd level Aumaua Barbarian 6) 2nd level Godlike Druid I recruited 5 and 6 after I had trouble clearing the undead in the courtyard. That helped, and got me as far as Maerwald, but he's just totally annihilating me. Is there a particualr spell or something I should be using? I looked over all the spells but didn't see anything about resisting fire. Or do I need to go back and explore maps and get to level 4 or something. I know I could just set difficulty to easy but that's lame.
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