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  1. It's fine that they disagree. If we all agreed on everything, we would just be a single entity, not multiple human beings with differing views like we are today. Anyhow, I put 25hrs exactly according to Steam into PoE. That was a lot of re-rolling due to bugs. It was just a nasty 2 weeks on the forums and back and fourth on the game, just frustrations. Then I just gave up. I moved on because GTA V made that decision easy, and maybe I will return. I play games for fun, and I didn't have fun with it at the time due to lame bugs. It wasn't ready at launch, perhaps it is now ready after the 6-7 patches it has had (apparently the patches fixed over 1000 bugs, LOL, that says a lot about it's launch state). Despite the bugs some people have been having with the Witcher 3, none have gotten to me yet with 70 hours in. I guess i'm lucky? GTA V was pretty polished too (as it should be since it was released 2 years ago). I shouldn't compare all these games at all, they just happen to be released fairly close to one another. It's a good time to be a gamer. Like I said before, I will see to it that I make an effort to play PoE again when I get bored of Witcher 3. PS - I don't get frustrated when games are too hard, I play all games on max difficulty and I am a completionist at heart. I'm the type of guy who will purposely nerf my character in order to remain challenged throughout a game. Though I didn't play "Trial by Iron" because there's no way of conning mobs.
  2. The style suits me just fine. I think they couldn't get it together with what they had to work with. I wasn't expecting AAA quality, but they could of at least assembled this old school thing properly and had it working ticky boo at launch. Again, I think the style is fine. It was not ready at launch. It still had bugs, patch after patch. I don't know if the current patch has fixed everything in it's current state because I haven't revisited it yet. Is it worthy of calling 1.0 now? I hope so. Maybe after I finish Witcher 3 I will find out.
  3. Well, it's my opinion this game was not ready for release and I think it was coded by a bunch of kids to be honest. For almost the same price, I got the Witcher 3...compare those 2 games for a second. PoE is a friggin joke when you compare the 2. I played 20 hours of the game according to Steam, and that was because I kept re-rolling a new character due to running into bugs with each save. I never made it passed Act 1, character was never more then lvl 4 and I just got frustrated, so I ditched it and kept playing Dragon Age Inquistiion. Then GTA V came out, then Witcher 3 came, so I never went back to it...maybe 1 day. It just sits there as my lowest played Steam game, lol. This game got a lot of 8/10 and 9/10...but I really think the high scores were due to the nostalgia of Baldur's Gate...
  4. Thanks for reporting this issue. The bug has been verified and written in our bug database. Congrats 1 month later. This was first reported on April 3rd.
  5. i haven't even finished ACT 1. I usually run into some lame bugs therefore I haven't booted up the game in a while. So, I too am hoping 1.05 is a miracle patch.
  6. When most of the reported bugs are fixed I would probably rate it higher then a 2. But, I just haven't been able to make it more then 5-6 hours before I encounter some bug, so a 2/5 it is for now because the game is incomplete. I think 1.04 fixed some of the stuff, but I still see a forum full of technical issues...so hoping 1.05 I can play. The loading time increases as the game progresses kind of worries me, hopefully this is addressed in 1.05. Anyways, GTA V until they patch it up to my liking.
  7. the current bugs with abilities/stats are what bother me most and why i am also waiting until the 1.05 miracle patch
  8. I also have the opposite issue. The melee attackers, unless they happen to be the primary tank often don't auto-attack and also can't do any of their own pathfinding. It's ridiculous.
  9. yes dissmiss+recruit fixes. i got through the guls at raedric's by keeping my main out of the fight (WAY out, their thing has long range) and then fixing the other people after. So the player character is totally screwed if he's got the buff?
  10. The spores do have a charm spell...is it possible while under the effects of the charm spell some sort of health buff takes place then upon charm wearing off the health buff persists and doesn't turn off?
  11. https://youtu.be/Ob91E5DXIdY?t=820 I linked it to the exact time he starts talking about it. He sums up the auto-attack and pathfinding issues quite nicely in his little comedy skit. Oddly he didn't mention any other bugs in his review.
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