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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I experienced this bug in my runs: for some scrolls when you click pause, select a scroll from quick slot, select a point where to cast it, click, then end pause, the animation of scroll launching trigger, the scroll in the animation disappear, but there's no effects. Scroll DOESN'T disappear from quick item, luckily. If you did the same action, that is cast a scroll normally WITHOUT pause, scroll land perfectly. I noted this issue almost ever with scroll of Maelstrom and scroll of Prayer against Fear, I don't know or it doesn't seem it happens with others scrolls, or maybe it doesn't happen so often. Anybody else having same problems?
  2. Obsidian, please add a binding to just pause the game, and not unpause it. It's super annoying to accidentally unpause an auto-pause when you're trying to pause. You have a bind for scouting on or off, so you should definitely have a button for Pause On or something.
  3. The last time I played POE, I died on path of the damned difficulty. I had no idea my ranger wasn't firing her arquebus even though I queued her attacks. Had I known my ranger got interrupted, I would've won the fight by a hair. It turns out the Druid Ogres I were fighting were able to cancel all queued attacks whenever they attack with their spells. It would be great if you could add a feature that auto pauses combat when a companions queued attacks get canceled/interrupted for any reason. Thanks!
  4. I have it observed the performance a bit, and saw, that PoE can not idle. It takes 100% cpu at all times: ingame ingame with battle running ingame with battle running and many monsters to kill ingame with battle running and many monstres to kill and heavy spell effects ingame paused gamewindow has no focus but is visible gamewindow has no focus but is visible while other program has focus and fullscreen (my terminal is semi transparent so i can see the game, it is paused but updates the green moving line around the sneak icon (with 60 fps)) gamewindow has no focus and is not visible because an other fullscreen window is on top At least for the background cases it should not render at fullspeed. Diablo 3 for example has an option “Background FPS” to limit the cpu usage. But why does the mainloop not slow down on paused game? There is only to redraw the same picture, over and over again, nothing moves, nothing counts, nothing ticks, noting changes, so why? Interesting enough although PoE spawns 20 threads only the main thread doing cpu heavy stuff: https://xaratas.privatepaste.com/download/91973aa7ac Other observation: Its not the count of enemies which hit the performance of my Nvidia Geforce 330M, it's the size of the monster. Full party + 6 Dragul + 4 Skeletons + 3 summoned Skeletons: minor slowdown Full party + 6 Xaurip + 1 young dragon: heavy lag
  5. I've hit a fairly serious bug that I haven't seen mentioned previously (if it has, I apologize - I scanned and searched the forum and couldn't find a mention of it). When I get to the Ducal Palace after talking with Lady Webb, I'm admitted to the Animance Hearings as expected. While attending the Animancy Hearings, the game pauses right after the Duc is killed and the cut scene with the 'he killed the Duc - get him' sequence finishes. After this cut-scene, the game pauses, and no keys or mouse clicks will take the game back out of pause. <ESC>, <space>, etc., do nothing, so it is impossible to proceed with the game or exit from the game. The only option is to <alt-tab> to the desktop and manually kill the game. This is with the v1.06 beta. I've played the game to this point several times, and this bug happens sometimes but other times does not happen. My best guess of the common denominator is that it appears that if the player completes the Searing Falls 'Cinders of Faith' quest prior to the Animancy Hearings, the bug happens. If the player doesn't complete this quest, the game proceeds normally. I'd upload a game save, but it is over 2 MB and the file upload has a limit of 1 MB. Let me know if it would be helpful to have a game save, and where/how to upload it.
  6. It's really annoying when I unpause an auto-pause because I'm trying to pause at the same time. It would be great if you were unable to manually unpause the game for 1/3 to 1/2 a second after an auto-pause. Thank you!
  7. If the game is paused while the screen is shaking then the screen continues to shake while the game remains paused. I'm seeing this very frequently in combat in the Heritage Hill Tower (with autopause on target destroyed turned on). This problem was not present in the previous version.
  8. Some difficulty thoughts, specifically on "Pausing". Could it be time-limited with a cooldown? "You've got 30 seconds to make your decisions" in "Pause-Mode" on Hardcore, or maybe as an "Option"? Personally I think it could be fun, a slider that you can decide for yourself how long of a pause you want. Perhaps you can turn "Pause" off entirely and go "Real Time" entirely. Don't get me wrong, I love the "Pause" function. Just discussing various ways to make a "Sh-- that's difficult!" difficulty Thoughts?
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