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  1. Here is a game save from just before the meeting in the palace. If you walk through the open balcony door and attend the animacy hearings, after the attack the game will pause and you will be unable to un-pause or preform any other action, including with the <ESC> key or <space> key. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0wbjv9s9sg3xmri/AAAfGBA9lKXW9ERPPwSJDDWZa?dl=0 Let me know if this doesn't work or if you need another example - I have a different character that encountered the same bug. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this, and it worked for me, too. Apparently when the turmoil over the Duc's assasination breaks out, one or more of the parties fighting are identified as enemies (even though your party is in a balcony on another level), so it was auto-pausing - then for some reason it locks out all keys which would allow you to un-pause. Anyway, your work-around got me past this bug for now, so thanks again.
  3. I've hit a fairly serious bug that I haven't seen mentioned previously (if it has, I apologize - I scanned and searched the forum and couldn't find a mention of it). When I get to the Ducal Palace after talking with Lady Webb, I'm admitted to the Animance Hearings as expected. While attending the Animancy Hearings, the game pauses right after the Duc is killed and the cut scene with the 'he killed the Duc - get him' sequence finishes. After this cut-scene, the game pauses, and no keys or mouse clicks will take the game back out of pause. <ESC>, <space>, etc., do nothing, so it is i
  4. Yeah, I think this change was overdone. It means that in most cases the cypher can only get off 1 of his/her best spells before running out of focus. I think a 50% drop (from 1/2 to 1/4) is too much. About 1/3 or so would be better. Alternatively, maybe increase the gain of focus during combat significantly. Right now, my cypher can cast 1-2 spells, then switches to melee fighting, and the battle is over before the cypher gains enough focus to ever cast anything again.
  5. I noticed today that when I load and play a converted save in 1.05 Beta, when I go to a store and hover over an item from stash or inventory, the item info is still shown (item bonuses, item type, etc), but the price/value (how much you will get paid for it at this particular shop) is no longer shown. I have to right-click the item to find out the selling price. I found this info important when deciding what to sell, and it was much more convenient to just hover over item after item. Was this a deliberate change, or an accident, or is it something that only I am experiencing? I looked on t
  6. I had a similar problem in one of my games. Specifically, I did a manual resolution of a keep attack, and during the attack one of the enemy's characters cast 'charm' or 'dominate' or something similar, and a number of the hirelings flipped to red 'enemy' condition (as one would expect). My characters then attacked the caster and killed him, and finished killing all the hostile forces (including the hirelings, since they still were hostile). The battle ended, I had my characters rest, then hired new hirlings (since all the old ones were dead). The new hirlings immediately turned hostile and at
  7. I'm having the same issue as Xinxspuz - Got into the fight with the ogres in the cave (the one that there was a bounty on), including one Ogre Druid. The Ogre Druid cast a spell on the party, blinding several characters. I used the 'Supress Affliction' ability of the paladin to temporarily get past the fight, and when the fight ended, 2 of my characters still had the 'blinded' icon indicating they were still blind. I rested, changed maps, and rested again, but the 'blinded' indicator remained. After saving the game, exiting the game (out to the main menu), and restarting the game with 'Contin
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