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  1. Stronghold is the big one. It needs a complete overhaul to be worth spending dev time on in a potential PoE2. I'd say just get rid of it instead, spending time in cities is more fun
  2. As good as BG and the like. It's worse in some ways but much better in other ways. If your main reason for liking BG was the combat though then you might not like PoE so much, but for me I didn't like the BG combat and found PoE's more fun The backgrounds look so good. I know graphics aren't everything, but playing it makes me wish they updated the graphics of every single classic iso RPG to this lol
  3. 4.5/5 once the first week bugs were fixed. I didn't experience any bugs in my playthrough after that patch aside from a couple item icons still being "?" I really loved the companions voice acting and stories and how they relate to the wider world (though I didn't like 2 of them but the others were great) and I enjoyed the main story once I started understanding it further into the game. The art was very good I was never a fan of RTWP combat and PoE was the best implementation yet for me even with the pathfinding ****tiness etc. I still didn't love the combat but at least I didn't mind getting into it this time I think the biggest let down was the stronghold. If they make a 2nd they should just leave out a Stronghold unless they completely overhaul how it works The game has lots of little problems but I was enjoying every minute of a long playthrough so I don't see how I could give it a lower score. I liked it more than BG/IWD but less than PST/Arcanum so I got my moneys worth from the Kickstarter and that's what I wanted!
  4. It would be kinda cool if everyone had a name, but at the same time it would be too hard to also give every single person in the game dialogue so they'd have a name with no dialogue and it'd just be more annoying to find quest givers
  5. I liked the game more than the BG/IWD/NWN games but a bit less than Arcanum and Planescape Torment, but definitely was worth the money. One of the only new single player games I have completed since Skyrim Main issues were pathfinding/party AI and nobody sitting in chairs!!! Otherwise not many complaints. Combat sucked to begin with but got better the more you leveled and the better skilled the opponents you had to face. If I had given up 20 hours in I would've said the combat wasn't good
  6. I thought the story was pretty great. I barely ever finish games these days but I never wanted to stop playing this until I was done. Combat was alright for me, mainly because I suck and didn't bother getting a full understanding of the rules. I never planned much or read the beastiary so every fight felt different and I had to think on my feet lol. It was hard all the way through. I really disliked it at first but once I got more abilities and more members it became fun. My biggest problem was your companions not auto-attacking if they weren't hit by that enemy. I mean they are watching their party leader get beat on by a massive dragon but if that dragon didn't hit them in particular they'll just stand there. Also pathfinding in combat was terrible, fighting in hallways was rage-inducing but it just made me want to beat the game more
  7. Hi just a bug to report. I am about 40 hours into the game and all of a sudden after combat in Elmshore my movement speeds are messed up. Double speed now moves all 6 of my party members at normal speed, normal speed is slow, and slow is even slower than usual. Have tried reloading and quitting game etc and it doesn't fix it Not a game breaker but a little annoying
  8. Better than having no option for it I think though. Also you can screenshot your character then edit it in photoshop to look more like a painting, then you have a portrait that looks exactly like your character at least
  9. Yeah it was disappointing, but it's easy enough to find one online and put it in. They really should've had a screenshot-your-character option. Also a grid selection for portraits rather than 1 at a time
  10. Well, yes, but that will stop them after they are already moving from their spot, not beforehand. So you have like spit second to notice, pause and stop em. I also hate their auto advance mechanic. I had a fight in a doorway, I had discovered trap few steps ahead. After his current target was dead, my tank was idiotic enough to auto move to next enemy right trough the trap, which resulted in his death. I am afraid companions do not lack AI, as people claim. It is worse, the have AI of lemmings. In the "game" options there is one called "disable auto-attack" in the bottom right that says it will stop your party from automatically moving to new enemies, does this fix the issue you're having?
  11. Luckily I barely had time to play from release so I'm 4 hours in. I will just restart the same class, use it as opportunity to organize my stats a bit better from what I learned playing and do everything again with drag and dropping
  12. Hopefully soon, they need to fix doubleclick and loading screen crash bugs within a day or two. Miniscule glitches and the like can wait a week or two
  13. A barely working hotfix would be better than making us wait longer Just as I wanted to get back into the game in some free time :'(
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