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  1. Thing is tho, is this a 30-40 hour game if you actually roleplay? Or play on Normal? Because I never do everything in an RPG. That's min-maxing, not roleplaying. If my character wouldn't care about something, I don't care either, so I might miss a quest that way. Or two. Or five. I also consider extending the game length by upping combat difficulty fake game length. (Same goes for unnecessary puzzles, btw).
  2. I don't get this. Just play an hour when you can. It's like saying you can't read thick books anymore. It just takes longer to finish.
  3. I haven't tried it on all companions but on Parvati I have no problems doing it. However the second weapon HAS to be a melee weapon and the first a gun.
  4. Well two decades ago the standard was about 60-80. I still feel slightly robbed if an RPG is < 50 hours long. I grew up with the Baldur's Gate games, the original Fallout games, Planescape: Torment...
  5. Funny. I tend to always play female when I can. And not because "Oh look I can oogle a butt in third person". But I have no problem switching genders, or race, or Race (meaning both "elf" and "black"). It's a role playing game, and I am roleplaying. Would be utterly boring to be myself, right?
  6. If you don't like 21st century values... why are you consuming 21st century media? Shouldn't you be out there fighting the good fight against Women's right to vote or something? Also, people who unironically use "SJW" as an insult really reveal more about themselves than the people they try to insult.
  7. Okay, so far I am "only" lvl 12 and in my first playthru. But I have a few issues: Same problem as in Mass Effect 1: The weird combination of Guns as Vendor Trash and illogial tiers (Suddenly I find a light assault rifle that is better than anything I have just because I'm lvl 12). Reminds me very much about ME 1 but at least there I could reuse my mods. 90% of the writing goes for one companion. I love her, like almost everyone else. But it is clear Parvati got almost all the writing. The other characters I have so far (3 of six excluding Parvati) are all ranging from "cool, but nothing special" to "yawn, I guess I will never be using you, you are just pointless"). Doesn't help that the 5th companion, that I just came across, has an introduction that makes me want to NOT pick him up at all. I don't know why causes it, but something makes the combat much more disorienting than in say Mass Effect. Voiced protagonist. That's a very divisive opinion, but I definitely enjoy Fallout 4 more than 3 or NV because of this. Length... I am maybe a tad greedy, but this is the most expensive game I have ever bought. Not hyperbole, but normally PC games in this country are between (approx) $45 to $55 including 25% VAT. This game was $65 PLUS 25% VAT. That is Console game prices. Combine this with a "15 to 25 hour game" according to Obsidian themselves and well... very little bang for the buck.
  8. ...Yeah... does your mom know you feel this way regarding gay people?
  9. Well... I bought this game a long time ago and decided to buy the expansion and then really, you know, play it. Now it seems that this bug, where you don't get the Soul question, is back. People claimed it was fixed in a patch but I have the very latest version as of today (Mar 12th, 2016) and I got it this morning. I have a quicksave from just when the fight started and I have not saved since. Can it be fixed?
  10. From the description of a death godlike, you'd think townsfolk would be either more aggressive or run away, etc. Indeed. Hey, my idea for the game would be to have the "souless kids" be replaced by Death Godlike children.
  11. I think that you read a bit too much into the lore there. The Collector's Guidebook states outright: That race is not a defining factor, is intention, not oversight. As for Orlans - yes, they're often slaves in Readceras or the Vailian Republics, and servants in the Dyrwood. But not because they're viewed as inherently inferior, or similar RL-based notions. Wild Orlans are even considered to be "poor slaves" because of their violent nature. So while many Orlans may be slaves or at the lower end of the society, it's not because of their race per se. And with Godlike, it depends - no, them coming to town does not automatically entice the population to get their forks and torches: Could there be better reactivity? Sure. But outright hostility, blatant racism and things like that are not what the lore states. When it comes to Godlikes the character creation screen is very schizophrenic: You have the quote you write here, but also on Nature and Death godlikes it openly, and directly, states that they tend to be killed at birth, and that people think they are plaguebearers and bad omens. "Killed at birth" is definitely "blatant racism".
  12. That is absolutely not true. There may seem to be a lot of portraits, but that's only because they're all lumped together--every race and gender in one big pool. If you want to play as a female Orlan, for example, you have only 3 choices; if you want to play as a female Wild Orlan, you've only 1. Let's handle this paragraph by paragraph. First: You should be able to use whatever portrait you like for your character, regardless of gender. It is 2015. Second: Obsidian added many portraits over the course of the beta and tweaked even more. This was clearly an ongoing effort. Many of the portraits that appeared in the shipping version were absent from the beta even a few weeks before launch. Third: By my count, BG launched with 20 male portraits and 12 female. Most overlapped with existing NPC companions, further limiting the selection. BG2 launched with the same portrait selection + a few extras for the new companions. POE currently includes 67 official portraits. When you provide more than twice as many options as the gold standard you are trying to replicate, that can be objectively considered "a lot." Show me all the other games that have significantly more hand painted character portraits and I will concede this point. I am not arguing that the number of portraits are too few compared to BG2. I am arguing that the number of portraits, due to the character customization possibilities, are too few. A major reason for this of course is that unless the game provides a portrait for every single combination (male wild orlan with black fur, male wild orlan with red fur, female elf with mohawk etc) it will FEEL like too few options, because the whole 2D portraits mechanics do not play nice with the 3D models and the options given to the player there.
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