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  1. Diesel one have to be a single class ranger or does a barb/ranger Work?
  2. I dont really want a terrible stat and would like for him to be effective i Combat too. With 12 or 13 in might and consultant.
  3. Been thinking about doing a build based in a character I created for a Short Story. A Knight-Errant Noir Detective build. Thinking he Will be a paladin. With a Focus on perception and some resolve with a great sword. Anyone got any ideas how to build him?
  4. Hi, I made a Aumaua deadfire barbarian in POE and used the War club of the Mataru, and really liked it for flavour, but honestly not a big fan of clubs besides that, Now I am wondering if there are more club in POE II that has that same look. Does anyone know?
  5. huh well, thats fine for me, i just figured that ranger barbarian had good synergy and liked that backstory. the weapons i am using now are the aumaua war club and a sabre. i had briefly considered Paladin with the same backstory.
  6. I am playing through PoE 1 at the moment as a Barbarian with one created NPC as a ranger with a bear. The back story is that they are brothers and the brother will die at the end of PoE1 or at the start of PoE2 So I had this plan to make my dual wielding barbarian into a ranger multiclass and adopt his brother's bear. So I guess my question is is it any fun? I am not really going for a complete min/max build, but merely a viable one as I am playing on normal but I don't want an ineffectual character either.
  7. I always liked the concept of Melee rangers in D&D and I know that is not what they're meant to be in PoE, but I saw someone mention that a melee ranger isn't impossible, so any advice on how to do it?
  8. I feel like it would be waste to make another thread to ask this, but I have been wonder how important is the presence of a priest in your party? Either you have Durance or perhaps your PC or player created Adventurer. is it consumables all the way if you disregard Durance or another priest in the party?
  9. Let's be honest 8 outta 10 is a pretty good score, secondly that score itself does not matter overall at least to me as a consumer. What would matter is if Van Ord has legitimate criticisms and concerns in his review. Also I like Dragon Age.
  10. well I do want higher fidelity and prettier character models at least.
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