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  1. Confirming the same behavior on OS X 10.10.3: Failed to find data folder. I happen to also have a copy of the GOG version installed, I used my second backer key to install on Steam to try running the beta. I compared to contents of the bundles and identified the missing files: in Data files matching level*, *assets*, and the folders Managed and Resources were missing. After copying those over the game launches from Steam, but it claims to be 1.04 on the title screen in the lower left corner. I'm not sure if the game will behave as 1.04, 1.05b, or a mixture from behavior to behavior with this setup, and I'm not really planning on testing it. Just letting you know what files were missing from the 1.05b push.
  2. I've read enough to know that the stats system as implemented favors one extreme or another, but is there really no way to make a tough DPS character? Having characters which could weather blows and deal damage in melee was my main past-time in Infinity Engine games, and so far at least my experimental pure tank Wild Orlan Monk is a total snoozefest. I can't take enough damage to use an ability if I tried, and do no real damage(Might 2). On the other hand I don't like having the main character be someone that needs to hang back, lead from the front and all that. My ideal class for RP and flavor would be a Paladin if that's possible, but they seem to lack damage options. What if anything can be done in the game as it stands, preferably without picking a fringe race like Fire Godlike? How badly are relatively middling(i.e. no stats dumped below 8 ) handicapped?
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