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  1. Hello, I have really fallen in love with the Vailian accents and language in Deadfire. Now that the world of Eora has become fleshed out with many different accents and languages, in future games could the voice options for the PC reflect that diversity? It's disappointing to choose a character from Old Vailia and not be able to have him sound like the other Old Vailians in game.
  2. I am enjoying the flirtations between Eder and Xoti. I always love a good romance or love story in my games. So please keep them in your future games :D
  3. That's good to know I keep seeing NPCs saying "I didn't know Huana had Watchers" and I've been wondering if they were referring to me. It seemed very odd.
  4. I carried my godlike pirate over from PoE 1. He had a Deadfire culture before PoE 2 was announced so I was excited about how that would play out. From what I can tell the game acts that having the Deadfire culture means you're a Huana. As, even natives of the Deadfire, but who's ancestry came from Old Vailia, or wherever are still considered culturally whatever their ancestors were. It's clear that as the Deadfire's lore got fleshed out it turned into that the Deadfire was mostly Islander Aumaua. This is obvious as Naasitaq was considered part of the Deadfire, but now it's mostly refereed to as its own region (crew mates from Naasitaq have that listed as their culture rather then Deadfire). This has made RPing my character confusing as in my mind he was born from human parents but were from the Deadfire. I suppose if I want to RP him as a human pirate-type I should be from Old Vailia, as that's the cultural background of the pirate faction? I'd love feedback and ideas from yall :D
  5. It was a joke. Until we get an official denial, this seems a good rumor as any to spread :3
  6. Then the thread is in agreement. There has been gross misuse of the term nostalgia when gaming media has talked about PoE ^.^
  7. Thank you Those were the types of things I was thinking when I first posted. How unfair it seemed that, at least it seemed this way, the gaming world was writing PoE off as "BG rehash for the people blinded by rose-tinted glasses". So thank you for putting in your two cents and I hope you got your goat back
  8. Hello, I had read a recent review for PoE and it's a recurring point in any mentioning of PoE, that the game uses nostalgia for the IE games. While I don't think the point is false I did wonder how much is nostalgia vs the genre of game that PoE was made is a fun genre. By that I mean could you argue that Starcraft 2 has the nostalgia factor for people that loved the original Starcraft? It's a philosophical point, I suppose, if the IE-style games had continues to be made, even just sporadically, PoE may be regarded as the best new addition to the genre. Rather then "if you pine for the olden days of yore when Baldur's Gate roamed the land, play PoE." Again, I do acknowledge that there is a nostalgia factor for some customers, but have criticisms been too reductionist in that regard? PoE is a great game that stands on its own. And, the point I wish would be brought up more, the genre of IE-style games is a solid fun genre that more developers and publishers should revive. I hope a few more games in this style get put out, not just by Obsidian, then a clearer picture of how much PoE's success leaned on nostalgia vs the game and genre of PoE being great entertainment. Yalls thoughts? PS I also apologize if this is kinda rambly & incomprehensible. Just a thought that's been percolating in my brain.
  9. I'm fine with how DR works as is. It makes sense to me that small weapons do poorly against heavy armor (or whatever the DR represents on the particular enemy). While at the same time, characters that are built to use single handed weapons can do very good damage. As for balance, if small light weapons did more damage then rogues would be able to do even more damage (when they are already top at single target damage). Making things worse, rather then better. Just my thoughts.
  10. Rogues do well with single handed. Having one weapon increases your accuracy. Which then increases your crit chance. Rogues can be build around doing massive crit damage so it's a very nice fit. Using that strategy on my current run with rogue pc, loving it.
  11. Pretty sure the idea for unarmed monk fighters with powerful unarmed attacks comes a single source, Shaolin. All the other monks that fought, that I can think of off the top of my head, wore armor and used weapons. I've always found it strange that RPGs, ie dnd, took the concept of a Shaolin monk and mashed that into a western setting when Europe had its own fighting monks in history. I've found that the PoE monk is less jarring then if they wore no armor at all and ran around like they had on full plate. I hope in upcoming sequels they keep the monks as is and don't turn them into Shaolin monks.
  12. I think this is just an issue of you have a different idea, of what a monk class should be, then the devs. Neither is better or worse, just different. As for them seeming weak, I found monks are tough enough to tank while having the ability to burst down monsters with their wound powered powers. They aren't a class where each fight requires lots of active ability usage, like ciphers or wizards, but they don't need to. If you want a through monk build & battle tactics I'd be happy to get into that.
  13. AP & KOTOR 2 both had romances that I enjoyed. Never played NWN2 or have interest to. For AP I enjoyed the multiple romances with such different female characters that played into the spy milieu. There were two defining moments for me in regards to the romances in AP. 1. was when the archeologist love interest died (for me she died). The scene where the main character reflects on that had feeling that struck a chord with me and it felt that it helped nudge the game away from "super-happy spy fantasy" to a story with some amount of consequences. The other defining moment is when you discover the journalist love interest is really a spy. I remember really enjoying the whole flirtation that builds to the big reveal. And, yes I did feel that the romances had a meaningful impact on the story. It added another dimension to a straight revenge story to where the main character has concerns other then "who do I need to kill and where are they?". As for KOTOR 2....my heart flutters at Kelly Hu's performance as Visas Marr. The character was awesome as well, don't get me wrong. The whole story of KOTOR 2 seemed to be about "what happens to a Jedi when everything goes pear shaped and you're the last one left?". You are kinda given license to define how a Jedi behaves on your own terms. In KOTOR the romance had an element of the forbidden, where as KOTOR 2's romance with Visas Marr had an element of the unknown. The scene where the two meditate with each other brought a smile to my face. It was a portrayal of a deep romance that didn't culminate in two flesh bags exchanging genetic information. The romance as a whole felt very meaningful to the story as like AP it gave another dimension to the main character. Stories feel flat when a main character is told by his circumstances "Go kill the guys that are killing you with a cast of interesting characters. But, don't explore the spectrum of human relationships. You're really just here to play out a murder sim." That exploration of interesting characters interacting in all the different ways that people do interact adds a whole palette for the storytellers to enrich the tale. When romances are missing a noticeable hole is present that I always prefer to be filled.
  14. Huh, I'd never really thought of it in those terms before. I always go male pc and so far since I've settled into a rogue character my party is 4m/2f.
  15. Yes to romance in all forms! DLC, expansions, even super heavy romantic sequels! I'd double buy them all :D
  16. Don't see the connection between Sagani and the guy. But, whatever provides you humor :D
  17. I'd say that race isn't relevant by default. So in this setting the movements that could lead to racial relevance never happened. Not that race was turned irrelevant, it just never had that power in the first place.
  18. Around 1:18:00 They interview a guy in this black shirt, I don't remember him at any point prior in the documentary and they didn't have a name tag for him at 1:18:00. Does anyone know who he is?
  19. No spoilers. Pretty sure. Mostly talk about the technical, managerial and business aspects of PoE. Not really any talk of setting, characters or story. I think for that reason.
  20. Chris is currently working on the novella. When we have more information about it, we will send it out in a backer update. He should simply write faster. I'd prefer he just take Lovecraft short stories and change the names XD
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