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  1. Personally I didn't consider the keep a money sink, mainly because I was sitting on like 200k+ at the end of the game and still had plenty to sell.. and that was after I'd practically bought all the unique items and a lot spent on gems to do enchanting. However, I think there could have been more life to the keep itself. I did kinda hope there'd be more decisions related to how you rule your lands etc, kinda like what happened in BG2 if you happened to own a stronghold. It would have been fun to be able to make calls on how the subjects are being treated etc. I also kinda expected there to b
  2. Yeah, finally done. I installed the game during the day of release and started playing but I left it waiting due to patches and other games coming out. Couple days ago I started playing it again and finally finished it. Clocked a total of 84 hours according to Steam, I do believe I covered majority of the quests the game provided and finished the Endless Paths as well.. I gotta say, when I first started the game the setting felt odd, quirky, hard to get into because it felt.. well.. almost too different from the fantasy games I'm more used to. The more I played, the more I learned about the w
  3. I had the "There should be 'PillarsOfEternity_Data' folder next to the executable" error and I tried this fix and it worked fine. ‚ÄčThis happens if your steamgmes folder is not in it's default location. Yeah, shame I didn't think of trying it first. Ah well! Also, default location? My Steam is not installed on drive C:(with OS and the usual stuff, I installed it on my game drive right from the start so I suppose -that- might be causing it?) Still, weird, I've never encountered installation or patching issues prior to this.. I figured what Badler was asking before this meant that I
  4. Do you happen to have Pillars installed in a strange location? We were able to see the error, but only after we manually moved the PIllars folder into another location. The EmptySteamDepot folder is really strange and shouldn't be there. Is that folder in the root of the game directory? No, I have Pillars of Eternity installed on my game drive like all the other games through Steam. So nothing unusual about the location. Yeah, the EmtpySteamDepot is at the root and it was there when I first patched the game. The PillarsofEternity_Data was missing, or I assume it was because that's
  5. How much space is the game supposed to take from the HD? 14gb? Mine is currently 27gb. And there is this folder called EmptySteamDepot that's basically a copy of PillarsofEternity_Data by the looks of it. Same files, same size, explains the sudden extra 13gb of HD claimed. I assume this is related to the problem we were having, since the actual folder was missing for some reason?
  6. Hey, Foksuh. What OS are you on? Windows 7. Edit: Based on Steam forums it seems to happening to other people too. We have been unable to reproduce this problem internally. Not sure what would cause it. Please let me know if after a build verification it works correctly. Yeah, took me longer than expected to verify the files due to connection issues but it seems to be working now. Launched fine after the download and loaded up saves and such as well and the build version is correct. Feel free to PM me if there's any questions related to the problem.
  7. Hey, Foksuh. What OS are you on? Windows 7. Edit: Based on Steam forums it seems to happening to other people too.
  8. I patched the game through Steam normally, then tried to start the game. It said something about a missing data file that should be next to the executable and refused to launch. I ran verify game files and I'm now redownloading 5,6gb worth of files. Siiiigh.
  9. Patch downloaded automatically on Steam, tried to start the game and it fails. Said something about "there should be a data file next to the executable". Did verification of files, now re-downloading 5,6gb worth of files. Good times
  10. I've liked each of them, though I've spent the least time with GM so far.. You wont miss out anything essential obviously but I do think they all sort of help to flesh out the world.. and I do like the fact that the companions have a lot to say and comment on a lot of things. I was surprised by the amount of comments and conversations the companions provided, it's a really nice touch.
  11. That's how it was when they made the Kickstarter and couldn't keep up with the money flowing in.. and here we are, few years later, doing the very same thing while waiting for the results
  12. Graphics are an interesting problem in game development. We got this incredible need to push for some sort of realism and latest tech. AAA titles are always competing on that and it's a huge resource hog and I'm sure it's an issue always when you're working with big publishers. Game can still be beautiful even if it's not pushing for the ultra detail and realistic effects. It's a nice touch of course.. but if the style in itself works, then that's all that matters. The big picture, the whole style, matters more than all the latest effects/detail and such.. and if the game is entertaining, gra
  13. Not quite sure if I understood you completely, but I already mentioned that personally I think the romance options can be used to flesh out characters in a way that might not be easy to write in otherwise. People tend to open up about certain things only to very specific people, which is why well written romances can be great tools to flesh out characters and storylines. This applies to the player character too, even though you're always limited to the lines that the writers put in the game. Why do we play RPG's in the first place? Stories, dialogue, personalities to like and dislike, all
  14. I think it comes down to the definition of good and evil, and naturally the limitations of storytelling/writing/resources. You often can't afford writing in a ton of different pathways. IWD2 was actually one of the games that back in the day made me think about the whole thing myself, having been playing the game with an evil group.. and back then I realized that the evil guy could still be viewed as a hero. Evil guy might have a horrible personality and motivations, but in certain situations they can still turn out to be heroes. IWD's might not have had that sort of deeply written roleplayi
  15. Okay, now I'm curious about other interestingly quirky features that might have been added.. xD
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