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  1. Update: I figured out how to fix it, sort of. It works when I change Windows UI scaling from 100% to 125%. It's not ideal, but at least I can play the game again. If anyone knows how to make it work in 100% though, I'd appreciate any suggestions!
  2. Hi, I got The Outer Worlds on release day and played it last weekend just fine. But when I tried to play on Thursday, nothing happened - the game doesn't open, it just flashes briefly in the task manager and then disappears. Doesn't matter if I try to open it directly or through the Xbox app. I updated my graphics driver (Nvidia) just before playing on Thursday, so I thought it might be the problem and tried rolling back, but it didn't help. I installed all Windows updates, I checked Windows file integrity, I reinstalled the game - still nothing. It just won't launch. Any ideas?
  3. I can't even get it to run anymore, it flashes briefly in task manager and then disappears. It ran fine for a week, the only thing that changed is that I installed the new Nvidia driver, so I think it might be connected - but I tried rolling back and it still wouldn't launch. I guess I'll try a full reinstall next.
  4. I'm okay with that. I need to replay PoE and I haven't even started yet.
  5. How's a Kind Wayfarer as a tank, though? I don't expect to do much killing to feed Strange Mercy... So order-specific skills fall to the sidelines. Hmm. A Shieldbearer might work with my character concept too.
  6. This is useful. Is it okay if I hijack the thread a little? I might have asked about it before, but only now do I actually have time for another playthrough, so here's the problem: I want my main char to be a Wild Orlan Kind Wayfarer and I also know I'll recruit Pallegina and Hiravias. Keep in mind that it's more of a roleplay adventure than a hardcore optimized run. With these two paladins in the party, how would you build them? I'd like for one to be more tanky, but I have no idea which one, I'm not very familiar with paladin talents. Any advice?
  7. So all these nerds who stayed in their basements and developed back and mental problems are fine yet when there's a game that encourages them to go outside and be healthy that is lame? Also the Pokémon games are ridiculously full of strategic depth and content. It might not be your cup of tea but to call it barely a game is a lie. Not a personal attack, a stated fact. What you said was a flat out lie. If they need Pokemon to go outside and be healthy then they're already beyond salvation. I'm a nerd yet I find time to go to the gym at least 4 times per week. Its really not that hard. I played the old Pokemon games, perhaps Gold or Silver. To call them full of strategy is a mighty leap of the imagination. In my experience its a typical jrpg grindfest in execution and the breeding aspect is a spreadsheet for nerds. I consider it a mind numbing slog as only Japanese games can be. You're making a fool out of yourself, judging a whole franchise by its second game entry released 17 years ago. It was before natures and abilities, the physical/special move split, stat overhaul, reusable TMs, double battles, online connectivity... It's ancient history in video game terms. But beyond games, there was still more than just cash-grabbing merchandise. Millions of us grew up with the Pokemon anime, PoGO reminds us of those times - even those who haven't touched anything Pokemon-related in years - and this excitement is a beautiful thing to watch. If you don't like Pokemon, that's fine, but to dismiss it as **** for lemmings and nerds is, well, embarrassing, considering the kind of forum we're on. I guess sitting on your couch stabbing virtual dragons with virtual swords is somehow more socially acceptable than going out for a 5 mile walk to catch these dragons? It's a good thing most of us are adults well-versed in the fine art of ignoring petty killjoys and carrying on with our lives.
  8. Why would you even play it while driving? Eggs stop counting steps if you go too fast - a bicycle can break the limit, let alone a car. And Pokestops have a pretty low interaction radius. You'd have to drive at a snail's pace to reap the benefits.
  9. Because chanters are mind-numbingly boring and wizards are delightfully versatile.
  10. There's probably a mod for everything when it comes to TES games, but Skyrim is a murderhobo adventure and if you removed enemies, you'd lock yourself out of 90% of quests and walk around a very empty world. That said, you can explore and have fun in a relatively peaceful way if you specialize in Sneak and Illusion. Just don't expect to finish any questlines.
  11. What? Here: https://www.gog.com/news/definitive_edition_bundle_baldurs_gate_i_ii_icewind_dale You will not be able to buy the classic versions on their own anymore from GoG. You will only get them with Beamdogs EE´s. Or in other words "buy our product if you want the classics you sheep" This is a ****ing disgrace. I still have the copies I bought elsewhere, but I can't redownload them, so I'm going to rebuy them on GOG right away just in case. Wouldn't want to be left with only my old disks in the digital age.
  12. How about C.) Stay home and not commit a massacre of civilians? He didn't consider them civilians, he considered them traitors.So did he or did he not think murdering them was the right thing to do?
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