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  1. I could be mistaken, but weren't there supposed to be some new robe models in this update too or do these come with the DLC?
  2. I experience none of these problems you mention and a quick glance at the technical issues section of these forums doesn't show anything you mention either... If this lag and "disconnect" problem really occur all of the time for you, I'd post it as a bug with your dxdiag. What do you mean by "disconnect" btw? It's not just a crash to desktop? Could it be that Steam is doing a lot of work in the background, downloading updates and all that? That can sometimes make games unplayable and lag a lot.
  3. On steam? because mine has the boxes ticked but is not. Always restart Steam when a product you own is out if you want it to start installing at once
  4. That's the take-away food you buy for on the road: it's sealed so it can be consumed days and days later. They have different stuff on the menu for the guests who rent a room. Obviously.
  5. The game was already pushed back for a bit once; what reactions do you think a second delay would have caused?
  6. People also mentioned that a new unit for the Tomb Kings (and one of the last missing ones from the tabletop), the Bone Giant, was accidently leaked by a streamer, but it's not in these patch notes. If a streamer with early access to new content had it, it can't be too far off though.
  7. https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-ii-patch-notes-the-resurgent-update
  8. Norsca, Queen & Crone dlc, Alith Anar flc, Ungrim Ironfist gets moved to his own faction in Mortal Empires, lots of other changes like reworked Skaven food mechanic... finally WH2 is getting some content again
  9. Can't wait for all the updates this Thursday.... anyone else?
  10. One problem I have with the reputation system is that your old buddies do not seem to remember anything from POE1. Very early in the game my rogue who was big buddies with Eder in POE1 stole a box or something from some Eothas worshippers and hop.... -1 total rep with Eder and I receive a speach from him as if I'm some terrible person who deserves all of his mistrust. The reputation system does not work for your old buddies.
  11. Are you familiar with the AOW fantasy titles? As far as gameplay mechanics go it will play a lot like those. I never played Alpha Centaury, but the name pops up a lot these past few days when people discuss Planetfall and I've heard only good things about it
  12. Not that it matters much, but they never said that.
  13. Turn-based strategy... there have been some great titles in this genre in the (distant) past, but nowadays no one does it better than Triumph Studios (Age of Wonders, Overlord) IMO. I was expecting an Age of Wonders 4, but today Triumph Studios(/Paradox) announced Age of Wonders - Planetfall as their next TBS game to be released sometime next year: https://www.aow-planetfall.com/ I am guessing there are quite a few fans of the genre here, so do take a look and follow this game if you're a TBS and/or fantasy/scifi fan. It's a niche game, so they can use all the support they can get... Personally I was hoping for an AOW4 in their 20-year old fantasy setting, but I'll give this one a try because they're building on the successful mechanics of AOW3 and because the old team that made these TBS games is still pretty much intact after all these years, including the original founders of Triumph Studios.
  14. I must be blind. I'm such a big fan of TW:WH and only now do I see this thread exists. And yes, I'm so glad the wait due to the Norsca re-programming fiasco is over and we're finally getting new stuff for WH2. The new faction mechanics for Queen&Crone look great and I'm probably even more hyped for Alith Anar. Pretty sure he will be the ultimate leader of the elven faction for invading Naggaroth! Edit: Probably either the Medusa with her tabletop chariot or the Kharibdyss. Yeah, my bet is on the Kharibdyss.
  15. I've played quite a bit but haven't made it to Japan yet. If you haven't been there yet Neketaka must be the 2nd big city you are looking for.
  16. Who cares about metacritic? Just buy the darn game whether you like it or not, peeps. So I can play POE3 some day. And go install Total War:Warhammer 1 & 2, OP!
  17. Hmm, I restarted the game and all seems right now... fingers crossed
  18. I think I may have the same problem, though I'd call it "short freezes/stutters" once every ~3s. Not something I experienced in beta, but now it's making things pretty much unplayable.
  19. Ow come on, look at what little I have. Share share share!
  20. Ok, after seeing Blondie's Steam lib in this thread I just had to make a separate thread on this because now I want to see moooaaare of what peeps here are playing. So *clicky clicky clicky* and see what great taste we all have as far as pc gaming is concerned. Or let's shudder at the horror of what some peeps have dared to spend their dough on! On-topic: I've preloaded, but now it doesn't let me preplay the game. Bummer.
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