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I'd be happy with more race/class/companions.

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2.7-3.0 stretch goals:


Additional talent (Ziets/mark Morgan/knowles/sweet etc)


Additional major story line (written by Ziets?)


Major new area (new continent, planes, moons?) with new races/cultures etc


Large exploitable city


Rewards/add ons:


Glossy paper map at 65$ box option


+behind the scenes blog/video of game production DIgital download at 85$





3.0-3.2 stretch:


First dlc -free for backers at 1xx$. Level. 50% discount for everyone else

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At $2.7?


A full, live orchestral score.


Hire Sheena Easton to voice a thief (preferably with a tail).


More areas. In particular swamps. Big humongous swamps where entire adventuring parties are known to disappear without trace.


A 'rat' level in the mega dungeon. Rats ranging from rattus rattus to mastodon sized rattus megalomaniacus, just to put a twist to the traditional kill a rat in a dungeon schtick.

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How about adding to the main questline? Maybe make it longer(that's what she said), or add more branching paths. This, I would like!



Compromise ---






Undead-summoning anti-paladin variant.



They raise marshmallows!


And chainmail bikinis

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I just want Obsidian to surprise me with something mindbogglingly awesome that I didn't expect like they did when they announced the 2.5 mil stretch goal would bring the Cipher class.


Although now it has to be something other than a class or race because I already know I'll play a godlike Cipher and nothing is going to change that.

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]Question:[/b] How functional and customization is the Player house going to be? Will there be shops, storage, etc?

Feargus: t will have elements of those, but it will still be a house. When we get to a stretch goal that turns the house into a Stronghold the size of Crossroad's Keep, then it will have multiple versions of all that stuff. Wait, what did I say? :)


Wonder what this will come as ? 3 million perhaps

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Class-specific Strongholds

David Ogden Stiers as the narrator

Checking out IMDB I just realised that Kresselack is truly dead now... R.I.P. Tony Jay :(


“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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Italian translation.

More end-game content so players can keep playing.

Maybe a new region for that end-game content.

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A few thoughts


2.7 Million

- House Content Upgrade

-- Creation of Fort --> Castle --> Palace blah blah

-- Immigration of Town folk and creation of village --> City

--- Random NPC encounters that can increase your cities population

-- Semi-custom creation and placement of buildings for the city? Zoning and the like.

-- Added Quest lines for city, fame, citizens and what not.


2.8 Million

- Increase Skill, Spell, Action, Feat interaction think Magicka

- Mounts and Mounted Combat (in open spaces)

- Sentient weapons like Lilarcor and Enserric

- Smithing? Increased Item count or added variablilty in items..Borderlands + Skyrim?


2.9 Million

-"The making of" Video

- Full Musical Orchestral score

- Additional Talents for Voice and Story


3 million

- Island Content / Oceanic Content

--New Companion

--New Nation / Region / Faction

--New Ocean creatures / intellectual water species

--Ocean Vessels

---Isometric Fishing? LoL


3.5 Million

--Double the core content.

---Regions, Quests, Companions, Storylines


4 Million

-- Double core content again? meh...not likely to reach this high.

-- Any possible expansion game is free for $100 tier and up.


If all else fails, add content.

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doubling the size of the game sounds like a worthy final goal...


also, a practice arena where we can try out different character builds versus other builds-adventuring party-monsters of the game world to see what works best and what fits our play style the most.

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2.7 million, they include romances.

2.8 million, they take romances back out.


But more seriously I would hope for content based goals, like another faction.

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Paladin and Bard classes would be nice, but I actually don't want them to add any more classes or companions at this point. If they are doing a 2.7, though, Paladin and Bard.


Otherwise I agree with the sentiment of a $3 million goal.


I disagree about posting a $4 million goal, though - we aren't likely to reach it at this point. It's POSSIBLE, but unlikely. There's no point in putting up unreachable goals, it kind of leaves a minor downer at the end of the campaign.


I think, best for the PE campaign, a $3 million goal period. And I still think that should be an expansion.


If there MUST be a 2.7 - then Paladin and Bard.

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I hope the last stretch goal will not be set too far off. I echo Merin's point that we should try to avoid ending the Kickstarter on a downer. Let's put up the final goal, make it a good one, and make it close enough so it can be reached in the limited time we got left, and the whole fundraiser goes out on a high note. More content, more rewards! I really like the Adventurer's Hall idea so I hope we reach that before the campaign ends.

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Just the stuff that comes to my mind at the moment:


2.7M - Party size increased to 7 with a beast companion (fantasy version of Dogmeat, namely Morte).

2.8M - Story driven, player choice based environmental effects and the ability to keep playing after the scenario is over.

2.9M - Unlockable super-species after the 1st playthrough.

3M - Fallout style (not-so) random encounters. Additional companion spesific to one of these encounters (And not DA:O style RE please).

3.1M - Unlockable alternative playthrough as the main antagonist in the same areas. :w00t:

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