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  1. Just wait til you see what orlan can do with the vibrating double terminating rod of power!
  2. Interesting. You make a post about a 30 foot monster and then declare that the romance is unrealistic. I guess 'Fantasy Based' is a very narrow definition to you. Actually, I did say that romance makes a game more interesting. I did describe that saving the world through fighting horrible enchanted monsters is like, as far as I could guess. I also described that I'd prefer the game be fantasy based, that is, without realistic considerations such as "not being a psychopath", not that I really want to insult the poor meandering psychopaths of the world.
  3. Yeah, after every adrenaline rush where a thirty foot monster is laying twitching on the broken ground, while I puke, tremble, and pull my trousers off to poo, I always strike up a romance with other adventurers, who are trying not to scream from the agony of their wounds. Everything is just so sweet and calm and conducive to the sexual urges. You know, later on, while we sit in our inn rooms, weeping from reaction to the entire horror of constant life and death struggles, we strike up witty conversations with one another and slip in a few seductive, sly comments. It's such a romance, the adventuring life. Especially with all that money and the hundreds of thieves guild members who descend upon us to replace townsfolk and steal our fantastically expensive magical artifacts and unique royal jewels from ancient dynasties. Yeah, romance. It makes the game more interesting, but it's not so realistic. I'll opt to keep the games fantasy based. After all, no one would saunter out into the wilds with only three to five companions to fight giants and dragons, let alone delving into dust and disease filled tunnels to combat the undead spirits and demons. I get sick even thinking about poor little Buffy. Oh, I need some pizza. Someone please buy me some pizza.
  4. The game is slated to be published in December. There won't be that many changes, and it's supposed to seem like a late nineties CRPG to some degree. We won't be seeing table fights and complex combat rules, as much as I'd like to see such a thing. I think I remember some computer game, somewhere, that permitted strikes from higher elevations to do more damage -- was it Final Fantasy Tactics? There's much that can be done with a computer as far as complex combat situations that yields fascinating situations. I'd prefer to see a game rules system based on Twilight 2013, but not in that setting. Can anyone imagine a covert ops game in an urban fantasy world that is a swords and sorcery fantasy world with a modern setting?
  5. If we fall from that height, might we land on pillows of eternity?
  6. I haven't seen this mentioned here, so I'll mention it. This is a BETA area, not representative of the final game state. Now that I've written that, I'll state that your comments are incredibly useful yet at the same time, they probably have their encounters and wilderness areas all planned out. Modification would take quite a few conversations and their time is limited. Maybe a little less monsters? What if it's the wrong thing and people get bored? What if a little more monsters? What if it's wrong and people get frustrated or feel the wilderness is unrealistically full of muggers? All considered, I like the peace and quiet and wouldn't mind an optional wilderness area or two that is completely empty, where one can wander around and enjoy the beauty of the wild. Of course, in real life, I want to see all wilderness areas destroyed with human industries to replace it. This comes from having been homeless. People need jobs, not bears. There's always bear costumes, you know, and bedrooms to wear them in.
  7. These are not resolved problems! We don't want to have to use the load/save features in order to solve a quest. I managed to solve the dragons egg quest just by having a character with maxed physical abilities and maxed athletics. I was unaware of the grappling hook solution. I'll see about it. Thankyou for reporting it all to all of us.
  8. The crickets follow me in day. I am known to the cricket mafia.

  9. If it has been night before and I have rested, and I have entered a new area that would have crickets (the town), I will notice that after the loading screen, there is a cricket chirp before the normal day sounds ensue. The cricket chirp occurs at every outdoor scene change thereafter, as well. I think this is a small issue, a matter of game polish, but it's something that might be usefully noticed, and if there is time, it might be fixed. It could be because I have a slow and inexpensive machine, but I'm not sure that's the problem.
  10. There is more than a thematic similarity between these two pieces of music. Is there subconscious emulation or is it an intended compliment to the earlier work? It's especially noticeable in the third minute of Dyrford. Maybe it's just my imagination? Dyrford http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFYv7JhV5Lc Arcanum Main Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftvpi-6Z6qw
  11. They're small, some tend to be loud and noisy, others tend to be quiet and complacent. Their behavior is eccentric at times. They appear to feed on candy and fruit juices.
  12. I admit I really want to see a good CRPG -- an excellent CRPG -- set in Sub-Saharan Africa but with the equivalent of Gothic Architecture. It would be a powerful test of the imagination to generate a plausible yet divergent architectural style for any civilization. Sub-Saharan Africa appeals strongly to me (and I feel *should* appeal strongly to me) because it's not been done and because we have a growing focus on multiculturalism and easier information resources than ever. I like the idea of the various peoples and music and art. Also, the Asias outside Japan and China aren't large focii of gaming. India seems largely suitable for role-playing games and I do remember one game being proposed for a Hindi style setting based on the Mahabharata (or maybe it was the Ramayana) but that game never arose to fruition.
  13. My favorite would be Temple of Elemental Evil. I wish Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines had companions, sad that it didn't, it would have been nice to run a coeterie. I also like Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 for their companions as "Good". I think it demands inaccuracy to heap Final Fantasy into one grouping although I understand the need due to limited selection options for makers of polls. I cannot imagine the early Ultimas as having active party commentary and their personality was suggested through very brief dialogue when met and the rest was largely imagined by the player. Maybe someday there will be a paper-pen-dice table top role-playing game that isn't stuck in the free-form/weakly considered rule structure dichotomy. If we see something like that inclusive of a setting in dark urban fantasy that isn't World of Darkness and isn't low-brow, we might hope for a computer game based on it. I'd love to see that in Kickstarter. Something Sims 4 mixed with Dragon Age mixed with Call of Cthulhu.
  14. I disagree with the suggestion that Project Eternity be mod-able, but I don't disagree with the OP. Longevity does not mean more people will purchase the game; what it means is that more people who have purchased the game will not purchase more Obsidian's Eternity products unless it provides them with more mod-ability. This excludes the non-fictional subset that will pirate Eternity and share it with friends *including* mod software. I paid a certain amount of money to assure this game was made, more than one ninth of my meager monthly income. I do not look forward to what software pirates will do with this game. I'm pretty sure I don't want it mod-ed by third parties because that might diminish interest in a sequel. Furthermore, I agree, quite a few mods are low quality in comparison to the commercially built version. I know some of you (perhaps many of those who are active in the community) will disagree with me, but in my opinion it's important for a company to draw the line and remain supportive of commercial creative activity, even if you fund yourself largely through crowdfunding. More people contributed in crowdfunding than exist as active forum user here, no doubt, but it remains that the average active forum user is probably going to want mods, shareware, and access to private livejournal entries. I can say that this old man doesn't need nor want those things from Obsidian. Project Eternity is not Realmz, as much as Realmz remains enjoyable.
  15. I'm not at all a South Park fan and would be enthused if the television series were cancelled soon. However, I am looking forward to this video game. I like Obsidian Entertainment and I think the game sounds intriguing.
  16. "String: A line that grows in unhallowed graveyards, slowly etching through wooden coffins, marble mauseleum, ceramic jars. This string binds cadavers together and dissolves their remains, leaving only dolls of string connected by its binding length. Should any cut the string, it reforms, stretching hundreds of miles aneath the soil to reunite to itself. It cannot be burnt nor destroyed but powerfully enchanted blades can cut it. It seems to seek no vengeance for any harm that comes to it, because it cannot be destroyed and moves as if through dreams, taking as much time as it desires, going deep underground and at times sprouting up like a watchtower for unknown reasons. It answers prayers and respects the dead that have been blessed by any faith. It does not disturb the undead nor the corpses of ghosts." http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60465-gods-in-eternity/page__st__40#entry1222857
  17. If a Lovecraftian game really had starting zones, I do believe most of what the players would encounter through their characters would be clues. Clues would lead to criminals with vague hints of cultic influence. As the character gained ability, they'd be able to find links between crimes and investigate the cults but with few monstrous presences (and certainly not shoggoths). Only on expeditions to places like Antarctica or deep beneath the surface of the earth would they find shoggoths or similar beings. And shoggoths are in their true forms usually speaking (they're amorphous not polymorphous).
  18. The modern literary vanity of vampire, drawn from Victorian sensibilities of an aristocratic foreigner, is not the typical vampire of folklore. Vampires were typically messy, bloating corpses that savaged their victims and existed due to unhallowed circumstance, usually due to irreligious behavior in life or non-sanctified burial. Also, there are many folkloric creatures categorized as vampire or vampiric that operate similarly to the normal vampire that drain a victim of blood and even devour its flesh in addition. I see no great difference between the vampire I describe and the many types of vampire that operate in folklore. The original vampire isn't a singular description and would occasionally devour portions of its prey.
  19. Gingers should be like anti-paladins with bardic abilities. You like? You like? Want a peanut?
  20. You know, I think Peter Murphy should be in a South Park episode, but I always had a heartfelt desire to see kathy acker, Samuel R Delany, and Michel Foucault in a cartoon, perhaps even in a computer game about a cartoon.
  21. I think a few vampire concepts might be plausible if vampires are, all said, a form of magical parasite that tends to gather in magically unpleasant regions. However, the vampire I described is a "hired torpedo" for a deity of health. Despite someone's dislike of the idea, we might note that the gods in this game have been described as like the gods of myth, not always good-evil in dichotomy but self-serving. What's more self-serving than to have leg-breakers and enforcers?
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