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  1. authentic mobs of doom : -teleportation -flying -using underground mouvement -can interact with the enviroment -special skills : 1. use corpses - not only to rez them but also to used them as stacking meat shield - the shield have aura of stench (the more corpses part the creature (or player) accumulate, the heavier the stench (will decrease opponent will and init) 2. exploding ennemy - remember those fat ass in D3 http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/d3-7.jpg - the real ennemy of doom would explode in worm (like in D3 - or could make little flying black clouds or yellowish brown blood that animate on the floor) these worm (or else) would go and buff the other creatures (heal, stack crazy armor of doom (see 1.), stuck player into place etc) those animate remains SHOULD be able to aglomerate and form some weird golem of doom (when a lot of fat ass have exploded - or just a combination of the two) - those type of mob actions are vacant from any infinity game - some surprise with the mobs (see monster manual for example lol) 3. SWAP LOCATION . illithid should be able to swap with a char location (like urgot's ult (league of legend)) - that would intensify the battle a lot when your fighter is out of range, being swap to a upper balcony ( the player could jump - risky for a 98% chance of knock prone on floor for 5 round (nbrs of round are based on char con, str etc ) - a mage could tele him back etc - we need environement interaction so the game is almost possibility infinite Yesterday, before going to sleep, i had a weird scenario into mind : a village compose at 95% of DOPPELGÄNGER hahaha The campaign for my players to start in that village, the players HAVE no clue that 95% of people they talk too are doppel so the story goes and goes and goes at some point they start to figure the madness behind the curtain bla bla bla ----------------------- The pillars of eternity seems to have a nice zoom-out, it would be nice to have a quest based on time (the whole campaign actually) in 250 days THE TARRASQUE awaken in 300 days IT WILL BE HERE Because of the master zoom-out you could incorporate ultra gargantuesque size mob Using rudumentary strategic platoon / hire combattant / hire mage / etc thru the game to help you thru these core-time campaign missions like sub quest that gives bonus henchmen for the epic battle you face thru the game at certain specific clock all in the infinity type of game, isometric view of coolness i need it, please, create it, so i can die happy do it
  2. they cool, they are the only beast in all infinity engine that does not only walk on ground (if i recall ok but might be mistaken) what i meant is that it need MORE creature to have different style of mouvement (not only flying) - beast that could climb faster than char (but i doubt 10000% that we shall be able to climb) some hydras, that hide in a lake, that use their tentacules to smash your head when those beast get below (hmm) 20% health, they go deep in the lake, hidding you cant see them anymore exept for elf, some special magic vision etc or simply by throwing special type of grenade in the water to finish them The Ankhegs, if i recall correctly, they were coming out of the ground in a hole but they would not go back in (?) not sure about it, even if they was going back in their hole, we wasent able to see them nor attack them while in the ground (using magic as example) or simply just to track the beast while it was changing location - but im pretty sure they wasent moving even when morale failed - by adding some underground mouvement / not only the beast could flee more easily (if the player is a noob unaware of special vision tricks) but could attack suddently from behind the weak mage and quadra crit his ass like a feather pillow - POOF
  3. i know pillars will be release kinda soon , after playing baldur 1/2 icewind dale 1/2 etc you notice quickly all mobs are just walker they need to put monsters that comes out of the ground, like giant worm/snake, that dig passage thru the underground to another location (on same area - or just to dodge the melee and **LA BRUNTE** the far mage gets SCHLAUWNTER BAUGGEN like a surprise gifts by the sudden worm attack) some part of the snake could still be above the ground, and player could hit those part of the non-hidden beast it would be awesome also if some ape alike mob could climb in the trees and jump on the players for bonus dmg Not only ''walker'' mob- these get redundant very fast also, i hope they will put nice throwback anim : example: a giant bat use a special attack to create a whirlwind that pushes back player: the least con the char have, the harder he/she get repulse away in a different visual aspect : fallin on his ass, make a pirouette backward, etc see my little (****ty) illustration for the worm in and out of the ground style of combat i imagine http://i.imgur.com/iNKqQLy.jpg
  4. I was 10 years old when i walk in a second hand store - i remember the smell, the smell of old books and i started to look at those book with dragons and knights on the cover I opened the book and i even if i did not understood english then,i knew i NEEDED that book i knew i needed to understand how to become a knight my childhood refuge i needed a place where i could become CONAN and frature skulls like i crush eggs shells I remember reading 50 times at least the THAC0 rules ( to hit armor class zero) When i was 10 or so, man, that was so hard to understand : but it did and i liked it a lot it was like unlocking a double platted door when i finally understood what that THACo thing next to each monster was in the monster manual i remember rolling dice with random creature on the monster manual edition 1 i remember laughin when i discovered the coc(k)atrice petrifying skill - I imagined all the possibilities, the endless experience in a theatre, a fantastic theatre I remember i sold my toys in a garage sale to buy myself the missing book i wanted I did not play much as a kid (first edition) but then i got teen, and bought the second edition full set and played a lot with people I remember people from their name <<Jean Malenfant>> was a guy a was playing with and <<Jerome Chapedelaine>> one of my friend <<Patrick Pratt>> was a very clever player - he was patient , listening to the story, asking deep question about the environment we played on a ping pong table it was the good old time
  5. whoa, thanks guys Imagine, a skill tree so evolved you **** pants - imagine a game with such EASY complexity where you can mix magic in crafting with weaponsmithing : MAGICAL GRENADE OF DOOM - boom biddy bye bye 20 ghouls at once (but damn son, you need 3 type of ultra rare holy blood to create these, why not imbue a sword instead ? FOR THE SHOW MY N*GGA !!!! i wanted to used grenade cuz the earth tremble when they explode! you silly sword just cut in piece what my grenade fragment painted the wall in a new color! i imagine a game with a baldur gate view but that you can zoom - in , use your knife to carv a word on a table using your mouse to guide your trait (or a pencil pad for pro player who loves to leave their mark in style) you need minimum 8 factions the world of warcraft 2 factions is over lame you need 10 races per factions and the classes: jesus christ, let me use creativity to a second level and i will create a 2000 classes selector but as i said, classes would be OP to be bases like in ULTIMA ONLINE (yes creazy oldschool) so almost everyone would have some basic skills to how bake a chicken but your sword skills would diminish as more as you use your magic skills nothing would be perma, NOTHING you dig a hole - 3 weeks later, the hole is still there but some guy started to pile some corpses in hit, cuz he wanted to taunt your faction 8 factions, on a map divised with untouchable sector, where you can start a settlement but will be destroyable by other faction in other place, protector by a divinity of your faction you can build and create, using the material your char and guildies cummulate - these would be open to was once a year - it would create a massive enrolement to the continous exploration of the game material and possibilities (based on the creativity of the players, cuz that game is no nooob, people pays 15$ for a reason : the dungeon master (programmers, work in motion with the players ideas and popular demands) Also, all death players will loose a part of their soul to the faction theses soul can be used be a priest or a king or .anyone in power of such action. These soul would provide buff or curse to epic battle (at least 200 players vs 200 otherwise its useless and boring) so you have different aspect of strategy you can use various tactics when MMO when playing dungeon and dragon, im a hardcore dungeon master: i imagine the game so realistic: your arm get burn and disfonctional the healing process are various, wide and the result are different you can invest in protection (wiser) than healing but with hard work, you can have that missing arm a Hybra eaten 2 weeks ago : the beast rolled a 20crit on a first of a 3 row attack the scd attack, the beast crit again and finaly a third crit the player rolled a 20 dice: he got 3 LUCKY only is arm was tore apart by the jaw of the monstrous reptile if the player would have roll a 2 , i would have made lost arm + severe chest bleeding (then a 20 roll + con to know how much round before bleed to death) for a 1 roll critical total failure (on a fortitude check - or reflex - yes, more a reflex check) if he roll 1 : GG HYDRA SHOP SHOP BRAIN 3 crit 20 roll, one crit fail roll : PERMA DEATH that should not happen lol but, a video game should be able to make a char lost a hand for several days you can use sorcery to make a ghostly hand or use wizardry (child of ether style) to create a magical iron animated hand (steam punk alike) or you can use demonology to craft a frankenstein hand from corpses any of the technique you decide you can improve, and upgrade level of that competence aas exemple, your demonic hand could become stronger and stronger as more as it kill people BUT as i like to say since day 1 : when you get bonus: beware a evil is grinning in the shadow you demonic hand would have severe damage on your intellect and morality - also charisma (prices in shop would be higher (commun shop) cuz in lower plane, people would respect you more) and that would apply to any of the decision you make ALL RELATED IN A COMPLEX AND LOGICAL PATTERN but complex, and deep, rich and fluid i need a bong
  6. im sorry for my english guys, i'll try to make it better I started playing dungeon and dragons first edition when i was 11 (as a DM) my younger brother who was 7 years old was my first player - My first scenario was him playing a dwarf, bashing kobold crane on his fist - lol worst game ever, my brother (who was too young) ended up asking me if he could hire a bunny army (we laugh hardcore when we saw the new bilbo - radagast with the rabbit army lol) - anyway, that first experience was a total failure. I did not give up. I created so much scenario from then to now. I excell in creating scenarios- background - personnalities for NPC - but as you have read, i also have plenty (you have read the tip of the iceberg) of core design tools, that could take any game to a next level - to better and fuller immersion. I have no idea how to get mentoring ? so my ideas would be me clearer, more accessible: i would be down, so it could grow stronger. you know, i believe that ideas (creations) are meant to be share, to be devellop by other, to grow, to transform. It's the essence of Art - as would call Kandinsky. it must transcend thru a mind to another - i feel warm that your eyes read my words and created a image in your mind. As a Dm i feel the first quest is accomplished. then, when i was 14, my dad and i wrote a add in a local journal to find other player of dungeons and dragons. A older man, 65 years old took me under his wing and made me play, he was PRO dungeon master. His book was filled with hundred of Npc files, all so detailed i was crying blood. every decision i took was a journey thru this man universe (it"s not about the moves, it"s about the mouvement - be like water my friend) Every details he as in mind. I was a mage (first edition) and i had to elucidate a troll problem. The barman gave me a hint about a dark mage on the mountain that have been seen with gigantic trolls. I started to walk on the mountain - as i climb, the mountain's rock became some sort of weird flesh, moving like a lung - a breathing gesture - I did not realised ( i was an unexperienced player) that the mage used a strong turn rock to flesh spell to nourish his troll army in the cave. So i entered the cave like a what ? yes like a noob. i got utterly rap3d. That experience started my real journey in RPG. Even if my brother wanted the bunny army, for the first time i was so immersed in the game to a point that i got mad to have been destroyed like a fool. “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . . when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you”― Friedrich Nietzsche The city of iron, the ivory tower, the 3 musketeers. In the beginning of this land's time, the older god created the prime elements to protect the azural creation from his dark half. . . They was 8 of them. Some of them have been forgotten but some fragments of the past remain : The great Golden worm. The magnificent tree of wisdom. The flamboyant magma scarab and the thinker cloud of translucidity - the philosophical stone. After millenia, the dark half of the lord prince put in a place a battle within himself, to conquer the lucidity of his own mind so he can overflow his creation, eaten, swallowed to the digestive tunnel of the universe. The land you walk on today in this part of the world is a carcass. The bones and flesh of the father's golden worm. Be affraid not, his very skin became the soil, his bones are part of the trees around. The large lake you see there was the emplacement of his gargantuan throat. Anyway, that's a part of my recent scenario, where the players are inter-laced with the land itself - connection to the spiritual and the past. ------------------- back to videogame : The action tool, in my vision, would be similar as the one in T.O.E.E. a circle around your caracter - but mixed with a NwN 2 style list. Meaning your thief won't use much some action so you don't put them in your quick slot (but still can do them if you select them from the list). I imagine those action to be flash animated kinda. I know im noob. When your thief use his grapnel on the ceiling then swings himself from a corner to the room to the balcony (that would be flash kinda). I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier I imagine a turn based not as in baldur's gate, but more as in T.O.E.E. or divinity original sin, wasteland 2 etc etc You know, the initiative rolls give the order of appearances of the battle contestants. A thing that is missing is some sort of ''motivation spell'' let me give you example of what i talk about. Your barbarian rolled a nice init. he is first. but you mage's roll is sloppy and he arrived last, placed on the grid just next to those 2 squeletons you had not see. Your mage will 110% get squashed. Your barbarian should be able to use a certain shout, a scroll, a potion to boost the ''init'' of the mage (as the battle started). By wasting all the barbarian actions point, you now give the mage a chance to play before the creature (maybe one round only) so he can teleport his ass away from the beasties. have so much ideas.
  7. for the game i talked the essentials action are to crawl, jump, leap, climb, take, push, pull, throw, stab, slash, bash, shrivel (lol) we need to be able to shrivel HAHAHAHHA
  8. your name, baba yaga , was my favorite quest book as a DM when i played dnd 2scd edition, around 20 years ago. that quest was very nice, it was intended for level 13(15) to 20, very nice then baba yaga in quest for glory !!! AHAHAH i always like the baba yaga tale, very nice,
  9. ^AH ! my gf sayin all the time that i S.D. reincarnation, i say not. even if i have moustache that i oil paint since birth that i design stories, drawing, tattoos ( i mainly tattoo artist) and i always love to game, since atari cogeco 1980 a lot of people say im salvador reincarnation but i believe not i think the game im talking about will one day exist, that is why i share my ideas with you all im francophone so i took a chance and wrote a part of the idea and im glad to see you could understand them I feel thankful that you took time to read it lol but don't you agree ? that would be the best game since its a turn based, the team could set a timer for the round to pass so you x amount of time to decide what you do with your action point SO when you DUAL people YOU LOLOLOL putting timer so short cuz you, you know the environment get me, this is real the future is real now the struggle
  10. the illness chart would have 3 wings : the physical the mental and the magical In physical you would have different effects that would influence your char vomit is one but there's also the itching that lower wis - int - con if the itching is severe fever lower con - str - dex but that doesnt really involve any visuals ? well when i'm feverish i walk slower also it would be OP that the char portrait in the corner changes with his emotions/physical you sick, you pale, etc etc mental illness would affect barter cha - wisdom - int and as any physical trait, it could become perma etc holy shiet i dig deeper for crpg i tought it was a game an d found some old crap but no, i want a turn based style of game, like baldur's gate, but to the next level
  11. ok i checked F.A.T.A.L. CRPG im old school, from UO era but your thing WTF MANG ? this is crapozaurus tex mex I always hated the type command type of game, like the first Larry or king quest ( ZZzzzZZZzzz) all my ideas are intend to be put in a BD alike game. When you are in combat, you turn on the selective tool for the actions point and all of the environement that you can interact with will highlights (depending of what sort of action you are wanting) lets take LEAP all char can leap, its a natural physical function ! so when you are on the floor and you want to leap 2 meters away you must have a certain dex and put more action point in the action. When you are on the table, you LEAP would highlight the table next to the one you stading on and the floor around. If you select the next table to leap on it and no dex is needed for that leap, you 100% success. But if the table is a bit away from a natural leap, you must have a dex roll + certain action point extra to avoid knock prone by the failure of your leap- bashing your head on the corner of the next table cuz too noob, you slipped. dont forget that heavy armor will be hardcore to accomplish such feat. natural action list deepness : 1:swim. you can swim with armor, every turn you take a str and a con roll or drowning deeper, and deeper until breath is gg (how to determine breath = constition + magical) (how to determine natural (naked) swimming speed = str + dex + con + magical etc) the more complex the armor, the more slow to remove, the less concentration (drowning) the longer the removal. PERMA DEATH 2: climb climbing on trees should be easy natural depending on the trees and your capacities. You can use tool, like grapnel or kyoketsu shoge (a pro gear designed by ninjas) to facilitate lot of climbing without falling like a derp. It<s not about a specific place, a specific time where you can climb, nah, its always. every wall in the game, every window ... but not in the shape of world of warcraft (3-D) type of game, more like a T.O.E.E or BD 1-2 icewind dale, fallout - but evolved with a better zoom-in zoom-out and translucide element - BECAUSE the ceiling is also interactive. climbing over the edge of the mountain to hide a treasure - in a timeline quest (online only) that the longer you can dissimulate the treasure, the longer you gain power - a hidden treasure game within the game to buff your GUILD. Those treasure would glow and glitter as fawk, they would even ring some sort of alarm when you pass near and that alarm diameter will expand more and more every 6 hours. People will be so creative man to hide it. cuz the first 24 hours after you touched the gem (lets say its only a micro grain of a certain gloom from a certain universe) it fade away so you can now hide it like a boss with your guildies. 3: carve / cut / bash / destroy Every item in life are destructible. Magic is almost not destructible ( in harry potter's world anyway) so why the fawk can i break the window ? THE WALL ? online people would use the gear to pierce thru any wall. thats the magic. Now you can create ''unreachable'' questing. for the most creative people. the people that dig, that search like mad. <3 the crazy scientist player will now play 45 days 6 hours 34 minutes in the first dungeon of the game, shaping with utter noob gear he as found in that place. all dungeons are multi leveled intended so, a crazy player decided to mine craft a tunnel in dungeon - in a room that he found suspicious for a unknown reason Heads high, kill dem wit it now Just mek a bway know you nah blow Heads high, kill dem wit now No bway ain't got no secret fi yow this wall need the aid of 2 guildies and the magical gear specificly created to pierce that type of material so the players dig. they ''destroy'' the wall bit by bit (like in a fawking mindless void game - farmvill etc) in that rpg, you can stop the action (anyway your char will sooner or later stop by himself) after 1 hour etc etc etc some DM would be aware that players are doing cuz our engine is the best. when player start to interact with our environment that pop a priority check list for the DM having sort of communication (like a mentor) in any rpg table game. to be OP the dm can decided to replace the broken wall in the dungeon or not, putting in place a team of goblins that will spawn every 15 mins until the wall is putten back in place, for all o ya, other noob in that dungeon that doesnt know, cuz if my earlier creativity, that there's now a secret hidden room behind this wall this secret room wasent there before, but now, it's permanent. this room was created by a DM that was alarmed by a constant bashing on this wall. digging after 6 hours a hole a meter deep in that type of rock. the dm place a room a meter deeper. see the trick ? i see you come : so now we can BURN THE CITIES !! ?? yes. you can. but bewar' ol' fellow security as no limit, as a MR.SMITH in the matrix, its a pur DM style of security you harass the npc, the npc god get real angry hahahaha that would be so hillarious but , jokes apart, the dm are needed in a lot of sphere.
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