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  1. authentic mobs of doom : -teleportation -flying -using underground mouvement -can interact with the enviroment -special skills : 1. use corpses - not only to rez them but also to used them as stacking meat shield - the shield have aura of stench (the more corpses part the creature (or player) accumulate, the heavier the stench (will decrease opponent will and init) 2. exploding ennemy - remember those fat ass in D3 http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/d3-7.jpg - the real ennemy of doom would explode in worm (like in D3 - or could make little flying black clouds or yel
  2. they cool, they are the only beast in all infinity engine that does not only walk on ground (if i recall ok but might be mistaken) what i meant is that it need MORE creature to have different style of mouvement (not only flying) - beast that could climb faster than char (but i doubt 10000% that we shall be able to climb) some hydras, that hide in a lake, that use their tentacules to smash your head when those beast get below (hmm) 20% health, they go deep in the lake, hidding you cant see them anymore exept for elf, some special magic vision etc or simply by throwing special type of grena
  3. i know pillars will be release kinda soon , after playing baldur 1/2 icewind dale 1/2 etc you notice quickly all mobs are just walker they need to put monsters that comes out of the ground, like giant worm/snake, that dig passage thru the underground to another location (on same area - or just to dodge the melee and **LA BRUNTE** the far mage gets SCHLAUWNTER BAUGGEN like a surprise gifts by the sudden worm attack) some part of the snake could still be above the ground, and player could hit those part of the non-hidden beast it would be awesome also if some ape alike mob could climb in
  4. I was 10 years old when i walk in a second hand store - i remember the smell, the smell of old books and i started to look at those book with dragons and knights on the cover I opened the book and i even if i did not understood english then,i knew i NEEDED that book i knew i needed to understand how to become a knight my childhood refuge i needed a place where i could become CONAN and frature skulls like i crush eggs shells I remember reading 50 times at least the THAC0 rules ( to hit armor class zero) When i was 10 or so, man, that was so hard to understand : but it did and
  5. whoa, thanks guys Imagine, a skill tree so evolved you **** pants - imagine a game with such EASY complexity where you can mix magic in crafting with weaponsmithing : MAGICAL GRENADE OF DOOM - boom biddy bye bye 20 ghouls at once (but damn son, you need 3 type of ultra rare holy blood to create these, why not imbue a sword instead ? FOR THE SHOW MY N*GGA !!!! i wanted to used grenade cuz the earth tremble when they explode! you silly sword just cut in piece what my grenade fragment painted the wall in a new color! i imagine a game with a baldur gate view but that you can zoom - in , u
  6. im sorry for my english guys, i'll try to make it better I started playing dungeon and dragons first edition when i was 11 (as a DM) my younger brother who was 7 years old was my first player - My first scenario was him playing a dwarf, bashing kobold crane on his fist - lol worst game ever, my brother (who was too young) ended up asking me if he could hire a bunny army (we laugh hardcore when we saw the new bilbo - radagast with the rabbit army lol) - anyway, that first experience was a total failure. I did not give up. I created so much scenario from then to now. I excell in creating
  7. for the game i talked the essentials action are to crawl, jump, leap, climb, take, push, pull, throw, stab, slash, bash, shrivel (lol) we need to be able to shrivel HAHAHAHHA
  8. your name, baba yaga , was my favorite quest book as a DM when i played dnd 2scd edition, around 20 years ago. that quest was very nice, it was intended for level 13(15) to 20, very nice then baba yaga in quest for glory !!! AHAHAH i always like the baba yaga tale, very nice,
  9. ^AH ! my gf sayin all the time that i S.D. reincarnation, i say not. even if i have moustache that i oil paint since birth that i design stories, drawing, tattoos ( i mainly tattoo artist) and i always love to game, since atari cogeco 1980 a lot of people say im salvador reincarnation but i believe not i think the game im talking about will one day exist, that is why i share my ideas with you all im francophone so i took a chance and wrote a part of the idea and im glad to see you could understand them I feel thankful that you took time to read it lol but don't you agree ? that would
  10. the illness chart would have 3 wings : the physical the mental and the magical In physical you would have different effects that would influence your char vomit is one but there's also the itching that lower wis - int - con if the itching is severe fever lower con - str - dex but that doesnt really involve any visuals ? well when i'm feverish i walk slower also it would be OP that the char portrait in the corner changes with his emotions/physical you sick, you pale, etc etc mental illness would affect barter cha - wisdom - int and as any physical trait, it could become perma etc
  11. ok i checked F.A.T.A.L. CRPG im old school, from UO era but your thing WTF MANG ? this is crapozaurus tex mex I always hated the type command type of game, like the first Larry or king quest ( ZZzzzZZZzzz) all my ideas are intend to be put in a BD alike game. When you are in combat, you turn on the selective tool for the actions point and all of the environement that you can interact with will highlights (depending of what sort of action you are wanting) lets take LEAP all char can leap, its a natural physical function ! so when you are on the floor and you want to leap 2 meters away y
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