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  1. I don't know a reason why the arrows aren't in the game. Even we didn't run out of arrows in original IE games well now could be time to improve that. What about that there aren't millions of arrows lying around in every corner. What if you could carry ten or twenty arrows with you and decide when you use your bow and when you will save your arrows?
  2. I am little curious about does size of your race matter in the game. Can Orlan use the same warbow or two-handed mace that is used by Aumauan? I don't know the race height different but it seems to be quite huge. Should the small race have these limitations to the weapons that character can use or it's just good that you can pass the same weapon from Aumauan to the Orlan?
  3. "And while fighters are often thought of as being primarily melee-based, they can specialize in a variety of weapons, including bows, crossbows, and even firearms. They're unlikely to outclass rangers at their own game, but fighters can be almost as dangerous at a distance as they are up close. " http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Fighter This is from their description but now I don't see how you could build an archer based on Fighter with ranged accuracy 10. I though also that fighter is basically the guy in the army. He can be the front line fighter with a two handed spear or fightin
  4. I would say that this really would need to be added. For being a RP -game this would add more depth to character build when you can build front line fighter(soldier) or background fighter(archer), or you can make coward thief who don't like to fighting or rogue who loves a dagger fight. I hope they add more flavor and customization to the classes so it gives more options like for example in BG -games had.
  5. I am very dissapointed that Fighter class is forced to play melee character. I allways like to play archer based on fighter class. Also I would like to see more variation of how I can play my characters in same classes. Now the combat seems to be always forced to take a certain path.
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