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  1. For me the issue is not so much if corpses stay or not as much as if I can proper loot or not. Atm, looting is not implemented properly, but I am sure they will fix it.
  2. I was very dissapointed in the regard of failing quests. Considering the fact that the only way of getting experience is by completing quests (which I like, though probably would do it based on objectives) you have to be super careful on what dou you consider as a failed quest (if there is any way to fail a quest at all!) The concrete example in the beta. In the cat and mouse quest, I talked to the mobs, then go in to the inn and decided to fight the thieves and kill them, then I go out and fight the mobs and kill them too. What is my surprise when I see the quest failing negating me the e
  3. Yes, I agree with you, that's why I said he is not a bad guy, instead of he is a good guy. I meant that it was obvious he did not mean any harm and that he wanted to just get along. I loved these kind of moral decissions you had to take on the quests, and expect to see more of that!
  4. I agree everything you say here, and I think it is sad. I dislike (and was surprised) by the fact that you cannot choose an attribute build to make your character a "fast attacker" character or a "heavy hitter" (in the meaning of high critic chance/damage). I would appreciate if they add these options to the attribute builds, and the fact that they don't exist is what is making perception, resolve and intelligence a bit underwelmed (ok, intelligence is useful for support classes). I really hope they see it and tweek resolve/perception to allow these kind of build. About the leveling up
  5. Never say no to Panda!

  6. So after playing the beta over and over I want to give my impression on the dialogues/story thus far. Thinking on how to distribute the things I want to comment I was not so sure of how to put it structured so I divided it on things I liked and things I disliked, so here I go: LIKE - Dialogue UI is familiar and intuitive. - Liked some of the moral choices you had to do, decide to help a thief to get rid of her followers, decide what to do with an ogre who is terrorizing a village, etc. - Loved interconections between quests, like the daughter quest with the ogre quest and the pot
  7. I think the terrain to improve more is the combat system, aside of the huge amount of bugs there, I think what is happening is not clear, thus it drives to a bad experience. First, make circles around persons/monsters more visible and more distinguishible. Improve the information we see, at the moment you just see numbers around, but you don't know who's doing what. Movement has to be improved. Normal mode speed should be slower or slow mode should be faster. Improve AI of the rivals Make terrain elevations more clearer. That is a good place to start!
  8. I feel like some classes have a very defined path and there is space for little costumization. Those being: Fighter, Monk, Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue, Paladin, Priest. Actually only Mages, Cipher, Chanter and Druids have some customization in the way of picking abilities (for druids and cipher probably would not be enough, but it is something). As a player who always has liked to make a Ranged weapon character I am very disappointed to see that I am forced to make a hunter (that's what a ranger is), the fact that there is only one ranged weapon class is also a disappointment, I expected that
  9. Honestly, BG2 wasn't a hard game (maybe it was average difficulty), but I could literally overrun any dungeon with my Kensai or Archer proper equipped alone in the hardest mode (even kill a dragon with only one character). IW2 was a more challenging game, where tactics were much more important, and where mistakes costed you a reload. I feel that is fine as much as I think that encounters should be posible to avoid for these players that prefer to play de diplomat or sneaky paths. Back to the difficulty matter, I just hope that the difficulty bar makes it's job on this matter. So if yo
  10. I would even extend that not only to animals but to other type of enemies aswell. I think aggresivity should be adequate to situation. For instance, I don't think a Lion or a Beetle would attack an human unless they feel treated, in the same way, I don't think a spirit would attack an human until it traspass/profane something. A bandit will probably not attack unless you refuse to give them what they want. etc. etc. Then ok, there are some that will attack you at first sight. It might an Orc or some auto agressive creature. But aswell some others depending on your character. For instan
  11. First of all I want to aplogize in advance if something I write down is not clear enough, english it's not my native language and I can do some vocabulary/grammar mistakes. Second, this far I have only really played the ranger class, so I am not aware of all classes ingame posibilities. Have in mind I will be talking from that perspective, just consiering character creation. Third, there is a lack of tooltips everywhere during the creation, in the second step you are making choices on modifiers that you don't know what they do modify, so a tooltip would be helpful in these cases. T
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