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  1. I'm not sure if the romance is bugged for me. I had a lot of conversations with Xoti, then we kissed after I finished her quest. I have her at +2 reputation but since then I there was nothing. Does the romance simply end there...?
  2. Why the hell would they just copy and paste an existing game? It should be somewhat different than BG2! And don't get me wrong, BG2 is one of my favorite games, but it has been like 14 years since it came out, it should be improved on where possible. I like where they're going, they just need to work on balancing and tweaking, but the basic systems are fine as far as I'm concerned.
  3. I think it makes sense that there's a point in which you must "give up" on certain low-level skills and pick a few you commit too. You have a party, you don't need EVERYONE to have high mechanics, just the resident mechanic guy. That way everyone in your party has a specific use. It makes little sense for the mage to suddenly branch out into athletics mid way through the adventure. Of curse, this could pose a problem with things like "Lore" playing a large part in conversation, because only the PC's Lore rating in used, but as long as they give just as much content to the other skills in conv
  4. I would also like that, but it's clearly secondary - considering the game also needs more portraits, assets, icons, UI elements etc.
  5. I don't get this. You think some minor graphical tweaking and early music are the most difficult to fix? I would be much more concerned if the content and writing were not up to par, considering THAT's the hardest parts to fix. Swaying and contrast can always be added and music tracks can always be commissioned... (Not that I agree with you on these two points)
  6. I can't for the life of me figure out how to detect traps, or is it simply not in the beta...?
  7. I also have some problems with the colors. I really like that the armor you're wearing is so prominent, but they should make it more tinted to the character's main colors. I keep getting armored guys confused with each other...
  8. So, yeah... I don't mind the beetles, they're insects and probably work on instinct without much consideration. But the lions? It just seem very weird to me that an animal would jump on six humans if it's not necessarily feeling threatened. In BG bears for example only became hostile if you got too close to them, and I really like that. I would much rather see just a bit more realism in how animals attack me. If I'm playing a druid or other animal lovers, I don't see a reason I'd HAVE to fight a bunch of lions if I'm smart enough to leave them be, no?
  9. I am all for more companions! I think having a variety and options in the cast is very important, especially as the game is getting bigger. One of the best things about games like BG and PS:T was the cast, their banters, interactions, special quests and what not. I would also like to see romancing (done right, not the Sex Scene Mini Game BioWare made it to be) as one of the stretch goals. I think it would help take the interaction with the cast to a much deeper level. WIlderness Areas are nice, but I much prefer cities and such and if I had to choose I'd much rather see more companion
  10. Great article! I wanted to comment about the first point, combat. While I agree with you, I think it's also important to not make the companions too great. In BG2, for example, some of the companions were built with some downright weird stats allocation - Anomen, a cleric, had 13 wisdom, many fighters had less than 18 strength and many were uselessly multiclassed. This just made them more interesting and usually really drove the character point home. This worked because in party-based RPGs, as long as the companion has a role he can feel serviceably, he is useful enough. He does after all hav
  11. Alright, I don't know how many people this bothers besides me, but it really stood out in MoB for me (Which is still the best RPG of the last 10 years). It's actually getting quite widespread in RPGs today and it must stop. I'm talking about this situation - After I'm talking with an NPC, the game will inform me he now likes me more by 4 arbitrary points, and sometimes when I have enough "he likes me points" I will get a bonus. Now, at first this might not seem so bad, it incentives the player to talk to their party and care about them. But a second look will reveal where this fails - When a
  12. I think that the biggest advantage of this model, is that the game doesn't have to cater to the mainstream audience, but you can make game that are aimed at the dedicated few. What this means to me, is that you won't have to spend money on things like voicing every line in the game, porting it to consoles, making it accessible to a wider audience, using top of the art graphics etc. I guess my point is, I'd be more than happy with the production values of the early 2000s games.You can instead focus on what us, the dedicated few can appreciate - Excellent story, deep and words-heavy dialogues an
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