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  1. Just left Dryford Ruins and attacked a spider South East. My ranged characters animations and attacks seemed find but my BB Warrior and BB priest as well as the spider just stood there. The combat log showed that attacks were occurring though. The immediate next battle with a spider seemed to have fixed this and the animations worked normally. Ever since Dryford ruins my rogue is unable to use crippling strike a well. I believe I've seen this reported as well so this is a common bug. I have not had a chance to rest yet to see if it will fix it.
  2. Just noticed this while exploring the Dryford ruins. While holding tab and then panning the screen the outlined objects that can be opened do not pan correctly. The result is the outline moves faster than the actual background image. So they're out of sync. edit: Also appears to effect Scouting Circle.
  3. When equipping ring of protection the stats do not update. If i switch to another character and back again the stats do update. When I remove the item the stats automatically update. Only when the ring is initially equipped to the stats fail to refresh and show the new totals.
  4. Text seems to be getting cut off enough to be missing the last word on each line for the initial text statement. Every other text formatting seems to be fine. What I think is going on here is the text for the initial statement was not formatted correctly and is being chopped off by the image on the right.
  5. When highlighting single characters the pick up all button does not work unless it is the main character who is looting.
  6. I couldn't get this to occur again. But when traveling to Dryford Crossing the screen went black where my cursor was still visible. I was able to hit escape and "quit" to the main menu. When I loaded my recent saved game and did it again there was no issue. edit: There was the loading symbol in the bottom right corner while this screen was stuck.
  7. When in a shop the mouse scroll zooms the camera in and out as well as scrolls through the shop. Possible shop flag needs to be implemented to stop the camera zooming while in shop mode.
  8. I just loaded my game from after killing Medreth and co. There is a slight delay when the map is brought up where I can see them alive then they disappear. Perhaps leave the screen black while loading the state of the map?
  9. In the middle of combat with Medreth I noticed that when my mouse hovers over the combat log the combat event listed beneath the cursor is replaced with another combat event. Switching tabs for the text screen or scrolling up does not fix this. The issues only appears on the combat display text and has no issues with the dialogue tab.
  10. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66845-repost-options-display-bug/ Got a response on this issue in this thread.
  11. My auto-pause menu options seemed to have been cleared visibly while still being in effect after exiting the game and reloading a save. In pause on "drops below 25% stamina" the game repeatedly pauses instead of just pausing once. The code must be If(stamina < 25%) without any flag to disable the if statement from triggering again. Essentially until one goes into the menu to disable this auto pause option you can't actually do battle.
  12. As the title states. It uses main saves. So even though my quick save is my latest save it will load an older save instead. I'm not sure if this was intended.
  13. Posted this in the wrong board. First Post: Just started up the game and I'm exploring the options menu. All the tab menus are displayed correctly until I choose a tab that isn't "Auto-Pause" or "Control". If I choose one of the others all the names will flicker then turn blank. System: Windows 7, Radeon 7800 series video card. I believe this is an software issue and not a bug specifically with my system. Second Post: Guess I'll keep adding on to this post. I created my game after setting up my options. Now that I'm in the game I notice that none of my options had been
  14. Guess I'll keep adding on to this post. I created my game after setting up my options. Now that I'm in the game I notice that none of my options had been saved though I distinctly remember telling it to save my choices.
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