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  1. Doesn't Microsoft have the Shadowrun IP? Would love a Shadowrun game from Obsidian.
  2. A few people who are devs are supportive of it. Do you mind posting a link? I am not one who likes to read only one side of a particular story so I'd be curious to see what those devs are saying and thinking through their reasoning. I would, but I feel like the devs supporting it was kind of trolling those upset (This is over at Resetera)
  3. This is a ridiculous hand-waving of legit concerns that many have about the platform.
  4. I'm not frothing at the mouth, I think its disappointing and I'm willing to wait for Steam. I refuse to be forced to use a clearly substandard platform to play a game. Others will be okay with that and its their prerogative
  5. I hope you guys (Obsidian) didn't have any say in this, because as a consumer, this is ****ty. Please use this substandard platform to play our games!
  6. Heck yes. It helped support a genre that I really wanted to make a comeback.
  7. That wasn't said imho, maybe you misunderstood beta access.
  8. This is on the front page of Twitch, a popular general gamer streamer is streaming this right now, so I hope he brings in people that might not normally think about this game!
  9. I wouldn't mind the discussion of children in a epilogue (perhaps said child could be in PE 2?)
  10. If the expansion adds another race and 1-2 companions I would be good
  11. Are we just debating for the fun of it? Feargus has already stated that they wanted to make it easy to exit/enter the dungeon
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