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  1. No mention of the terrible framerates many people are having.
  2. I have found hidden stuff and traps everywhere, not always in obvious places, its not sneaking thats the problem its the fact that the whole team does it, 7"2 in plate armour with weapons and shield sneaking around ??.At least a clue like in the older games...You feel a breeze from near bye....You sense danger up ahead.... Oh maybe we need to sneak and take our time here.
  3. You need to sneak to miss traps as well, and some rare items can only be found sneaking.
  4. I think finding hidden items etc should be based on the char skill not your stance, having a party of 6 sneaking around every place does spoil the game for me, maybe have sneaking give you a bonus to how far away you can see hidden items would be best, but still be able to find them standing up.
  5. Gog is always behind steam for patches, steam can update may small patches before gog releases a larger patch, this is just my experience anyway.
  6. The edge scrolling is bugged on the next monitor window, the cage cursor also isnt working as it should, the cursor will be caged for a bit after selecting cage cursor but then after a battle or maybe some other event it will start to move onto the second monitor when trying to edge scroll.
  7. I have the same, works for a bit but then after a battle and maybe some other events the cursor starts to escape when at the edge.
  8. Yes people have figured lots about me in a few minutes it would seem, I still don't see where I said they promised , I said it was mentioned to me anyway I'm going to leave you friendly people to it.
  9. Actually, Mad, as I noted in my earlier post, Darren's comments don't prove anything about what was said during the kickstarter. I think you'll find, if you read the wording closely, that he really was responding to the recent complaints re the media getting the game early. Anyway, as noted, it's pretty much moot at this point. I think you will find its called proof of intent and Ive got NOTHING to prove to any of you lot, go back to your sad lives of forum bulling and they wonder why governments are making new laws to combat against places like this.Pathetic the devs should close this post and ban the lot of you.
  10. The only people whining is you guys, seriously listen to yourselves, I didn't say in any comment that it was an official pledge I said it was mentioned to me,It has already been proved that it was the devs intention to do so, why are you guys making such a big thing about it really.I don't think ive been on a more unfriendly forum full of Epeen flexing bullies pathetic.
  11. I'm not telling you to do anything, its already be proved that this was the devs intensions if you read the rest of the comments.Just because I cant be bothered to find the very first mention from years ago doesn't mean anything the devs intention is there for you to see.
  12. You need to sort out some of the members on here I don't think ive been I a more unfriendly forum.Its like being in the school yard and all the bullies gang up, even when someone has shown proof that what I say was the devs intension they are still coming in with there nasty little digs and remarks.Why people should be so rude and nasty to someone who just mentioned a simple thing I don't know.
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