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  1. I'm fine with #1. Though, I wonder if the physical disc copy can be linked, optionally, to steam(so maybe we can use one copy for us and another to send as a gift)?
  2. I must admit I'm not overly fond of the separate and stacked 'K' badge. I probably would have preferred something more like ... have only one badge icon, a bit bigger than they are now, but with two versions: one with a small green K in one corner and one without. Or something like that. Still, not too big a deal. Side by side would work too, as long as it doesn't mean an increase in the member-info column's width parameter. I don't personally want that column to be much wider anymore than I like the extra stacked space. If we could simply select which badges appear, I think it would work as well.
  3. It's OK Since you already have your Obsidian Order title, you're good to go! Cool! Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Wait, there was an Obsidian Order option? Damn, I didn't see that. I just chose the free donation... I wonder if it matters if we didn't chose it? Well, technically, isn't the point of the order that we donate at least $8 extra?
  5. Doesn't matter. I put a different e-mail. The linking of e-mails is to get the correct tier from their database AFAIK.
  6. Ah, ****! I selected a free donation instead of the Obsidian order( noticed it too late). Oh, well. Who gives a damn...
  7. Nice to have an update from Chris. And a really good one too! Thanks for the update.
  8. **** Yeah! Thank you a lot Josh Sawyer! This was a necessary update in my- not so humble- opinion.
  9. Personally, I never cared about crafting. As long as crafting is not necessary though, I'm fine with it. IMHO it would be better if alchemy was separated from "smithy" crafting, though. But, guys, durability? Seriously? This isn't a survival game(as far as we know at least). It's just going to be a tedious and boring time and money sink after a while/instantly.
  10. The Orlans are a bit too furry like for my taste. I was expecting something more troll like in appearance, when I was reading their descriptions before. And Paladins gonna Lawful Stupid paladin, I guess. Though that's what Paladins are supposed to do, probably, this doesn't make them more attractive to me.
  11. Ok. I'm not going to say much about the GUI, and I know this is a WIP, but you better allow us to up-scale and resize that thing. Especially the text. I have no interest in going blind because "IGN: 2014, minimalistic and small GUIs FTW, derp!".
  12. :banana: ****ing awesome update Tim! One of the best ones yet. I like how you made the monk more versatile outside of hand-to-hand combat. And I love the concept at the end very much. Did Kaz get the inspiration for the Ixamitl clothing from 18th-19th century Balkans/Ottoman Empire(I can at least spot Greek clothing, though the hat on the first Ixamitl girl eludes me)? There others are great as well, the Venetians Valkians seem like the rich ones.
  13. Not by much, If you look at the handle, it looks similar to the one in game(I think). Still, it could be anything.
  14. Damn, awesome update. Really liked the dynamic lighting will-o-the-wisp at the end. Was that a sabre or a scimitar that the central character was carrying?
  15. If there is a KotOR 3(I hope, but I doubt it) let's hope it's a MUST that, it's either in an AU(Fallout style) from the TORtanic or the TORtanic is disregarded from canon. And in the off case they actually go for it, please give KotoR 2 a second chance. I want to see its full potential. And don't give it to bioware, whether they are interested or not.
  16. That's not randomizing really. It's a very specific mutation or item. If an unexpected but not randomized event has a reason for being, fine. We'll probably get the reason, through a note, the quest giver, examining the "troll" or the source of the mutation.
  17. My mistake, sorry about that. Now I get what you are saying about number 5, though I still think motives are not that easy impossible to randomize without botching the writing. And I still think some things would be lore breaking if randomized. A random encounter that sends you to the past and forces you to destroy a certain essential for survival device or random bandits is one thing, but standard enemies are a no-no IMO.
  18. 1) Fair enough. 2) What I mean is, that randomization brings a lot of repetition and boredom. Skyrim(as well as other games) has things like random quests and you may remember Oblivion and its wolves turning Minotaurs leveled lists. Now, random size and abilities might have the same result for the story. Example: if one is told that there is a cave full of trolls and you know from lore or otherwise that trolls have high strength but are not agile, having the trolls in that cave be randomly either too fast fast or too huge for some reason would go against the lore, no? As for motives and backgrounds, the technology isn't there yet. It's best having these things hand crafted, at least in a plot heavy game. 6) I'm saying it's a given from Obsidian, I'm not expecting Bethesda to make the game.
  19. 1) So you don't want to have some reason unlock some area before going there? Just go in there and "Oh, it's tough but I can manage/get back later?" That's like Skyrim without leveled enemies. More linear exploration allows for better and more choices in the plot. I'm not saying go DA2 or FFXIII style, just don't overdo it. 2) Randomization, again Skyrim, no thanks. 6) That's a given I think.
  20. No one's saying "make it exactly like the pipboy, without considering functional improvements to the logistics of the interface." And I totally get you on the discrepancies like "Why am I accessing this thing on my arm to change my clothes?". But, that's something that's just never going to be explained, anyway (because the need for the interface exists only outside the game world, and not inside). BUT, if you have to choose between some amount of affinity for the game world lore and absolutely none at all, I'd go with the "some amount" option. It's just a nice touch, but not a necessary one. Oh, certainly. I just took off from the OP's praise of the pipboy in the newer games. Some things can have good integration with the lore(crafting, maps etc), but other things, like inventory screens, don't need a lore explanation is all I'm saying.
  21. While I consider Obsidian very good at character writting, especially for MoTB and NV(and FO2 and PS:T before them as Black Isle), I don't think they have a perfect record for reasons the NPCs follow the PC or for the PC accepting them(far from it with KotoR 2, seeing the companions chosen by karma/sex or a certain sith). But aside from that, on topic, I have no problem if a companion is more "awesome" than the PC during the game or at the end. The plot certainly follows the player and the choices that drive it should obviously be made by the main character, but awesomeness is subjective and the world doesn't have to(doesn't have not to either) think more of you than some more established hero/villain/celebrity/whatever/powerhouse in the world(though I would love to contest them).
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