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  1. So if you’re like me, you play on a console, you tanked your rep with the Board, and ignored them when they tried to talk to you, and now you’re at the end of the game and want to finish up your side quests before heading off to Tartarus. But uh oh! You have a side quest in Byzantium and the board hates you so all the guards there shoot on site. This was the case for me. I was at the very beginning of Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel - the quest you get from Celeste where she wants you to model clothes for her. I thought I was screwed, because she has guards in her store and if you ag
  2. Now that Disney has bought Star Wars, what do you think the likleyhood is that we could see an official Knights of The Old Republic 3? I think there is a lot of potential there. I think we can all agree that the older games aer a bit clunky, most games were those days. But there's so much that could be done with it these days. Just so much. I would absolutely love it! Thoughts?
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