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  1. I'm fine with #1. Though, I wonder if the physical disc copy can be linked, optionally, to steam(so maybe we can use one copy for us and another to send as a gift)?
  2. I must admit I'm not overly fond of the separate and stacked 'K' badge. I probably would have preferred something more like ... have only one badge icon, a bit bigger than they are now, but with two versions: one with a small green K in one corner and one without. Or something like that. Still, not too big a deal. Side by side would work too, as long as it doesn't mean an increase in the member-info column's width parameter. I don't personally want that column to be much wider anymore than I like the extra stacked space. If we could simply select which badges appear, I think it woul
  3. It's OK Since you already have your Obsidian Order title, you're good to go! Cool! Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Wait, there was an Obsidian Order option? Damn, I didn't see that. I just chose the free donation... I wonder if it matters if we didn't chose it? Well, technically, isn't the point of the order that we donate at least $8 extra?
  5. Doesn't matter. I put a different e-mail. The linking of e-mails is to get the correct tier from their database AFAIK.
  6. Ah, ****! I selected a free donation instead of the Obsidian order( noticed it too late). Oh, well. Who gives a damn...
  7. Nice to have an update from Chris. And a really good one too! Thanks for the update.
  8. **** Yeah! Thank you a lot Josh Sawyer! This was a necessary update in my- not so humble- opinion.
  9. Personally, I never cared about crafting. As long as crafting is not necessary though, I'm fine with it. IMHO it would be better if alchemy was separated from "smithy" crafting, though. But, guys, durability? Seriously? This isn't a survival game(as far as we know at least). It's just going to be a tedious and boring time and money sink after a while/instantly.
  10. The Orlans are a bit too furry like for my taste. I was expecting something more troll like in appearance, when I was reading their descriptions before. And Paladins gonna Lawful Stupid paladin, I guess. Though that's what Paladins are supposed to do, probably, this doesn't make them more attractive to me.
  11. Ok. I'm not going to say much about the GUI, and I know this is a WIP, but you better allow us to up-scale and resize that thing. Especially the text. I have no interest in going blind because "IGN: 2014, minimalistic and small GUIs FTW, derp!".
  12. :banana: ****ing awesome update Tim! One of the best ones yet. I like how you made the monk more versatile outside of hand-to-hand combat. And I love the concept at the end very much. Did Kaz get the inspiration for the Ixamitl clothing from 18th-19th century Balkans/Ottoman Empire(I can at least spot Greek clothing, though the hat on the first Ixamitl girl eludes me)? There others are great as well, the Venetians Valkians seem like the rich ones.
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