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  1. Hmm this point about customer service being handled by Paradox, I worry that Obsidian will become distant from their backers, sort of like the backers will beocme the responsibility of Paradox. Not sure how that will play out.
  2. Ye so can we re-manage after we finalize? Also I was looking at my pledge reward. I had pledged way back during the Kickstarter campaign through PayPal. Will I be able to get the Kickstarter forum badge?
  3. Can we still be able to manage our pledges after we have finalized them? For instance if we wish to add an add-on after we finalize?
  4. I have been been receiving updates from Obsidian on the PE, so I am still a Backer (used PayPal) but well, I would like to see the Fulfilment site up and running as well, even if it was a bare bones one. PE is my biggest pledge to date, and I am a litle anxious the site is taking so long to put together. I hope the plans for the site has not been put on hold, just delayed.
  5. Thanks for update on fulfilment site. Will this mean when the fulfilment page goes live, the donations will close? It has been some time since the kickstarter ended. Should be more than enough time for anyone wanting to get on board, to get on board. Also will be kickstarter site be updated anymore? Or should I just come here for updates?
  6. Hello LordCrash, about the shield you offered to help us make, I found a logo I liked, http://frpic.com/vectors/flame-vector/flame-vector-3.png My Order title is Blessed of The Obsidian Order. Thanks!
  7. Just make it optional if arrows, tooltips, etc are visible to the player or not. That should satisfy the majority of players.
  8. Hey LordCrash, thanks for the mail Been busy getting back to my usual schedule now that the game development has started. It all sounds wonderful and thanks for doing this for us. I am also wondering are we taking on new members? With Obsidian still accepting PayPal donations all this time after the Kickstarter has ended, the question seems to be muddled.
  9. I think the typical player wants a lot to do in a game. That is one way to justify xx number of hours. And fetch quests are the filler, in between all the good stuff. Good creative writing takes time and often effort. I just feel we should not expect too much from the writers.
  10. Even though we are not looking to have all the ladies look like the warrior princess, hopefully obsidian will not put too much plate on the ladies that they end up overly encumbered, and got to stay home.
  11. Mature themes do not start with violence and end with sex. Obsidian understands that. Themes even the hard topics such as slavery, prostitution (I am thinking a seedy underworld where people are exploited and worse), the hard and often harsh side of life. Themes you do not find in happy fairy tales. I for one will like to see how Obsidian deals with the difficult stuff. Are they able to empathize with the down-trodden, will their characters champion world peace, etc. Sure sex and violence has its place in life, and should have a place in Obsidian games. They should include them tastefully and appropriately.
  12. The lore will have its share of gods and devils and it will be natural to have desperate souls willing to trade their souls for that something extra.
  13. Yes I also found the subplot in DA:O involving the demon to be refreshing and I feel it added a lot of detail to the otherworldly realms of DA:O. I believe Obsidian will do well to consider taking some lessons from that game and make PE even better. Instead of the often used 'got to save the world' why not start with a 'saving yourself' approach?
  14. I remember when I first saw Ostagar, I just stopped to take in the sight of people walking about, and hear the ambient sounds, the simulated chatter. The city seemed alive to me. Big plus. Immersion should not be sacrificed too much.
  15. Here's an idea for the pre-order process: I was at GoG and I was thinking Obsidian can release some free goodies to their backers when they are ready. Seeing that we have essentially pre-ordered, in the GoG model the goodies are available for download once you lock in your pre-order. I think that will be awesome if Obsidian does the same and puts up the concept art, the music and a developer journal all in a neat package on GoG. They can update the package over the development process.
  16. The key I see here is immersion, which can mean different things to different people. Someone who wants to play and rack up experience will not want to spend half an hour playing journalist. Traditionally the journal purpose is to make gameplay convenient, information is close at hand, displayed clearly and in an easy to understand manner. A journal is a tool to make it easier, simpler for the player to play the game. That is what I will want.
  17. I tend to agree it will likely be a lot of added work. I would imagine they will achieve that level of 'natural instinctive response' with the use of scripting. Unless the writers put in more of such interactions to help flesh out the NPCs, I do not see it being worth much of the developers' time to have them at all.
  18. A often requested feature is the 'auto-loot'. Make it a toggle so people who have lots of free space can turn it on, whereas people who want a better control scheme and turn it off.
  19. This. Oh yeah. We promised the folks who donated $10k we'd get that beard off and we're going to get that beard off! (It might not happen for awhile though - he's entering another beard contest and we want to give him a shot at winning something, because...) ...the only thing better than shaving a beard on camera is shaving a PRIZE-WINNING beard! Will this stream be shown also as a holiday special, like the Acanum stream?
  20. I would ask for a good polymorph self spell. Dragons have been too over used. Give us something fresh with a twist.
  21. I am thinking a mage class. How cool it is to summon up a handful of vipers to nip at the ankles of your foes. Second choice will likely be a fighter class type, for better survivability.
  22. The OP as I read it is calling for a tough tactical challenge. What came to my mind is those mega bosses that can shape change or will evolve through different phases, each phase of the same battle requires the player to switch tactics or juggle different skill combos to get a decisive advantage. Imo I think it's pretty hardcore and should only be available in expert mode.
  23. BG was created by the predecessor to Obsidian. Some of the people who worked on it back then is behind PE. That to me is what is more significant.
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