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  1. We will see a multi culture big city in PE? In BG in main cities main residents were humans mostly. In PE we could have 1 big city normal with uhmans and 2nd big city a multi culture where different races live, humans, elfs , drows, dwarfs, etc etc.
  2. Will we see some feminist characters in PE? I think it would be fun to have some things as our real world have. Like feminist NPCs and how they would proclaim that even they are elfs they don't have to look beautiful or they don't want to be an objectification tool by other elfs etc.
  3. They were intelligent and very hard to fight in BG2. I think they were very well done there.
  4. Dragons in Baldur's Gate 2 were a real challenge, even on easiest difficulty you had to prepare or otherwise you would be dead meat. I'd love to have them in PE or be able to be one.
  5. Will we have Dragons in PE ? They were in BG2.
  6. In Neverwinter Nights 2 you had the special class 'Red Dragon Disciple' in its name and in Baldur's Gate 2 the red dragon would transform into human, so i think that it is not such a bad idea to be able to transform into a dragon.
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