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  1. Treasure Vault Update - Signed Collector's Editions: Pillars of Eternity, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Torment: Tides of Numenera

    1. Archmage Silver

      Archmage Silver

      All still wrapped in plastic obviously, I'm never taking that stuff off. :)

  2. I didn't get any emails during the shipping process either, I just received one from the Finnish Post when the package was ready for pick-up locally. And at least in Helsinki, DHL usually just hands over the packages to the Finnish Post instead of delivering them themselves, unless it's an express package.
  3. I just picked up my signed CE and other stuff today, nothing missing. The statue turned out better than expected, I'm really happy with it. The Obsidian hoodie is great as well.
  4. "For the Love of Spock" - A Documentary Film This is one of the projects I'm backing right now. It's an effort to create a documentary about Mr. Spock by the late Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam. From the Kickstarter page:
  5. Just received my goods today - that's one awesome signed Collector's Edition box. Ed. nvm, checked.
  6. Um... I don't see my title under my username... Is that normal? As posted by Fionavar: Just give it a day or two. If it takes too long, you can also send Fionavar a personal message about it, if you think your post was overlooked.
  7. You should be fine, just make sure to install the latest Nvidia drivers available for your card. More specifically, your CPU & RAM meet the minimum requirements, and your GTX 560 Ti is significantly better than the minimum requirement. From GOG.com:
  8. Just finished downloading the game and extras from GOG. Soon I'll be rolling my first PoE character... I can hardly believe it, the Kickstarter campaign is still so fresh in my memory - but time flies when you're having fun, right? Before I launch the game and forget everything else, I just want to congratulate everyone at Obsidian on a job well done - you seized the opportunity and created a truly worthy spiritual successor to the Infinity Engine games. Kudos!
  9. Hey Silver! Long time no see. Seems like the ol' crowd is gathering before venturing forth in this last few hours until release... Hey, LC! Yeah, real life takes its toll. I've mostly been lurking, waiting for the release...
  10. Just redeemed my Kickstarter Royal Edition on GOG.com! Looking forward to playing the game and seeing what kind of response it gets from everyone.
  11. Voted: "I would prefer to get my physical rewards at the game's release and the game discs at a later date." Simply because it makes the most sense to me.
  12. So we have confirmation that surfing wizards are in? Absolutely stunning work! It's been a while since I was this excited about a game, not just RPGs, but any game. Edit: Typo
  13. Building on that idea, I'd like to see Od Nua's journal included. The player could find some pages on each level of the Endless Paths, with the final entry being found on the last level, detailing what happened before the end, why the Paths didn't continue deeper. You could even allow the player to bind the journal back together once they have all the pages, and create an artifact. The Journal of Od Nua Summon Monsters from the Endless Paths / Once per Day Mass Mind Control / Once per Day Od Nua's Insanity: Chaos Field / Once per Day Od Nua's Insanity: Entropy Shield / Once per Day Just some thoughts.
  14. Thanks for the update, looking forward to hearing more tracks. Maybe an excerpt of an epic battle theme? Keep up the good work!
  15. I disagree. I like cohesion and rational consistency to my dungeons. This is not to say I dislike fantastic settings, I just want there to be a reason for it. That was probably my chief complaint with Watcher's Keep. It was a schizophrenic assortment of unrelated dungeons. Individually they were good dungeons. As a whole...just lost. I prefer things to go like Durlag's Keep. While even the upper floors contain danger and are more than a pass-through section, they largely serve to build drama and flesh-out the mystique. The comparatively small and vacant upper floors function(ed) as both a teaser of what is to come and a warning to anyone who might not be able to handle it. Watcher's Keep was intermixed with different elements and denizens from other planes, along with wild magic. It would feel very strange if you don't like that sort of design, but in my opinion, that was the desired effect. Regarding the Endless Paths, how would you build them using the design choices from Durlag's Tower? There are 15 levels after all, which might make things a bit too predictable with a traditional dungeon layout. I won't say boring, because I'm sure others would have no problem with it, but if the only major changing variable would be the increasing difficulty curve, how well would it work?
  16. Yeah, I figured there'd have been a thread before, that's why I put the "right now" in the first post. Always good to continue the discussion without having to necro post in the old thread. I like your idea about the "mushroom level". This would give the players incentive to utilize the different skills / racial traits of the party members as well. In fact, it would be interesting to have levels that favor certain classes or races (darkvision, mental saves etc.), but then follow those up with levels that downright make it harder for the same races / classes. Then you would have to figure out how to use the other party members to compensate for the decreased performance of the affected party members.
  17. The Endless Paths of Od Nua As development on Pillars of Eternity continues, what would you like to see featured in the Endless Paths of Od Nua right now? Dungeon levels based on different climates, dragons, references to other games, irrational and irritating planar traveling gnomes? You choose. What we know: 15 levels deep Can be accessed early Increasing difficulty curve Located in Dyrwood Starts in Od Nua's Castle Progresses underground Infinity Engine game dungeons with a similar concept, albeit shorter: Durlag's Tower (BG: Tales of the Sword Coast) Watcher's Keep (BG II: Throne of Bhaal) Severed Hand (IWD) Dorn's Deep (IWD) Castle Maluradek (IWD: Trials of the Luremaster) Personally I'd really like to see vastly different levels in the Paths, because I like the constrast of walking from an ice cave-esque level to a desert... underground. You could have really wacky and odd level changes like that, especially if you wanted to play with the whole outdoors-is-now-indoors concept, what with almost the whole dungeon being underground and all that. Something else I'd like to see is your fellow (AI) adventurers once you progress deep enough. This is something I grew to like when delving through the Watcher's Keep - you'd just have adventurers who made it in, but then got stuck at one level or another, and then you could either help them or help yourself to their stuff. Or sometimes just fight them. There was even a dragon that got trapped in there, and you could actually just have a conversation with it.
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