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  1. If you need to rest and are constantly back tracking after every few fights then turn the difficulty down already! The limited camping supplies are a for combat balance. If you blow all of your spells in one fight your probably doing it wrong...
  2. The current camping/rest mechanic works perfectly if you even try to challenge your self. If you are running back to town to buy supplies and sleep in the Inn that is on you for the rest of us that are trying to work within the constraints that the devs put on us it is very rewarding and adds alot to the game.
  3. Does that sound fun? That sounds like work. I just want to play and know that if I'm smart and careful and patient (all things a party of 5 or 6 doesn't require - the game becomes a cakewalk) I have a chance at doing well. Without spreadsheets, weird playing (like having two concurrent games) .... the devs seem to want it their way or the highway bc they are clearly focusing on nerfing things that only affect solo play. The fun of that type of run is supposed to be the work, thats where the sense of achievement comes from. You CANNOT balance a game for both a 6pc party and a 1pc part
  4. Compared to anything in the elder scrolls series or hell ANY mmo this release was top notch. I can't wait for the patch so I can finish the hold.
  5. Without spoiling too much then you do meet another with the same condition as her. It has a perfectly viable explanation in the lore. Yes you do meet another entity living in a non traditional item and yes it does make perfect sense from a lore aspect.
  6. Its the back 180 part that is screwing me usually there is a mob scene when I enter a battle and my guys are all at the front and sides of the mobs.
  7. That might be it for me then I have my two swords and all the rest are ranged. Other then the ranger pet but I usually use him for crowd control on the mages.
  8. There are a few spells that cause enemies to get flanked status as well. I have never managed to get flanked status on an enemy with just weapons though.
  9. The amount of voice acting in the game now borders on just right to a little to much IE games where always reading games they do not need full voice overs and honestly it would detract from the experience. edit: I am incompetent and cant spell or proof read...
  10. And I agree whole heatedly just pointing out the fact that a score below 90 can and does tank games from mainstream success. This game should be more or less immune from that if for no other reason than it is by design outside of the mainstream gaming culture of today.
  11. I would love to know how you got the shield bash ability from that shield I equipped it on my fighter and it didnt give me squat.
  12. A new AAA title every two weeks? Are you a console gamer? We hardly see one mentionable AAA release for the PC every month. No im not really a console gamer for the most part but you have to take it into account when looking at reviewers and there impact on the general public. As much as PC gamers like to look down on the console market they really are who the developers and publishers are looking at when there talking about there next payday.
  13. With games in the last few years anything under a 90 gets looked at by publishers as a failure and not worth making a sequel. Its just the sad state of things when a new AAA title comes out every two weeks.
  14. I'm having sienfeld flash backs. That poor deaf girl...
  15. No publisher at all can make life difficult as well. There has been more then one established developer that was forced to go through green light on steam do to the fact they didnt have a contract with a publisher.
  16. Congrats to Obsidian! I got one copy of the expansion as part of my pledge and I added on a second copy to redeem on GOG and burn to disc to go with my DRM FREE!! collectors edition disc. My only hope at this point is that Obsidian makes enough money to fund the expansion and the sequel without kickstarter if I back the next game at the levels I did this one my wife might divorce me.
  17. would you want to publicly be on the forum for a game you produced after release with how hateful and entitled people are now a days?
  18. TRIGGER WARNING! TRIGGER WARNING!!! The only time I will ever get to say that without someone actually being offended.
  19. Don't even know what side of the argument you are on but props on the great reply anyway!
  20. You both can't play at the same time is what he is saying. And it works fine for me and the wife.
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