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  1. Load times drastical decrease if you use just 1 or 2 save points additional to the autosave. Ak overwrite them instead of adding a new one. If you have tons of independend save points search the save folder and move all but the last 2+autosave to a backup directory. If you still like to use seperate save points simply move the oldest one to the backup directoy after each save season . Sometimes load times even improve, if you unpack a save file and repack it by using WinZip or any other packing software. The problem seams to have two seperate components: 1) the game touches irelev
  2. I see just one problem with balance. wtf amount of spells: Wizard, Prist, Druid, Cipher wtf auto attackers: Paladin, Fighter, Hunter good amount of abilitys: Chanter don't know: Rogue, Barbarian, Monk Move some spells from Wiz, Prist, Druid, Cipher to Paladin (heals), Fighter (debuffs), Hunter (cc/buffs). Balance done .
  3. I just hit level 6 with my Chanter . No Ogres or Drake. But I had the Ogres when I finished the game on normal. Great tanks and I belive they have a very high interupt and changs to knock down. To bad you can have just one type summoned at once. So no Panthom AND Wurms AND Ogre after some time
  4. I like the Chant "Come, Come Soft Winds of Death" which is -x Endurance to all enemys in range and I would like to improve it. Anyone know which damage-type it is? Corrode? Would it be affected by the passive which increase all corrode damage by 20% at all (Spirit of Decay)? And does anyone know which attacks the Will'O'Whisps have? Close combat / Meele or ranged attacks? And do they charm enemys like the monsters you can fight? Or should I get the 3 Wurms? PS: ok, saved and trained the Will'O'Whisps They go into meele range and then do a lightning cone-foe-AoE. No charm effect .
  5. Most important change might be the save game changes (load times) as they effect everyone. Second one might be the remove of Blunderbuss from low levels which balance Cipher early play a bit. I like the fast patching cycle. Most fixes/changes might not effect me but it's nice to see "work in progress" .
  6. Wonderfull to hear, that they allready plan for 1.05 . 1) PoE was succesfull enough to invest more manpower + money 2) Obsidian plans to patch more frequently then once every 6 month . What I would like to know now is, if Obsidian plan to make use of old save games or if they plan to start from sero for the expansion? Will we be able to import our hero? I know, it's to early to say what will be . But how do they plan it to be? PS: And as I'm no Backer ... what's the planed sell price for the expansion? Do I have to pay for each part of one expansion or just once for both parts to
  7. Just noticed a decent difference between normal and hard. And between early game and end game. Normal: Chanters are useless as enemys die before chanter get enaugh stacks to cast something (totaly UNDERpowert) Hard: fights last long enaugh to get some summons out from chanters (still not overpowered good but finaly have some use) Early game normal: Cipher feel insane as they have no problem to accumulate resources. Ende game normal: (Blunderbuss) Cipher miss ALOT and so get problems to accumulate resources. My biggest disapointment with Ciphers till now was the endfight where my
  8. I had to restart several times on hard as I got slaughtered by every Skeleton . Until I realised, that I chose the wrong quest order . My hardest fights till now had not been hard because of the enemys ... but because of the pathfinding . "Go attack this enemy mighty Mr.2Hander" ... Mr.2Hander trys hard to run through the tank :(. I had to move the Tank as there was no other way to bring Mr.2Hander into close combat! But the fights on hard are realy a lot harder then on normal . As I finished the game on normal and played until Cad Nue on hard now it's notable more difficult allready
  9. Don't forget: this are ONLY Stream owner! And some Steam owner aren't countet like me . Had to use the console and "fix" my savegame in the Hold while 1.02 . But yea, trying to avoid as much as posible is boring in a RGP . You might miss this super duper hyper item which makes you imortal *g*. And killing is the core of any RPG, isn't it? .
  10. The market research departments said: people want 3D games I belive that's all . Consoles and PCs got the power to make decent use of 3D without the need of pre-render stuff. And after a hand off successfull releases every gaming company jumped on the train. But I still prefare 2D over 3D when it's well done . A fixed background made with love to details beats EVERY 3D background as even the most mordern GPUs+CPUs couldn't handle the sice of textures + real time randering and still maintence decent FPS. this tech demo looks realy cool, true. But if you try to let it run on someth
  11. Restspamming after every single fight was the worst thing about Baldurs Gate. I´m glad it´s gone. And the limited resource concept isn't that bad too. I had no problem to do 3 or 4 fights peer camp. Many times I cleared a hole level/map before I needed a rest. Just some adjustments should do it. Mainly Wizards should get more "peer fight" skills. Maybe a small fire-, lightning-, mental- or ice-ball depending on char creation (THE standart spell of every Wizard in every game) with 5-10 uses/fight which you get on level 1. I finaly finished the game too today . And it's a great game (to
  12. Well aren't you a psychopathic little misogynist. No as long as they don't try to cheat me . I strongly belive, that plastic surgery shouldn't be made just for fun (and to cheat man)! No problem after accidents, illness or other medical reasons. But NO to big plastic ****, libs or other fancy body parts! And with this I'm more a feminist then a misogynist . If I wake up in the morning, the woman next to me should look the same as when we go to sleep . And not suddenly 20kg less as the makeup disapeared (or a random plastic part explode).
  13. Dozend took the bay but couldn't hold it or very long and the bay ended in chaos. Birthing mother returned home but noone was there anymore. She waited for pregnant women she could help .. but never again someone needed her help. Eder became leader of the underground market *g*. Aloth hunted down the Leaden Key. Hiravias became something like a "travling teacher" giving mysterious answares but liked by everyone. Segani vanished in a blizzard . Wished she had a better ending. Kana went back and became a respected sientist who convinced his people to be open for the world
  14. Lady Webb comes from Spider Man . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madame_Web All informed immortal spinning her web all over.
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