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  1. protip: complete Kana's quest to find the tablet but go no deeper into the Endless Paths until you learn the Engwithan language... after lvl 7 no one speaks anything but....
  2. this seems like a class that would be extremely useful in long difficult encounters were the Cipher could get insanely powerful...but otherwise a reserve character for smaller encounters since they wouldn't last long enough to bring out the Cipher's full potential.
  3. The main upside to turning off Soul Whip is that you do full (normal) damage. When Soul Whip is active, your weapon-based damage is reduced. is there a particular reason Melee damage is decreased when Soul Whip is active? Unless your weapon becomes less tangible it should be about the same...perhaps a reduced attack rate/speed is more appropriate?
  4. I like the increased tactical potential that this class represents...feels like a real unconventional fighter/mage that could pose serious problems to traditionally built parties.
  5. So you don't even get to pick a class or will the Chantry somehow allow a mage on their service? you don't even know what you don't know. The inquisition has nothing to do with the chantry; it's an independant organization looking into what is the true cause of the chaos going on. No wardens, no chantry, no mages, no templars no governments are behind it.
  6. Beregost had a Flaming Fist garrison, you could barely rob a house of a few gold coins without having a squad of them on your ass...
  7. you mean like bg2 kits? i think the classes will be flexible enough that it will allow for your interpretation of what an assassin or a hunter is...but a "type in the name of your sub-class here" option would be cool. I doubt there will be BG2 like kits though.
  8. the hardest diff that still allows me to save/reload. ofc by difficulty i think more tactically challenging encounters and better enemy AI not just "creasture has 10000 more HP than before"...but we'll see.
  9. I suspect it will be used to facilitate health and injury recovery in a similar fashion to sleep. Also, if you go an extended period of time without eating your strength and constitution will drop until your starve to death... sounds like it could be fun, just don't get stuck without food on the 13th level of Od Nua.
  10. what you guys don't seem to get is that Obsidian shut its doors 8 months ago and hired a small skeleton crew to impersonate Obsidian employees while Feargus, Avellone and a few others party hard with the 4 mil (that's a hell of a lot of hookers and blow)...when the 2014 2015 release date comes around they'll hastily put together an android game called Eternity mobile and re-open the doors of Obsidian ent. with a brand new mission statement geared towards producing tablet and smart phone games.
  11. I think all classes will be playable as agile (as opposed to brutish) or charismatic (as opposed to Aspy-matic) but all I know is that class rankings are as follows: >Cipher > > >Rogue > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >All other mooks here
  12. The romans sent spies into Carthage in order to steal the secrets of their purple dye; it has historical significance and is often associated with royalty. Pink is the best bubblegum flavor...?
  13. yeah, godlike is a subrace of each race, not a separate race unto itself. (so an Orlan player would be able to choose from 'hearth' 'feral' and 'godlike') i'd wager that they will be a combo of tiefling/aasimar, without the inclination towards good or evil.
  14. It's a game with scripted AI, soloing will always be possible unless you need to bring along teammates for plot purposes.
  15. I hear that after the violence and posturing of male bonding settles down the true bromance can begin...whats more bromantic than smelling each others farts in an enclosed space?
  16. they have 3 guys in a closet working on this...I'd be surprised if the "summer 2014" release date isn't being overly optimistic of them.
  17. thread needs title change to X-Box 180
  18. over powered gimmicky sword associated with lamest class in the universe? meh, sure...but only as 50$ DLC.
  19. have you heard of the X-Bone? It boasts 8 gigs of ddr3 ram for the new generation! wow! i think my phone is almost as powerful. meanwhile, the master race endures and will live on in superiority long after this console fad has faded into the obscurity of time.
  20. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63765-update-52-monk/page-7?do=findComment&comment=1329978 Partially answered by the man himself a page back. Hm yes, my post seems a bit silly now in hindsight. Maybe I should read more than just the first post before posting in a thread. See above and SOULS! Answer to everything in PE. Yes, but "souls" is a rather shallow explanation, isn't it? I'm sure they can come up with something better and more specific. For example, Monks and Clerics (and I guess everyone else) use the power of souls, but in which ways are their usages different? How is the Monk and Cleric training different? Why can't a powerful cleric suddenly use Monk abilities? Why not something in between? The existence of classes would imply that the different powers of the soul are discrete(-ish). There has got to be a something which explains this (although hopefully people in the game world won't know much about it). I don't think even you realize how silly your questions are... in the game as in life there are multiple disciplines that require study, time and dedicated training. You asking why a cleric can't use monk abilities is like asking why a catholic priest can't just switch professions and become an MMA champion. I'm under the impression that you think the soul is this precious little light source inside the PC's chest that he pinches in order to get soul juice to power abilities he purchases at the local market....I'd wager it is a bit more complex than that.
  21. Any lore specific reasons behind the existance of monks in the region/world? are they a secluded order or do the go out and proselytize? are they religious or philosophical monks? etc.
  22. i want a proverbial quest bukkake the moment I step into this world; in fact I want to be so overwhelmed by quests that I will frequently have to take breaks just to catch my breath.
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