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  1. Hello, it's my first post on forum, so firstly i'd like to say HI to everyone. Now, i've played for about 26 hours of pillars of eternity. I haven't really touched main story much, i've been exploring. I reached Endless Paths of Od Nua lv 13, and i'm stuck at the gate in the front. I know i should talk to the ghost to get the password, but little fellow doesn't really feel like talking to me. Same as with Vampire in one of previous levels, he doesn't understand my language. I can't "spot" the button on the floor, that should open doors behind him too. I've got a ranger with 20 perception in my team, should be enought., same with bottom that should open a secret room in the lvl 9, where i should get one of the parts for the blade of the endless paths. I just can't spot damn thing on the wall. Do i have all of those problems, becouse i decided to release Maerwald, instead of absorbing his knowledge? If yes, can i still finish Endless Paths of Od Nua?
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