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  1. Sorry for my english. It is not my first language, I feel that kickstarter has experienced a small revival lately with games like shenmue 3 getting an enormous amount and divinity 2 getting double the money of the original. Given that pillars of eternity was extremely well managed and a success, and backers have every reason to trust obsidian with their money, and given that it's been a long time since it came out, why hasn't there been any announcements or hints of a new game? Have I missed them? or are they just not there?
  2. To not dealy the game more. I am very interested in them, and I would like to see a new kickstarter. The last time was very exciting and compared to the most crowdfunded game there is, this one has a rather small budget. But I dont want development of this game to stretch any more. So this seem like a useful solution.
  3. I agree with your recommendations. I just don't think they'll heve the budget or time to implement them.
  4. popular =/= good design I'm asking for a choice. Not for the game to be balanced around it. Then wait for a mod. There's no reason that the game should officially support what amounts to cheating. I don't see it as cheating. I would be earning that experience fairly, I would just be able to accumulate more of it. Besides, even if it was cheating, when has cheating been a concern in a single player game? Anway, for me it's simply a more specific and satisfying way of adjusting games difficulty. I could simply lower the difficulty level if I wanted an easier game. But the prospects of starting a game being quite defendless and over time developing in to an overpowered fiend is quite attractive to me. Whey would the game not support that if there's a chance? I could wait for a mod, but that would involve waiting which I prefer not do. And I also would like to see how obsidian would develope a system that would allow me to do that.
  5. popular =/= good design I'm asking for a choice. Not for the game to be balanced around it.
  6. I assume it's a popular enough feature for obsidian to consider putting it in the original game.
  7. I know it's necessary for balance, but some of us don't care that much about balance. and not having it, can also allow players to have a way to reduce the difficulty of the game in a way that is much more satisfying than to simply manually change it. You would also have to have system that would allow you to increase the power of the player and his companions withouth introducing new habilities as you can only plan to introduce new habilities up to a certain level. For a warrior that would be easy since all you have to do is increase damage or resistance. For a wizard it could be to increase the frequency of spells or to increase their effectiveness or accuracy.
  8. Wouldn't know how they are handling it, but i also look forward to lots of race reactivity
  9. I haven't played it and i've been wondering if I should try it. I guess asking here is quite useful since I'm looking for the opinion of people with a similar mindset to mine. I've heard the main issue with it is its lengh, but to be honest the older i get, the less time I have available anyway.
  10. I used the console quite a lot with baldurs gate. Made the game way more enjoyable. I would be dissapointed if it was not there.
  11. Broken age is massively overbudget, Wastelands 2 has very few updates and doesn't look that good, Planetary anihilation has had the beta controversy, shadowrun returns is delayed (but overall doing well to be fair Project eternity looks great in comparison: Great lookign screenshots, Regular updates, constant interviews and direct communication, tranparent development and they are apparently staying within budget.
  12. I hated it. I hated that it didn't influence how effective or powerful spells were, I hated that it was irrelevant in most difficulty settings and I hated that even when it was relevant and could actually prevent you from learning a spell, it was just too easy to simply save before learning a spell or buy an intelligence potion and learn all the spells at the same time. Opinions?
  13. You cannot expect everything to taylor made to your taste. Some people were expecting exactly the same game with the better graphics, some others, though (like me), were expecting many of the systems to be modified and improved (I particularly hated how useless intelligence was as a stat and how easy it was to overcome its limitations). my general reaction to the way production of the game has started has been very positive. Personally, I think they look like the most professional of all the kickstarter games given how frequent and interesting all their updates are and how transparent development has been. I am very happy with it.
  14. My ideal ending would be a huge unexplained explosion in which everybody dies. This would be supplemented with a "the end" written in blood with a question mark appearing a few seconds afterwards. The sequel would involve zombies.
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