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  1. I thought I'd add my recommendations: Durability: I think you need to cater to player psychology here. The combination of durability and crafting are, so far, perceived as avoiding a penalty rather than gaining a bonus. Players hate being penalized, but all are more likely to tolerate not getting a bonus, even if the numerical impact is the same. I'd prefer crafting went to craft whetstones or otherwise went to buff gear rather than maintain it. It's a silly sleight of hand, but it works. Given that durability seems to be a mechanic not exploitable in combat, and it ultimately bottoms
  2. @Sarex Reactivity and banter are part of character depth -- I'm not sure why you assumed I was not including those. If your definition of depth wasn't including those, then it seems to me there'd be little basis on which the player could form an opinion on the character. If their back stories or side quests were the only things a player had to judge them by, if they didn't appreciate the character, they could simply ignore that content (as most games let you do). If that's how you see things working out, then basically the companions, however many there are, fall into a "Hall of Adventurer
  3. How the "intelligence" stat was handled was one of many flaws within 2nd Edition. To address the broader point, I think every stat should have *some* value to all characters. Third edition did a much better job of this. Even fighters could really benefit from extra wisdom or charisma. It'd be cool for PE to keep this up, allowing experimentation with more diverse builds.
  4. @Sarex The analogy is perfect. If a newspaper has stories only consisting of one headline and one sentence, think of all the space it would have for more stories. By your logic, people would find that publication more fulfilling than one that has fewer, more detailed stories. That's not the case for most people. Again, a certain degree of content is needed to make the audience engage. Do you spend a lot of time reflecting over the quality time you spent with a Diablo 2 hireling? Or a pre-built toon from IWD? Is one of your favorite characters from a book or movie or whatever really one th
  5. Like the title says, what do you want to see in an expansion? What are your prescriptions for future narratives, new content, game play improvements and mechanic refinements? You may say we know too little about the base game to make these comments. But I say, so what? Speculate already, dammit. My prescriptions: -- Direct continuation of main PC's story arc, with as many original npcs as possible (some might get killed off, never know...) It frustrates me when we spend 30-40 hours building up a character and his followers only to start from scratch. I also like to explore unresolved
  6. I like the idea of all characters being able to inflict status effects -- aside from the more "normal" effects described above, I'd wager some of the supernatural, soul-related talents Obsidian has teased will address this. Warriors often have stun, stagger, intimidation and similar effects, so I wouldn't be surprised if those made it in there. That kind of versatility would be really cool and diversify game play a lot. Personally, I'd like for defense-oriented characters to get 'riposte' or some sort of proc-based counter attack on melee opponents. I also think it would be cool for fighters o
  7. This is like saying a newspaper can be good if it nails the headlines and writes only one sentence per article. A certain degree of development is needed to make the audience engage. Who people "like" is a very subjective thing, and not always fulfilling anyway. A worthier goal is to make characters worth engaging with, characters that contain layers worth peeling back and understanding. There are many party members in various games with personalities and motives I dislike. But working through that conflict is interesting and entertaining. If Obsidian makes a slew of superficial characters
  8. I'm agnostic on whether there should be a lot of loot or not. There needs to enough loot to give diverse and cool itemization options, and a sense that you've thoroughly ransacked a dungeon with a valuable haul. This is something that takes play-testing to perfect, methinks, so time will tell if PE gets it right. However, if PE does decide to have a lot of loot, make it easy to pick up and sort. I don't subscribe to the theory that tedium should be a trade-off for thorough looting. In general, if a system is tedious or the player can easily make it tedious, it should probably be adjusted t
  9. Following update 57, which offered much appreciated insight into Obsidian's design process, I wanted to ask a story implementation question. Basically, how do you make the ending not suck? My sense is you plan the whole story from beginning to end before doing any major level/encounter design, suggesting you come up with a fully realized ending or endings, at least on paper. I would imagine this is standard for most games, and yet designers still sometimes wuss out on implementing a good ending. I realize 'good' is a vague term, but I'm sure many people here could name endings that felt co
  10. Absolutely yes to the OP. Distinct profiles save a lot of hassle, and they are a MAJOR comfort as you try to juggle multiple characters. This can't be hard to implement, every game should have it.
  11. Like others, I would rather have a few interesting, dynamic companions than a lot of boring ones. But more companions allow more class combinations and play styles. I would hope Obsidian makes it easy to respec companions and/or diversify their class roles. Dragon Age 2, which I liked overall, is an example of what not to do. Don't lock us out of certain builds and itemizations. Sooner or later, the player is going to want the make the support mage companion a nuker, or the melee assassin a sniper, or the tank an all-out berserker. At some point, the player is willing to overlook any narrative
  12. These are exceptionally cool and look awesome. However, given that screenshots have leaked, obviously there's no point in trying to keep secrets anymore and you should just release a crapload more information, screens and videos. You may respond this makes no sense. I don't care, do eet anyway!
  13. To add my two cents, I think we're trying to differentiate here, more or less, between sociopathy and sadism. That is to say, indifference towards others' suffering and actively trying to create it. The issue is that game developers, in creating an 'evil' path for characters, struggle to really differentiate the two. Machiavellian behavior, or doing whatever is necessary/effective to achieve a goal or personal power, is generally held as the more 'sensible' form of evil, and one that is still relatively easy to build a story around. But sometimes people do want to see other people suffer, eith
  14. Two additional topics to follow up on my post: As to the number of summons allowed and duration: I think every summon-capable class should have a "summoning budget" which should be a simple calculation based on their caster level and the level of the summon. Let's say spells are broken into nine levels, like D&D, and, for ease of use, let's say casters can get up to level 20. Each spell could cost a portion of the budget to maintain based on its spell level. Let's say it's 1.5 times the spell level, and the caster's spell budget goes up by one per level. That would mean a caster at
  15. People here are describing a lot of good considerations for summoning, but I think we need to back up a second. I don't think anyone should try to set ground rules for summoning until it's clearly defined what creatures naturally exist in the world, and what their characteristics are. That might sound obvious, but I think it's a vital starting point that shouldn't be obscured. The world (and accompanying planes of existence) should be well established before we decide how 'cameo appearances,' so to speak, are handled. This establishes the cool characters and beasties that every kind of player
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