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  1. I think it could be great to change system a bit. The number of minions that you could summon must depend from their power (and wizard power as well). For example you can summon one powerfull creature to do tanking for you or a swarm of weak creatures that die fast but can cause chaos or distraction to enemy ranks. But a powerfull creature at level five will be weak when you become level 20, and at level 20 you could summon more of it... I hope you are getting the idea =)
  2. In old BG games I was really enjoying playing a mage/sorcerer summoner. It was really cool to create an army of minions (skeletons, elementals, demons etc) and unleash them on your enemies. In most of modern games that option is restricted. You can summon one, maximum two minions - i really hate that. It lacks a feeling being all powerfull god like bad ass mage =) What are your thoughts about that issue? Should Project Eternity use old BG summoning mechanics or restrict it? Do you think that summoning up to six minions is game breaking (bad for balance)? Maybe you have your own view on summoning mechanics. P.S. Sorry if there any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.
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