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  1. @Hassat Hunter You could have an icon with portraits and names on the side for easy and intuitive character management. @Lephys Done!
  2. Save games should be organised in distinct character profiles. One problem that I've found in many rpgs is that they seem to be designed for multiple playthroughs yet only have a single pool of savegames making organisation a pain. Could we have a profile system for convenient management of our various characters? Linked from: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64018-save-games-organised-in-distinct-character-profiles/.
  3. One problem that I've found in many rpgs is that they seem to be designed for multiple playthroughs yet only have a single pool of savegames making organisation a pain. Could we have a profile system for convenient management of our various characters?
  4. The point of the thread is to provide a central point of reference for things that have been discussed. I stated explicitly that the points I've added have been from polls and that they each have their dedicated threads, which tells readers that these things first have been discussed and second that there is a thread directly related to that subject which they can reference for more information rather than just trawling through 21 pages of threads. If you think I should provide a direct link to the threads I could do that but I think it would get too messy. Yes I have created this thread
  5. As we've been getting a fair number of threads now I thought it might be a good idea to have a centralised location for all points that have a firm majority or plurality backing as a point of easy reference. This list I've added only includes polls but doesn't need to be limited to them. As there are so many threads if you feel something should be added (and that this is a good idea) please include it yourself. Each point should have strong and uncontested backing, be described in a short and succinct sentence and be backed up by a dedicated discussion thread. If there's disagreement over
  6. I generally don't like having my companions die. I don't mind so much if you can resurrect them but unless you have a means to do so I'll just reload. I wouldn't mind having a couple of dialogue lines, for example to the family of the dead party member as part of the game's recognition of their death, but I don't want substantial resources devoted to quests for dead npcs because I won't ever experience them and if they are good I don't want incentives to kill off my companions. If they have a personal quest line and die before it's accomplished I suppose an alternate ending could be a good
  7. Just to clarify on this, I'm arguing for a separate optional tutorial at the start but the characters and location could be visit-able later in the main game.
  8. I'd like to add my view that species are definitely not interbreed-able. Many of these races would have been living in proximity with each other for millennia and if they could breed it would lead to mixed races distinct in themselves which would have to be represented in the world lore. You could have them as being sterile but if you are going to do that when the only reason they are in the world is as flavour so there isn't a great deal of point. They are different species and 'romantic relations' between them should be considered closer to bestiality, physically possible but unproductive
  9. What they could do is have a class related faction/place which you could start in if you want to do the tutorial which is asked after character creation. This would teach the generic principles and a short overview of how certain things like spells are cast even if you aren't a mage, perhaps in RP terms to defend yourself from them. Then it would go into detail about how to effectively use your particular class. In addition to this new characters could have some slight in-character tutorials when they join your party ('how are you useful?') In order to minimise development time thes
  10. Given that mobile devices and in particular laptops are becoming more dominant I would prefer it if Nvidia started placing a much greater focus on power and heat efficiency over total output to bring laptop and desktop cards back in line with each other. They have been sacrificing these for performance for too long. The trend appears to be that more and more pc gamers are using laptops and as next gen console specs seem underwhelming it doesn't look like huge increases in brunt will be fully taken advantage of unlike improvements in performance for non desktop platforms.
  11. I really don't think there should be multi classing. I found when playing NWN2 that the fact that I had to research and prepare my multi class build before I played sucked a lot of the fun out of it, and it's almost like the entire system pushes you in that direction. With separate classes they can focus all of their balancing efforts on create distinct roles and abilities that can complement each other whilst providing sufficient flexibility to accommodate different items (such as armour) and play styles within the theme of that character. Whether to play as a traditional or armou
  12. This is a very good idea. Having some party (or non party) members which you can influence to act differently in ways they otherwise wouldn't is something I've always liked in RPGs. Unfortunately they don't tend to cater for personalities that I would like to play. Having an evil but not psychotic PC who brutally but not tactlessly takes advantage of Jaheira's and Aerie's issues to corrupt and break them is something I would love to do although it probably wouldn't fit in with their personalities (I'm not sure why. I think it's because they're often irritating and you can 'redeem' Viconia)
  13. Just building on my previous post regarding more powerful spells requiring greater mana and the more mana used slowing recovery; this idea isn't fully incompatible with a memorised spell approach. Certain types of spells could be prepared beforehand (presumably writing glyphs or somesuch to help focus the power) which could change the effects of certain spells. The obvious one would be to reduce mana use, but it could also mean increased damage or other similar effects quite similar to how I've heard Diablo 3's rune system works. This would reward preparation for specific engagements whilst
  14. Buffing before fights is the big one as is limited number of spells. Buffing is boring, generally is only properly viable before fights and encourages meta-gaming. Limited numbers of spells has advantages such as increased use of strategy, but again relies heavily on meta-gaming and knowing what you're going to have to face to do right, or else just suffer resting abuse. It also imbalances the classes and makes game balance more difficult to implement. The way to solve buffing would be persistent abilities. Sacrificing the ability to cast active spells for passive benefits allows you t
  15. In the D&D games potions and wands tend to have similar abilities to arcane and divine spells and in many cases are used as a means to counteract the limited number of spells per rest mechanism (see BG). As PE doesn't have such a limitation in large part they simply aren't needed in that role. The only justification for having them would be to provide unique and distinct capabilities. These abilities should not be spammable, both in terms of the mechanic and what they actually are needed to do. This could justify taking points in potion crafting for character or class creation compared
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