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  1. I would love this system. This is one of the reasons why I prefered magic of Daggerfall and Morrowind to Oblivion and Skyrim. One example - If you ever played Morrowind, outside the village you start in, falls a mage from the sky and dies. He created a spell that boosts his jumping abilities to an insane degree and allown him to basically jump around the continent. I have actually undergone (roleplayed) a project with my own mage, that would use the game's magic system to replicate the same abilities (without editor or any other cheating). After a lot of research and tries and failures, I actually did it :D and it worked without the Death on Arrival effect. I was extermely proud of myself and I loved that the magic system actually allowed me to do this without cheating. I never got the same feeling from Oblivion or Skyrim, the magic got very limited there.
  2. Hey Even though we have no specific information regarding how magic system will exactly work, I have been thinking about what magic systems I would like to see get some attention. Buffs - My main problem here is the time spent applying buffs on a regular basis after rest/before battle/before conversation/pick you system. Can we have some buff-dedicated slots that would refresh automatically as long as I have the spell memorized? I had an idea that would work in BG - Imagine sacrificing one spell slot to have one spell permanently(within limits) activated. I would gladly sacrifice a LVL1 and LVL2 slots, to have for example Shield and Blur always active. Magic balance - I admit this is a very difficult thing to do, but I would like to see it get some attention. My problem here is the difference between melee classes and magic classes in regards to their hindrance in the world. Through the dozens of RPGs I have played as a caster, you find more than one enemy that is immune or extremely resistant to your magic however you never encounter an enemy that would be immune to melee. Of course there are exceptions to both sides (but these are rare and usually include very powerfull enemies that would have both immunities) however I feel that the enemies that are immune to mgic outweigh hose that are immune to melee. What other magic system do you feel you would like to have removed/added/adjusted?
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