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  1. I would love this system. This is one of the reasons why I prefered magic of Daggerfall and Morrowind to Oblivion and Skyrim. One example - If you ever played Morrowind, outside the village you start in, falls a mage from the sky and dies. He created a spell that boosts his jumping abilities to an insane degree and allown him to basically jump around the continent. I have actually undergone (roleplayed) a project with my own mage, that would use the game's magic system to replicate the same abilities (without editor or any other cheating). After a lot of research and tries and failures, I actu
  2. Hey Even though we have no specific information regarding how magic system will exactly work, I have been thinking about what magic systems I would like to see get some attention. Buffs - My main problem here is the time spent applying buffs on a regular basis after rest/before battle/before conversation/pick you system. Can we have some buff-dedicated slots that would refresh automatically as long as I have the spell memorized? I had an idea that would work in BG - Imagine sacrificing one spell slot to have one spell permanently(within limits) activated. I would gladly sacrifice a LVL
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