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  1. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2014/02/12/fall-of-the-empire-how-inner-turmoil-brought-down-a-legendary-studio.aspx
  2. On the note of old games and laptops...one of my all time favorite RTS games was Conquest:Frontier Wars. It worked on all versions of Windows until Win8. If anyone knows of a fan patch or otherwise which allows it to run and play the game...I'd love it.
  3. Yep, I'm using the Newer Warcraft 2 version that uses the windows installers. I used to have the older version of Warcraft 2, but got rid of it since up until recently (even with Win 7) the Windows version worked fine and was easier for me in all ways. Now it installs, but doesn't play...even with the 8.1 update. I had no idea that Blizzard had released a new version of the original StarCraft on battle.net. Is it free? Or do I have to purchase a game I own on CD all over again? I've been trying to play off CD...and even with patches it doesn't run of Win 8. There doesn't seem to be any fan patches for it either...perhaps that's due to the battle.net thing you mentioned? The only SFC I've gotten working is SFC 3, but I think some interaction between my drivers and the vidcards is doing something weird...everything shows...but shows UPSIDE down in Win 8. The other SFC versions don't work for me on either of my Win 8 machines. Dominion Wars of course doesn't work on Win 8, did on Win 7. Same goes for Diablo (with fan patch, worked on all comps, not just one), and several other games from the early windows days (95-99) that I have.
  4. Some of the games had tricks to get them running or fan patches for Win7. Can't get the original StarCraft to run in Win8, nor Dominion Wars, or some of the Civ games, and Warcraft 2 is very hard to get up and running. Diablo has the multicolor thing going...which had a fix in Win 7, but that fix was disabled in Win 8 and Win 8.1 so you can't fix it any more. Starfleet command also does not work anymore, no idea why as it did work with Win 7, but can't get it started with Win 8. I can't get the Lucasarts games to run for the most part, they had a patch to get them working under Win 7, but that doesn't work for Win 8, so no Xwing Alliance. However, it could also be a driver issue for some games. I was able to get Diablo to run on an HP computer with Win 8...but that computer is NOT a gaming laptop...so doesn't have the best card to play with and only about 6 RAM. I was also able to get one old Lucasarts game to run, Xwing vs. Tie Fighter of the Master CD. Overall, most o the other games I can't get running and don't know of anyone or fans that have made patches to do so...unlike Win 7 which had patches to get most of the older games running.
  5. Hmm, with AD&D, OD&D, BECMI I always played homebrew worlds...so couldn't really say. I guess for AD&D for me it would have been Dragonlance or OA if anything. Maybe Greyhawk. For 2e it was definitely Forgotten Realms For 3e/3.5...hmmm...once again more homebrew. For 4e it was Dark Sun. The way they wrote it, it was about perfect for the way they designed DS4e. for Pathfinder, it's Golarion...of course.
  6. Unlike some of you, I love AD&D. Love it more than 3e (AKA D20 D&D), love it more than 4e, in fact, love it just about more than any other RPG system other than possibly BECMI.
  7. I do. I travel a lot...so yes, I look at what the specs on my laptop is because it will be a gaming laptop. Luckily, over the past year or two have had NO trouble with games myself, at least current games. My problems lie with Win8 and legacy games. I have had major problems getting some of the older games to run on Win8.
  8. I can't stand the Elder Scrolls games, the older and farther back you get, the worst they get. Planescape was simply too hard for me, probably because combat sucked (story was good though). My favorite IE game was IWD w/ XP Railroad me in a CRPG...I can't guess what you are thinking half the time...so simply tell me plainly. Are those blasphemous enough?
  9. Ummm, you may be right...but at least 50% of the time it's targeted towards primates...as Tale pointed out. Afterall...I'm a primate and most of my buds are too...and if the games are targeted towards us and them...well...... I suppose we all can't be technologically advanced aliens from unknown evolutionary backgrounds with tentacles and nodules for appendages from the far reaches of space who possess super highly intelligent brains. I know that may be the majority that wander these boards... but for those of us who are from Planet earth...the majority who play video games are human...aka...a type of primate native to the Planet Earth (though there are some other animals...sometimes even those kept as pets...who also play these games).
  10. I think there's a few people out there that have that exact same sentiment currently.
  11. Well, not the typical JRPG, going to give Dragon's crown a whirl. More of a side scroller, but I hear it has some RPG elements, ala the D&D side scrolling games they had in the late 90s or early 00s (can't ever recall exactly when those were released). Actually I hear they are weightier in the RPG elements that that, more a Diablo lite style.
  12. I have no nostalgia for duck tales. However, I did just order Dragon's Crown. It should be around by the weekend, or so I hope. I tried going to the gamestores, but they were all sold out. So I ordered it. Looks like it could be fun.
  13. Oh, but EA will produce (under the Bioware banner) Dragon Age 3 and another Mass Effect game...and you'll be suckered to buy at least one of those!!! I figure I'll at least be suckered to buy at least one of those (more likely DA3, though to tell the truth I have enjoyed ME better...but that series seems to be on the downhill slope to straight TPS with no RP, while it appears they may be making a much harder and stronger effort on DA3 than they did no DA2).
  14. Jade Empire has SecuRom? I have Jade Empire, the Special Edition. I don't recall any internet junk with it going on. Are there different versions of Jade Empire that they sold, some with Securom and others without it?
  15. See, and this is why Iwata-san deserves a bow. I had no intention of buying a Wii-U...but a company that actually values it's employees!!! WOW!!! That's enough to support them regardless.
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