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Found 2 results

  1. This is how I started POE1 (blind), it was challenging, but doable. But with this game, everything seems spread way too thin. You need perception AND mechanics in this game to do what mechanics did in the first, there are way too many skills and too few skill points, seriously, why isn't stealth and sleight of hand combined, arcana (lore? why the rename?) and alchemy, mechanics and explosives? Also... 9 passive skills? Nobody thought it would be a good idea to combine some of these to eliminate how excessive this is? Oh, wait, there were actually going to be MORE judging by the unused icons for skills I've seen. This is ridiculous. Is there even a solo achievement anymore or because this is an "atypical" way of playing was it just decided "screw those players"? I felt POE1 had a good thing going for it, so I really don't understand the massive core mechanic changes to the game. I started as wizard again, turns out I can't cast anything more than twice under normal circumstances and spells that were once instant cast now have ridiculous casting times, restart, sacrifice res and some con to cap out dex this time, might/int but now I can't find any hidden objects. Guess I'm SOL there. I like the idea of pickpocketing, but I have absolutely no room to utilize it, especially when it's dependent on stealth !!!!! Oh, and why were the character backgrounds changed, specifically, what was wrong with attempting to keep the bonuses in line with what they were in POE1? I was drifter previously for stealth/mechanics, now it turns out it has zero mechanics so I was forced into hunter in order to obtain that. Doesn't this break some kind of fundamental lore rule or is that of no importance to Obsidian, to just not have anything established with the game systems... And speaking of lore, THREE minutes into the game I'm reading the In-Between description and how it's telling me gods cannot reach that location. You mean the location I was currently in where i'm face to face with the GOD Berath? What even is that? An oversight? Is it explained later or is this a precursor to the game's inability to stay in line with lore and have an established system in place? I don't understand the indecisiveness with Obsidian this time. Maybe they were trying to improve things they felt needed improved, but don't fix what isn't broken. Please. Seriously though, is there a POTD solo achievement or not? Edit: Considering forcing myself to restart a third time and pick aumaua just to be able to wear helmets (I'm death godlike as i was in POE1...) just to make up for the distinct lack of attributes... Normally I wouldn't have purchased this game this early (yes early) because I know Obsidian does a lot of bug squashing and even further mechanic changes (which to me are annoying to deal with in the middle of a playthrough) but I sincerely hope, probably in vain, that they revisit some of what I've mentioned.
  2. As a laptop owner, I always resent seeing the sentence: "laptop versions of these cards may work but are not supported" My graphics card on my laptop is pretty powerful, yet I find myself unable to play many games I should easily be able to play at top graphics, not because I don't have the power, but because the drivers are simply unsupported. I despise large developers like Ubisoft which make it a matter of course not to support laptop video cards, especially when the evidence points to a growing market for laptops (and tablets) and a dying market for the desktop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laptop#Sales http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/03/06/apple-google-microsoft-hewlett-packard-dell-ipad-iphone-android-ios-samsung-galaxy/1946325/ It's absurd, the effort to support laptops is minimal (it's not larger than supporting desktops) and you reach a larger market. I'm tired of being treated like a second rate PC owner, especially when my laptops have always been desktop replacements when it comes to power.
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