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  1. This new forum is not tablet friendly... But yeah, the death rate in Northern Italy is currently at like 6.5 %... and this is when they feel they are still able to treat everybody who needs treatment, which they estimate they might not in two weeks. Finnish govt is in full ”we should only be afraid of panic” mode. Advised by the local health authority - staffed with people who believe that limiting access to alcohol will cure all ills - who just a month and a half ago said the disease would not hit Finland at all. As an added bonus, gf (who I haven’t seen in a week and a half due to trip and isolation) has picked up a high fever... Things are going to get really ugly here in a couple of weeks.
  2. Day 3 of mandatory WFH due to going abroad to help my mother just when SHTF. They’re sending me the stuff drafted by the most retarded associates, probably because they can’t hear the groans as I have to redo everything. Ah well, I got slightly into prepping a couple of years ago when I lived about five hours from anybody I know, so I have enough stuff I like to eat to last me a couple of weeks without having to leave the apartment once.
  3. I could recommend the same to you, with a side of reading comprehension.
  4. Eh, plenty of time to die of exposure here in the time it takes for rescue to arrive, even with the warmer winters these days.
  5. Yyyyeah, not quite that this time around. More like "the society collapsed and only you, your go-bag, assault rifle and light machine gun can restore order to the world, one punk and one block at a time". I find it highly therapeutic, but can't ignore the judge, jury and executioner stuff from professional viewpoint. In fact, it might be the whole reason I enjoy it!
  6. Picked up the Division 2 now that it was on sale for a fiver. It's a lot better than the original, which I also enjoyed for the fascist power fantasy it was, but which also had an absolutely terrible endgame. Only reached the max level a couple of days ago, but the content seems a lot more solo friendly vs. raid after raid in comparison to the original. Yes, I have no friends, at least none who would play games with me Only bad side I can find about the game is that the plot must be incomprehensible to anyone who did not play the first one, unless there's an in-depth backstory intro I missed.
  7. I've had both done and personally found the endoscopy a lot harder due to an extremely sensitive gag reflex. Good idea I didn't want to become a gay porn star. We've had some threats at work due to a few recent high-profile cases, so decided to pick up one of those smaller crazy prepper bags that can be used as a shield with a body armor panel. Nothing like tax-deductible toys, I guess. Probably going to pick up some type of rudimentary satellite communication device like the Garmin Inreach ones for me and my parents., now that my paranoia levels are suitably elevated.
  8. Went out with the lady friend, who'd really dolled herself up for my birthday. Not sure if it was entertaining or upsetting seeing people's reactions... their jaws slacked a bit when they saw her, and then completely dropped when they noticed who she was with. Sigh. #battingabovemyleague I guess.
  9. Managed to get the permadeath mode and (finally, after three tries) the no alarms trophies for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Hope there is more DX coming, the prison DLC IMO really showed how good the team was. Then found out they were flogging The Division 2 for a fiver, so segued to that. Have done more gaming over the past month than in the three years before that :D
  10. Not much sense in spending time talking about games when you're not gaming.
  11. I'm currently in the ~past six months vs. today mode... So for the past six months, I've been slowly learning how to do 3d character art. Started with daz studio, now slowly taking the next step with Marvelous Designer et al to do some more Cyberpunk-y gear for my characters. Steep learning curve as I have no background for this kind of stuff whatsoever, but I've been enjoying it so far. Too bad most of the software costs so much I can't afford it (cough, zbrush) even with lawyer salaries, so I have to use stuff apparently designed by aliens (Blender) which lacks some newbie-friendly features (IMM brushes). Sigh.
  12. Started gaming again a couple of weeks ago, after an almost 3,5 year break! So far the most enjoyable thing has been the replaying of the Criminal Past DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (one of the few things I had played during the break, but not getting to really enjoy it properly). It's really, really good. It's funny how they managed to do some of the most "deus ex" areas (palisade bank, PenT House), yet managed to make most of the main game side quests feel like cubicle slavery. I still think the main game was heavily cut in a final rush, even the loading screen suggests an element of the game that is pretty much just hinted at in the final product.
  13. So, yes. I was asked about Necromunda in the old thread but the lock beat me. I, indeed, play with Escher as my main gang. I’m also the campaign arbitrator, so I have genestealers, squat venators and soon will have enforcers I use occasionally in that role. Two weeks from holidays, looking forward to a break. Now watching Firefox. Cold War ftw.
  14. Pool of Radiance Curse of the Azure Bonds Secret of the Silver Blades Baldur’s Gate Baldur’s Gate II Deus Ex Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Street Rod 2 Hard Drivin’ Street Fighter 2 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
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