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  1. So, yes. I was asked about Necromunda in the old thread but the lock beat me. I, indeed, play with Escher as my main gang. I’m also the campaign arbitrator, so I have genestealers, squat venators and soon will have enforcers I use occasionally in that role. Two weeks from holidays, looking forward to a break. Now watching Firefox. Cold War ftw.
  2. Pool of Radiance Curse of the Azure Bonds Secret of the Silver Blades Baldur’s Gate Baldur’s Gate II Deus Ex Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Street Rod 2 Hard Drivin’ Street Fighter 2 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  3. I came back to visit the Obsidz board for a change... I’ll try to come back a bit more, maybe. Haven’t done much gaming in the past couple of years. Started working out seriously and painting miniatures (mostly Necromunda). I find it’s a lotmore efficient as stress relief. Really busy in real life these days. Can’t pretty much say what I do in any detail I could accidentally dox myself for the Finns. Litigation with a lot of high profile cases, probably at the top of my career.
  4. Do you mean ”Murder at Baldur’s Gate”? That was the turd of an introductory adventure where they canonized Abdel, who then went out like a punk on the first page. I have 15 feet of d&d books on my bookshelves, that one was the last one added to the list. This: https://dnd.wizards.com/products/tabletop-games/rpg-products/baldursgate_descent is the new, yet-unreleased one.
  5. Wizards is also releasing an adventure in Baldurs Gate this year. Heavy Bhaal iconography, but same ”far in the future, nothing to do with the original” deal going on. Probably based on that schmuck Abdel Adrian being canon, too. I’ll keep an eye on this but assume it’s an attempt to cash in on my nostalgia.
  6. ”Generally, the only way a vampire changes generation is through diablerie. When a Cainite diablerizes a vampire of lower generation their generation decreases by one or possibly more if the victim was particularly potent. There are other, much rarer, methods of changing generation, but they usually involve powerful sorcery and are closely guarded secrets.”
  7. It's been months since last purchase... I was thinking RDR2, but just based on the previews it seemed like the kind of game that everybody else seems to love but that feels like work to me... am I wrong, is it ungrindy?
  8. The downside of Saints playing well is that I can't basically see any games live due to the time difference. However, it's a downside I find I'm able to tolerate quite well with the upsides :D
  9. I think it was Watch Dogs 2 from some summer sale. And I'm not sure I've even installed it.
  10. Two months into a ”sober six months”. So am drinking mostly water and coke zero, with occasional treats of coke lime...
  11. Not much, tbh. Went to buy some food for next week, tried to agitate people to vote for a lady friend in the Maxim cover girl competition, watching some Packers at Lions and decided to drop by at the Obsids forums fir a change.
  12. At least we have the all-white saints color rush uniforms to look forward to.
  13. Yeah, my interview for the Bar this week consisted mostly of the interviewer wanting to make sure I know how lucky I am...
  14. I was gonna post about how awesome my new job is... but instead, I'll just say that if the witch who ran the last joint had never let me go, I would never have wound up in what people tell me is the best law firm in the country. Sometimes you have to lose pretty much everything before you take the next step (I had to move back in with my mother, ffs)
  15. God hates the Chargers, Saints are playing guys who've been working as real estate agents due to the epic injury deluge, ffs.
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