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  1. Eric, should we send the tickets through the backer portal support option (it's fairly specific: Please note: This service is only intended for customer support issues relating to your pledges, purchases, and fulfillment)? Hope we can help you get to the bottom of this as Durance's one of the most interesting companions.
  2. If this is a bug I'd like to get it fixed ASAP. We haven't seen anything like it internally. I'll explain what should be happening. If it isn't happening for you, let me know what you are seeing, and also, if you could, it'd be very helpful for you to file a support ticket and submit a savegame to our QA team if you've got one. Thanks. And bear with me here... the dialogue is kind of a rat's nest, structurally. The way it should play out is, you talk to Durance and he says one of four things (they cycle): [spoilers] "Thought I felt your eyes on me. Now come the words." "And what must yo
  3. After resting, I've received a vision and the quest prompts me to discuss it with Durance - but the option isn't available in the dialogue tree. Is there any way to fix this, other than loading?
  4. I've added background from Aloth's portrait to this image in an effort to make it a bit more in PE's style: Could any Photoshop wizards try to remove the hand and the staff as well as those white specks from it, please? I've tried for a while, but the results were far from satisfactory. Would be much appreciated.
  5. How big is the game download anyway? I've redeemed the key on GOG.
  6. It'll change looting since each difficulty level adds more enemies to the encounters.
  7. The game's out in two days and I'm still torn on this issue. Admittedly, I've played IE games heavily, which points to a Hard difficulty, but I'm tempted to see how the encounters differ on Normal and plunge into harder difficulties in later playthroughs.
  8. I reckon you'll probably do fine with such low Constitution, but equally low Might would definitely severely reduce your character's effectiveness. That said, since it's a party based game, I believe you could pull through. Might not be pretty, but if it fits your roleplaying concept, have at them!
  9. Yeah, I know. That's why I picked Arms Bearer in conjunction with Quick Switch - to fire one shot, switch to a second pistol, fire another one and finally switch to a Greatsword and go to town. Ah, fair enough. In my defence you did say "greatsword and dual pistols" and I know people have wanted to do that before. I would definitely try to fit Intense Flames in there somehow, to synergize with Remember Rakhan Fields, but I cannot for the life of me think of what Talent you should drop for it. If you really want two pistols and fire both before engaging with your Two-Handed Sword,
  10. Yeah, I know. That's why I picked Arms Bearer in conjunction with Quick Switch - to fire one shot, switch to a second pistol, fire another one and finally switch to a Greatsword and go to town. Shame about the Flames of Devotion - hopefully it'll remain viable.
  11. Revised Bleak Walker Pistoleer build: Bleak Walker Pistoleer Human, Aedyr, Paladin Armed with a greatsword and dual pistols. The basic idea is to have a frontline character who can support the group but also deal respectable damage. Unload both pistols at the start of combat and then switch to a Greatsword. Reload after combat. Might - 18 Constitution - 10 Dexterity- 8 Perception - 8 Intellect - 16 Resolve - 18 Talents: Weapon Focus Soldier Two-Handed Style Bloody Slaughter Remember Rakhan Field And for the pistols: Quick Switch Arms Bearer Pistols are a personal preference, th
  12. Greatsword is my weapon of choice. I actually really like two damage types (pierce/slash), especially for two-handers. I'll generally put a crushing weapon in my second slot, sometimes with a shield. Greatsword for most encounters, but when I need defense or crush damage, switch to my secondary slot. Works pretty well. Estoc has that cool half-swording animation going for it I'll go with a Greatsword myself though, seems more flexible.
  13. I'm not sure you should be building Constitution as a Priest. The benefit is much lower than for the other classes (such as Barbarian, Fighter or Paladin). So you'll probably want to avoid direct confrontation, especially since Priests have very low accuracy. That doesn't mean you cannot fight in melee - but a reach weapon (such as a pike) or a two-handed one (Morning star or a Pollaxe) would serve you better. Let the Fighter or a Paladin take the enemies head on while you remain in the back, casting spells and attacking from a safe distance.
  14. Ever since I've played Neverwinter Nights (both parts) I've grown to dislike the glowing particle effects that the magical weapons have. Had a similar problem in ToEE - fortunately there were mods which disabled these. Modal abilities (such as Vulnerable Attack) and certain item enchantments (Corrosive Leash) use similar visual effects (thanks for the video, Sensuki!): https://youtu.be/1aMA3RRNcJ4?t=2m50s Unfortunately there's no toggle to be found in the game settings - so I'm wondering how difficult it'd be to simply mod it out?
  15. I'm not an expert, mind you, but it looks solid to me. I'd probably drop Deflecting Assault since you'll want to avoid getting hit altogether anyway. I'd replace it with Vicious Fighting, which further increases crit chance. And I'd keep Weapon Focus Ruffian.
  16. Thanks for the tips, much apppreciated. As a compromise I'd go with: Weapon Focus Soldier Two-Handed Style Bloody Slaughter Remember Rakhan Field or The Black Path And for the pistols: Quick Switch Arms Bearer An arquebus would obviously work a lot better, but I really like the Greatsword/Pistol combo. But if neglecting the appropriate Weapon Focus will put a big dent on the character's effectiveness I guess I'll have to reconsider using the arquebus. The basic plan is to open combat with two pistol shots and then switch to melee. Hence the Quick Switch and Arms Bearer. Not sure wheth
  17. I just find the concept interesting - mainly because it's somewhat atypical for a paladin. I envision Bleak Walkers as very un-romantic, if you will, pragmatic to the core. Firearms seem to fit that image quite well. Aye, the plan's to switch often - hence why I'm considering picking Arms Bearer in conjunction with Quick Switch. I know that an arquebus would be far more efficient, but I definitely want to go with pistols (just a personal choice even if not entirely rational in this case). Do you absolutely need to have Weapon Focus in order to deal good damage in melee? if not,
  18. In preparation for the imminent release I thought that it'd be nice to have a topic in which we could gather interesting builds and/or ask for advice regarding character creation. Since the topic's placed in the Gameplay section, the aim is to primarily concentrate on the mechanical side of the process; though some lore background certainly wouldn't go amiss if anyone's inclined to provide one! I admit I've been out of the loop for quite a while, not having played the beta extensively - so I'll start off with some questions of my own - any help from the beta veterans would be greatly apprecia
  19. What are your impressions so far, how do you like the armour & weapons designs in the beta? I've only played the first release, but I'll be getting up to speed shortly! And happy New Year everyone!
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