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  1. Resting the greatsword on the shoulder is a simple yet elegant solution: Not to mention it looks cool.
  2. Agreed. I'd love to see multiple types of "equivalent" armors, even if their stats are totally identical (I have an inordinate love of purely cosmetic choices). I do understand this would take a decent bit of extra artist time for relatively little benefit, though, so I don't really expect to see it. I'd love that too (though, ideally, there'd be slight variance between those "equivalent" pieces). Check out this topic for some ideas.
  3. Here's another piece illustrating the Hussite Wagenburg tactic: As I've mentioned before, I could really see it used frequently in a world filled with all manners of dangerous beasts. How would combat tactics evolve in the world of PE? What's your opinion?
  4. These gentlemen are wearing bicornes: And that's a tricorne: Both would probably be a bit too modern for PE, but who knows? There might be some stylish Vailian pirates out there.
  5. Spiritual successor, uhm maybe. I just hated the magic vs tech after awhile. It didnt make sense imo. I wanted to be dual wielding techomage. I enjoyed this aspect personally - but I felt that it wasn't handled that well mechanically. But the effect this conflict has had on the world was presented well, I felt (vide Tarant vs. Dernholm). Getting back on topic, how about them bicornes?
  6. All those guns...the next Kickstarter has to be Arcanum 2, surely! If not, a spiritual successor would be just fine too...just saying.
  7. Yeah, Kopinski's superb - he often does historical pieces as well and I assume that's one of the primary sources of inspiration for him. Here's another work of his, done for Warhammer: And now, for something completely different (and probably outside of PE's timeframe):
  8. Innistrad from Magic the Gathering was mentioned before, it's pretty cool: Rapiers make everything look better. Ranger or a druid? And a very Warhammer-ish piece:
  9. Nice update, the spells look interesting (I like the druid's playstyle too). Digging the portraits, getting Magic the Gathering vibes from them (I see some Justin Sweet inspiration too).
  10. On the other hand, if those dangerous creatures had tough hides, I reckon that powerful crossbows and firearms would be more popular. If they'd have speed on their side as well, longbows could see use. If armies were fighting dangerous beasts regularly, I bet Hussite's Wagenburg would see frequent use: Essentially a mobile castle. That's a lot of firepower concentrated in one place: On the wagons: Between them: And even under them: All in all, it's a very interesting topic I must say. How did the arms develop in the world of PE? Which tactics are used frequently? How heavy is the armour?
  11. Other interesting bits: Looks like we'll have some fun with all those unique weapon types!
  12. That is indeed good news! On a related note, it'd be nice if Obisidian would make an update focused on the armour & weapon designs as well as the weapon types, highlighting the most interesting ones.
  13. A clarification: "Follow in your footsteps" phrase was indeed a figure of speech, though it could actually be a pretty nifty functionality (when avoiding traps or other hazards, as Lephys mentioned). And, as I've mentioned previously, I'm advocating the inclusion of such toggle (accessible directly from the UI) merely for the sake of convenience. The fine level of control wasn't really needed in non-hostile areas. It has nothing to do with modern TPP games - case in point Fallout 1&2 or Arcanum (and I've mentioned Shadowrun Returns in the OP).
  14. When playing IE games, particularly when exploring non-hostile environments, I often wished for a simple "follow me!" toggle. Activating it would make your companions automatically follow in your steps, without the need of selecting everyone and then clicking on a desired destination. Such functionality is enabled by default in Shadowrun Returns, for an instance. However, it can be rather problematic in combat areas, since it cannot be disabled on the fly (you regain full control of your party when fighting starts). I'm not sure if it hasn't been already addressed, but if not - it'd be great if PoE featured this as a toggle accessible directly from the UI. 'Tis a small thing, but pretty convenient.
  15. The Stechhelm (used frequently in tournaments) looks amazing: It's featured in Deep Down too, you can see it in of the concept art pieces I've posted before. Here's hoping we'll see a good selection of helmets in PoE! Here are some other examples.
  16. Surcoats would really be a good fit for PoE - after all, one of its features is a colour customization system (similar to the one in most IE games). On top of that, surcoats could have faction symbols on them, like so:
  17. We've mentioned capes, cloaks and trenchcoats, but how about surcoats? Or, for maximum cool factor, a surcoat and a cloak: Would love to see this second design in PoE - which brings us to a point...Will PoE have layered armour? Probably not, but has it been mentioned before perhaps?
  18. It's time to inject some Warhammer into the topic! This particular design would work quite well for PoE's rogues, I reckon. As always, I feel that going for such highly detailed and ornamental look is far superior to the latest trend of just making everything bigger, more spiky and flashy. The saber is a neat touch.
  19. Here's hoping that two-handed weapons will be rested on the shoulders of the characters:
  20. Dark Souls 2 has some pretty cool fantasy designs: I love it. You don't need spikes and overisized shoulderpads to look cool!
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