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  1. Agree with this, when I played baldur's gate I knew nothing about any of the companions, and finding someone who would join you was always a nice surprise. The internet is spoiling this stuff a bit, one reason I rarely go on this board any more or read much about PoE is that I don't want to know who any more of the companions are.
  2. I don't rea;lly want to see enemies flying to bits like they did in baldurs gate, to me that's just daft. Some fallout style gory deaths wouldn't go amiss though...
  3. People keep mentioning expensive middleware, as if the engine they are using doesn't already have built in support, it might even take less resources than doing an animation (I don't know) Not too bothered what they do to be honest, as long as it looks right.
  4. To be fair I've seen more than my fair share of bodies falling through walls or hovering horizontally above stairs due to having fixed death animations.
  5. The best solution in my opinion is premade animations that turn to a ragdoll if they hit a collision mesh (either the floor or a wall) . That way the animations look more real, and there would hopefully be no weird clipping in walls or floating above slopes or stairs... I have no idea how easy or hard this would be, alternatively they could just ragdoll after the animation has finished playing. Unity itself has built in ragdoll support.
  6. Oh right, basically she's sworn to protect the interests of her Vailan homeland and it's dukes, but has rebelled against her superiors as she thinks she knows better, so she's a little conflicted. And she's called Pallegina and is godlike, hence the feathers. And she can join your party.
  7. I'm not all that sure what's new and what isn't, as I said, I don't read everything on here. There is info about the cities and towns, a bit of backstory about the black woman with the feathery face, and an explanation some of the spells available to cyphers. Plus a lot of stuff about how they want to make character generation more flexible and do away with the limitations of older games where you would be gimping yourself if you did something out of the ordinary. Also some information about how your dialogue choices will affect your reputation in future rather than just being forg
  8. The new issue if PC gamer has just dropped through my letterbox (subscriber) and includes a 4 page spread on pillars of eternity (actually 6 pages but that includes a double page of not much but some concept art and 2 paragraphs) It's based on an interview with Joh Sawyer. It's a nice piece with some shots I havent seen and some info I didn't know (though admittedly I don't read everything so I don't know if it really is new info) As an unrelated bonus it also has features on a couple of the best looking of the other kickstarters I backed... Kindom come and elite dangerous.
  9. They did say in one of the updates though, what a timesaver it is having scalable armour.
  10. Agreed, It was a waste of time even having race and gender choice in skyrim (other than looks) and what's more if you picked a race like khajit or dunmer the nords were racist against all of your race except you, and the stormcloaks let an altmer join despite the fact they were pretty much at war with them. I quite liked skyrim...for a dumb action game, but it was no RPG. I want to see that those choices I made in character generation actually did something.
  11. Sure you do, magic. Just like a Ring of Protection (+whatever) magically confers protection to your entire body, not just that particular finger. People only use that excuse because they don't like boobplate. Yep, It's no good harping on constantly about real life armour designs in a game that has rings of protection in it. (if you don't want any magic stuff then it's fair enough, I prefer low magic settings myself) Disclaimer 1: I haven't read everything, I have no idea if the game has rings of protection in it. Disclaimer 2: I don't actually care whether there is "sexy" armour o
  12. Fallout Harold, Butch Harris, Set.. I could go on.... had to add this ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJwu8evy9NU
  13. I like the idea of a sequel having the choice being either the further adventures of your character or the completely new adventures of someone else. It could be a separate story in a different location, rather then trying to account for every different choice you made. This makes it accessible to new players while allowing original players to import their character. But as for going too epic, I don't want them to do that anyway, being able to kick a dragons ass doesn't make me feel epic in games, it just makes the dragons seem weak. (see skyrim for example).. That's just my opinion t
  14. I'd like it if you simply can't kill things that are already dead, for obvious reasons. Maybe it would need a cleric with holy water or whatever passes for a crucifix in the world of PE to hold them off, maybe there could be some way of tricking them into thinking they have died again (they are unlikely to be the sharpest tools in the box), maybe you could chuck a sack over them and tie it up, maybe you need to find whatever it is that is the source of the power animating them. ...or maybe you could use the time honoured tradition of "RUN AWAAAAY!"
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