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  1. That was surprisingly non-terrible. At least the interviewer actually played IE games, that's a start! Though to be honest, that should be a standard, not a reason to praise someone.
  2. Pretty much. The problem starts when instead of "Should I buy these boots of speed or perhaps a magical claymore?" it becomes "A merchant. I guess I'll buy everything and find out whether it's actually useful to my party later". Simply put, an overabudance of money significantly decreases the need to make strategical choices.
  3. Thanks for a heads up Dimitri and keep up the good work! I can trade some plumes in exchange for the information.
  4. Will we send him an additional copy of PE if his guess will turn out to be correct?
  5. Yeah. Though the scope of the beta won't allow us (the players) to gauge this particular aspect. But here's hoping that Obsidian will take a long, hard look at this particular issue.
  6. Yeah, perhaps this topic is rather untimely. That said, as you've mentioned, there's still time to tweak the crafting/stronghold/equipment costs a bit etc. In fact I'm guessing that this hasn't been done yet.
  7. Yeah, the issue's particularly aggravating in a post-apocalyptic games (in which everything, save for radiation and violence, is supposed to be scarce).
  8. We all know this particular problem - we start the game penny-pinching, carefuly selecting purchases and then, at a certain point (usually towards the end), the money ceases to be an issue whatsoever. Our adventurers' pockets are so laden with gold it's a wonder they still actually bother with quest rewards. I think we can assume that the problem will be somewhat (or perhaps even completely?) solved by the player stronghold, which will probably be a huge money sink. It certainly helped in NWN2. Will there be other money sinks in the game? Will the game be playtested in that regard? That's obviously a huge amount of work, but it could pay off nicely (terrible pun intended). Having to make difficult choices when purchasing equipment certainly opens up interesting questions: "Do I buy this magical claymore or perhaps the boots of speed?".
  9. Couldn't agree more, it was handled perfectly in Bloodlines. Made sneaking that much more rewarding (especially since you were often given addtional experience for achieving your objectives stealthily).
  10. I'll most likely create a Bleak Walker paladin first. As for the other party members - I'll definitely include Sagani and the Orlan Cipher (making him a gunslinger). We'll see about the rest.
  11. Yeah, could do a drawing etc. But for now...let the games begin!
  12. We could all chip in 50 cents and buy them an extra copy or something. Even better! I'm in.
  13. I was repelled by the combat, terrible art style and (last but not least) the positively awful character quotes. Did someone actually read those before posting them? Never got the sieges part.
  14. I propose that the winner should get his post with an estimate liked by everyone else participating. There has to be some kind of stake here! My guess is Friday, November 28th 2014.
  15. Thanks for the clarification! By the way, are overcoats in fashion in the world of PE? Or puffed sleeves for that matter? Both artworks are done by Michael Komarck.
  16. Possibly, yes. Though in that case a surcoat (like the one Aragorn's wearing in my previous post) would work even better.
  17. I agree, something like this would be a far more sensible choice:
  18. I agree with this - some did seem a little over the top I didn't think so.They should improve the power of enemies, but not subdued the ability.That's the sweet spot of combat. By the 'ability effects' I was thinking of the special FX rather than the power of the abilities - some seemed very big for what was a small ability. (large waves of power coming off it) Indeed. The fighters seem to be equipped with personal forcefields
  19. Just a heads up from Josh: But it's going to change: Yes, sort of. Wizards do not have a recovery time/penalty, but their spells are locked out for a while after they switch. Tim is going to add a recovery time (2 seconds to start with) when any character switches weapons (PC or AI).
  20. Yeah, it's pretty nice. Notice the level of detail! Here are the armour sets that we could see in the previews: Fighter The classic. Barbarian From rags to stitches? Paladin Digging the puffed and slashed clothing. Ixamitl I really like the fact there will be regional equipment. All in all, it looks pretty good, especially for "starter" equipment, though I can't say that I love the Ixamitl armour - it looks rather weird.
  21. Love it. If someone told me, say 4 or 5 years ago, that we'd actually get to play classic IE-inspired 2D cRPGs again... Aside from the fantastic environmental art, I really liked the dialogue screen and the character creation (I can already see myself spending hours with it and restarting the game several times - until I get my character "just right"). And I love the Darklands-esque CYOA segments. Absolutely fantastic. Nitpicking time: 1) The character models look okay, but still somewhat disappointing (even if we'll pretty much never seem that that close as in the character creation preview), 2) The combat feels rather floaty, for a lack of a better word. The characters appear to be gliding and it feels that there's no real weight to the combat. This is perhaps partially due to the fact that the weapon sounds are rather underwhelming (though I bet that they are placeholders). The animations are rather clunky too (I'm guessing these are temporary as well), 3) Personally, I'd be happier if the ability effects were a bit more subdued, particularly the basic ones, 4) The arrows are flying veeery slowly and actually look more like darts,
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