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  1. I agree, it's awful. Blinking selection circles are a much better choice in my opinion. By the way, I like the changed Flames of Devotion. The visual effect is now applied only on the weapon, which looks far better. Changing it to a targeted attack was also a good idea.
  2. The PE music is just...there. I liked the short theme that plays when you start the game, though (reminded me of LOTR soundtrack somewhat). And I agree with Sensuki about the mixing, case in point: Not really bombastic, but the guitar keeps you interested throughout, with lots of interesting things happening in the background.
  3. Sabre + pistol, represent! On that note, I'd be neat if we could simply put pistols into the Quick Items slots (let's say up to 3) and then use each once per encounter. And might I add that I love both the firing and reloading animation, superb job!
  4. Speaking of which, here are some very cool Novgorod Republic (militia) designs (late XIV century):
  5. Thanks for dropping by, Dimitri! Can we hope for the Maximillian and/or Gothic armour in the game?
  6. Not a bad idea, PE might appeal to them at some level (focus on tactical combat, isometric perspective, RPG elements etc.). At the very least they'll probably be able to connect with it easier than the ARPG crowd.
  7. I only wish that each weapon type would have two attack animations, for some variety. Perhaps something for the sequel, resources permitting?
  8. That reminds me...remember the Raider camp in Fallout? By the time we left it completely destroyed me and Ian were lugging about 15 leather armours, several spears and Desert Eagles around. Which I then used to blow up the Hub economy.
  9. Indeed, it's useful, but not really all-powerful, so should universal. And by the way - group weapon swap would sure come in handy in that ogre fight.
  10. Definitely. That said, well done fantasy designs should be something to cherish - it's a rather rare occurence.
  11. This stream made the saving throw against playing beta impossibly difficult. The game's shaping up exceptionally well.
  12. Another fantastic armour design by Nick Keller: These do remind me of Morrowind's aesthetic slightly; the armour has that "alien" look to it - and yet it's fairly practical. The chainmail veil is a nice detail. I only wish more fantasy artists would go down this route.
  13. As much as I loved D:OS (great game!), I think that PE looks far better and has a much better art style. Then again, D:OS has a very different mood.
  14. Less arguments, more Armour & weapon designs! Another great armour design from Nick Keller: I wonder if we'll see various colours of plate armour in PE? Perhaps for the unique sets? Fur lined cloaks would be a nice addition as well, while we're at it.
  15. I think that they are, at least according to lotr.wikia: Here's another great piece:
  16. Found an interesting piece: Fantasy? Sure. But also practical and not exaggerated (think giant shoulderpads). Plus the hammer looks rather deadly (I love the level of detail).
  17. Surcoat or Grecian/Aedyrean style tunic? You're right, it could be a tunic - there doesn't seem to be any armour underneath. By the way, I don't think Eowyn's armour has been posted in these topics yet: Had to be rectified! Absolutely love it.
  18. I personally enjoy a good mix - that there are some powerful items to be bought (who doesn't love to rush to a nearest merchant in a new area?), but some you'll have to find during your adventures. Some you need to steal or craft (Arcanum). I especially enjoyed findinging and piecing together unique schematics. Now that's fun.
  19. After taking a closer look at the PC Gamer preview, here are some more designs from the game: Brigandine: Scale armour: Leather armour: Simple clothing: The HAT! Surcoat: Aumaua? Lots of great stuff, I particularly love the look of the brigandine. Also, that looks like a first appereance of the Aumaua in-game?
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