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Found 1 result

  1. In preparation for the imminent release I thought that it'd be nice to have a topic in which we could gather interesting builds and/or ask for advice regarding character creation. Since the topic's placed in the Gameplay section, the aim is to primarily concentrate on the mechanical side of the process; though some lore background certainly wouldn't go amiss if anyone's inclined to provide one! I admit I've been out of the loop for quite a while, not having played the beta extensively - so I'll start off with some questions of my own - any help from the beta veterans would be greatly appreciated! Bleak Walker Pistoleer Human, Paladin Armed with a greatsword and a pistol. The basic idea is to have a frontline character who can support the group but also deal respectable damage. Might - 18 Constitution - ? Dexterity- ? Perception - ? Intellect - ? Resolve - PROFIT Talents: Weapon Focus Ruffian - the bread and butter of the build, increasing accuracy with pistols. Close Shooter - should serve the build well, I intend to wade into melee quite often. Penetrating Shot - decreased attack speed shouldn't hurt at all, since the plan's to unload both pistols at the start of the combat and then continue fighting with a greatsword. Arms Bearer - to increase the synergy from all the aforementioned talents. As for the remaining two talents, I'm having some doubts. Which would you pick? The Black Path - fits the character concept well, not sure how useful it is in actual combat, however. Two-Handed Style - to increase melee power. Quick Switch - seems to go well with arms bearer; not sure how big of a benefit it would be to this particular build. Weapon Focus Soldier - might be mandatory due to the lack of melee enhancing talents. Disclaimer: I've have had very limited experience with the beta, so this build is probably terrible. Admittedly, I'm not to worried about its power level (in singleplayer games I tend to forgo min-maxing) - all the same, would really appreciate pointers, tips and comments! So, without further ado, let's see your build ideas! Sorry if such topic already exists - I've searched but couldn't find one.
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