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  1. Meh... possibly Fat as associated with Wealth with extreme fat as associate with Excess of Wealth. ...just the way things were during the time period. ...but then again some of this area from what I understand is frontier land so.. not so much fat people.. maybe some big viking-ish type people.. but not fat as just purely fat.
  2. The ideal way to deal with the situation is to recognize some revenue and some expenses throughout the entire life of the project. Therefore, minimizing profit at all ends of the spectrum and preventing increased tax rates. The reason the Tax code has grown more complex is because that easy tax code we used to have was riddled with easy to spot loopholes that allow people to avoid taxation. Now, its riddled with loopholes that are mediocrity more difficult to spot let alone navigate with red flagging the IRS.
  3. Here is another explanation got from, For the use of Accrual based accounting and from a CPA commenting on Tax Accounting for KickStarter, Accrual accounting is an election that is made on a tax return that allows you to claim income when it is earned, rather than when it is received. This means that every video game company out there who gets Kickstarter funds would not have to pay taxes on those amounts until the game is actually made and distributed to those individuals who pre-purchased it. This to me is so simple that if your CPA has not suggested it to you, I would recommend you find one who understands these principles. Going further, let’s just assume that you have given away items such as T-shirts, artwork, and prizes that you distribute to your backers the first year. You would have to include in income up to cost (or fair market value) of those items on your tax return, because technically you did provide a portion of the service and some of that income was technically “earned”. Therefore, you will be responsible for some of the income earned. What’s important to note, is that you will easily be able to offset that income “earned” with the first year’s expenses or the cost of those items (t-shirts, art, etc.). Just in case those strategies don’t reduce or eliminate tax, there are two additional methods that you can use to further offset tax, as well as lower your tax bill when the game is distributed and eventually sold to the public. @Darkpriest I'd also point out restricting cash would still make it taxable income unless my aforementioned revenue recognition rules applied. If you were to ask an actual accountant, you would get multiple answers most of which lead to treating it as an investment, a liability, or purely income. The last of which is the most conservative/safest of options.
  4. I would guess that one of the two that I can think of right now and there are probably several ways of dealing with the taxation issue would be to fully document and journalize all transactions that occurred through paypal and ks and mark it as a liability. I used Wikipedia but eh.. don't feel like looking it up in my principles of accounting book. It works. Received advances are not recognized as revenues, but as liabilities (deferred income), until the conditions (1.) and (2.) are met. Revenues are realized when cash or claims to cash (receivable) are received in exchange for goods or services. Revenues are realizable when assets received in such exchange are readily convertible to cash or claim to cash. Revenues are earned when such goods/services are transferred/rendered. Both such payment assurance and final delivery completion (with a provision for returns, warranty claims, etc.), are required for revenue recognition. Just use revenue recognition rules of GAAP, they can't realize it as profit until revenue recognition rules are met. Revenues from selling inventory are recognized at the date of sale often interpreted as the date of delivery. Revenues from rendering services are recognized when services are completed and billed. Revenue from permission to use company's assets (e.g. interests for using money, rent for using fixed assets, and royalties for using intangible assets) is recognized as time passes or as assets are used. Revenue from selling an asset other than inventory is recognized at the point of sale, when it takes place. In such a way, Obsidian could break down KS and Paypal into two separate blocks of entries. One could be recognized and delivered this year like an physical /virtual goods delivered this year-i.e. shirts, badges, forum titles KickerStarter Titles, NPC and Tavern development, and monetary value of entries into the in-game monument for 500 mark donators. The second block would then be recognized during the deliver of any physical / virtual goods upon game completion.
  5. First Comment, removing or equipping armor during combat should provoke an attack of opportunity or should take multiple action rounds....or at least gets a funny look from the NPC as to how his lightly armor opponent turned into a heavily armored opponent. Now to bring out a list in reply to Original Post: 2nd Edition AD&D -Yes to a wide variety of armor types -No to class or race restricts unless some race is allergic to certain materials in an armor or some other reasonable explanation. 3rd Edition AD&D -Negative to purely maximum dexterity bonus penalties. -Yes, to variety of penalties and benefits of different armors Outside the box -Armor Efficiency increases with usage and familiarity in combat rather than as a feat or skill -Armor as defined by three variables: by Material Type: (Region) Copper, (Region) Iron, (Animal Type) Leather, (Animal Type)Scale, and random other materials By Tensile/Compressive Strength: +1, +2 or if you want to be more historical, instead of putting a plus one or plus two, put the maker or producer of the weapon, like a Torchmark that has the same/similar definition of describing the strength of the weapon. By Composition Density: Super light, Light (Chain / padded) , Medium (Splint / Leather), Heavy (Studded leather / Plate), Super Heavy --Rarer material type, better quality, higher composition densities equals higher prices and generally an increase or change in bonuses received. - Increase Complexity of Armor transitions: Most of your gamers have a bit of critical think skills under their belts add more trade-offs to armors whether it means going between two types of armor, tiers of armor, or weights of armors. Familiarity with combat in your particular armor should come into play i.e. First outside the box remark. Different armors should fend off different weapons / attacks differently. Whether it means that a heavy armor in a higher classified tier become more susceptible to bash attacks than its previously tiered heavy armor but has impeccable piercing resistance …or that a light armor in a higher classified tier has no piercing resistance, causes you to asphyxiate every X rounds in combat, gives excellent blunt damage absorption and gives 10% camouflage compared to its lower classified tier. - In response to, “the more dissimilar the armor relationships are to those found in A/D&D, the more they will be re-evaluated for verisimilitude (i.e. "realism").” Just remember realism can be created through game history and story. -Armors that warp wizard spells are your friend. …Dyslexic wizard spells anyone? JourneyQuest anyone? - Game of Thrones, 6th episode of Season 1, In the Eyrie, Bronn does battle with Lysa's champion, Ser Vardis Egen. Bronn fights defensively, waiting for Vardis to start to tire, and then cuts and kills him, sending his body rolling out of the 'Moon Door' that leads to a thousand-foot drop Responses to Questions 1. Should something like hide armor be supplanted/made obsolete by leather as an "improved version" or does that effectively kill the visual concept of the rough-hewn rawhide-wearing ranger or barbarian? It doesn’t need to as long as there is a rawhide type that can communicate the same benefits as wearing leather. -Benefit examples, Rawhide: Beast skills that improve reflexes, improve initiative, sense aggression, improve move speed, intimidate NPCs, or something similar that doesn’t mean an increase in armor rating so much as an increase in overall combat / social skills and abilities. 2. If armor types like hide (or scale, or mail) should remain viable on their own, how should that "upgrade" be expressed to the player? Functional descriptors like "fine scale", "superior hide", etc.? Cultural or material descriptors like "Vailian doublet", "iron feather scale"? Olde tyme numerical descriptors like "scale armor +1", "half-plate +2"? Prefer a Cultural and material descriptor or if the culture has a numerical description system already in place for the quality of an item then also good. 3. Is it okay for an upgrade from a visual type of armor to maintain its relative position to other armor types even if "realistically" that upgraded armor is now probably superior in protection to other armor types? E.g. an armored jack or brigandine armor is probably more protective than even nice suit of leather armor... but mechanically, we're presenting it as an upgrade of a padded (doublet) armor type. Why? Just be creative. Immersion is good. If thinking about it from a fantasy world view or a real world view causes people to break immersion then try to improve upon the design or description to indicate otherwise.
  6. Wouldn't mind some type of armor on armor. Roll one to hit and penetrate first armor then roll a second one with penalties to penetrate due to slower velocity after penetrating the first set of armor. Wearing double armor would also have penalties of course whether to agility, sight, speed or what not.
  7. I'm in agreement. Perhaps some ancient soul based technology was able to extract and process these rare metals, of which is long lost to the annuals of history. At some point in the more recent past master blacksmiths used soul based techniques to shape these metals into items. These techniques were also lost to the ages. This would explain why these rare metals where shaped into medieval weapons and cultural artifacts... This metal then could have an immunity to being worked by normal magics or some such which would prevent them from having a magical epic level of item.. The metal itself would be far superior to most metals.
  8. I'd prefer the two big Cities remain intact and as the story progresses your own stronghold gains a small town/ village as your sphere of influence grows. (Tavern, Houses, Blacksmith, Tanners, Farmers, Temples, Marketplace Increased Anti-siege weapons, Moat/ redirected waterways, Extended walls, magical elements, etc etc)
  9. So not going to read all the posts even though I really want too. In reply to the OP What type of romance plot do you enjoy (tragic, happy ending, marriage/family)? -A well written one, preferably with pathing that allows for multiple types of plot. Are there particular game mechanics that you like to see when romances are included (complex questlines, cutscenes?)? -Mechanics that allow for complete trust in combat but dislike in social displays and visa-versa. -Mechanics that allow for angry sex. -Mechanics that allow variations in romance dependent upon party members and npcs present. -Mechanics that allow for NPCs to develop relationships amongst themselves. (Sometimes secretly as a result of on-screen and off-screen interactions.) -Storyline (Side Questlines) should be backwards and forwards. (Historically finding out about the past and development of the future with regard to relationships whether they be romantic or not.) -Mechanics that allow for relationships to effect social interactions with NPCs and combat interactions. What romances or relationship plots from other games books did you enjoy that can serve as examples? Right now I can only think of the relationships within two books series, A Song of Ice and Fire and Crown of Stars. Both have excellent examples of relationships and their complexities. What, even, is romance? Romance is...pssh.
  10. Wouldn't this be an internal return on investment? No money going to publishers. As a middleman, wouldn't the publisher just get pushed out of the equation? Obsidian realizes profits earlier than in a normal product cycle by selling the game before developing it. Total potential future revenue would be decreased by those early profits...though technically the value of money decreases over time so early profit valued for inflation is technically worth more. ...and expenses would diminish as a result of cutting out the middleman. If a large profit is realized, then it would increase Obsidian's independence from publishers which may or may not put Obsidian in a better negotiation position with publisher with regards to rates and game content. If a reasonable sum of gross profit can be generated, there would be no substantial reason for Obsidian not generating more Classic content aside from leading members within Obsidian not wanting to. ...Not sure if these assurances are accurate but umm... trying to reason it out :D
  11. I don't know what the castle at the end of the road is but I'd definitely like to see Project Eternity go the way of Space Rangers 2 with tapping multiple genres a little fpsing here, some rpging there, and some rtsing over here with the currently in development Stronghold and start hitting on some RTS building and spheres of influence in the colonial regions. Any way we could get a set of cards of the Beastiary with the picture on the front and a description/history on the back of the card?
  12. @Gennadios and anubite I'm not sure where everyone went with the Skyrim skill set but if you went up the alchemy skill set alongside the smithing and enchanting skill line.. lol you can break the game with the power of the potions, enchantments, and equipment improvements. Thoughts on potions -Enemy NPC with potions should be able to use them. -Explosive type potions that are thrown at enemy should be treated as Molotov ****tails / low grade explosive with the chance that they might explode before you throw. --NPCs should be able to pick them up / catch them in mid-air and throw them back at you if they haven't exploded yet especially high intelligent NPC with good agility. -NPCs with the ability to feed potions to pet type mobs -Side effects of drink potions. (Addictions, head-aches, tummy aches, pain, black-out, beserking, natural immunity) --Do not do a cool down on potions. I'd rather have side effects than cool downs. --The usage of multiple potions simultaneously multiplies the effects of subsequent potions but also increases the risk of adverse effects especially when consuming different types of potions. --NPCs with low intellect or skill with potions has the possibility of ODing on potions in combat. -The essence of potions having the possibility to use souls as a raw material. -Invisibility potions should not work on creatures that don't use sight as a primary sense. -Only belted (readied) potions can be consumed in combat. Digging in a pack should have multiple attacks of opportunity. I'm sure there are probably more thoughts but my head is empty right now..
  13. I'd like to see some Grandmasters and hermits too. :D Some thing along the lines of usage increases the strength of stats, skills, and spells while watching and learning is done from party members, NPC peons, NPC nobility, and NPC hermits. Like watching a noble argue for something or winning an argument using a certain type of persuasion while your Charisma and/or intelligence is high enough will cause you to learn certain element of speech? Or watching some ex-military peon farmer fight for his life against some marauders could cause one of your warrior class NPCs to learn some new skill. Or.. God forbid, some hermit sending you out on utterly pointless tasks repeatedly until he decides that you are tenacious enough to learn from him. "#$^& you and your damn eggs with a side of bacon old man! Teach me that uber skill that you have hidden inside that wrinkled bag of bones." or "I'll make you bleed meat bag!"
  14. I wouldn't mind some form of Archeological exploration and discovery especially if the nations and factions are advanced/enlightened enough to go that route especially if their was some form of dinosaur species that was intelligent enough to leave behind advanced/alternative technology relative to the current age of tech. ...aside from historical dinosaur, I guess if there were dinosaurs that have the Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish's ability to maintain eternal youth..maybe.. or if they were the descendants of dinosaur species.
  15. The Aedyr Empire trades with Dyrwood and citizens of the Aedyr often travel to (and through) Dyrwood. Sometimes the empire sends exploring agents/adventuring companies to the Dyrwood under false pretenses (or through false fronts). Magran's Dyrwood symbol can be seen on Cadegund's breastplate. Thanks LoL, That works. :D was mostly just hoping for something that wasn't to cartoony. and for the Aedyr influence of Dyrwood, you just gave me an image of the illuminati and that works good too. hahaha these guys and their shadow governments. ORLY. ... .... ....... I'm not sure if I should be feeling elated to know that or anxious that I was just spoiled about something. Gack. and this just made me laugh. That is understandable for their relationship but aren't these two nations on the same continent or closer than Britain and America? ..and Britain did not influence America's idea of Manifest Destiny to my understanding? ...I guess it depends on who the most influencial / powerful people in the country are..
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