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  1. So, Pillars of Eternity II is up for pre-order on Steam, and I was combing through it. I found this picture on the pre-order page; I don't believe the code has been added yet, but if it's a repeat, sorry about that. Edit: never mind. I jumped the gun, and got way too excited. It's one of the earlier codes, and I just wasn't reading it right.
  2. Make the cookies. By Magran, I hope you made those cookies. If anything has inspired faith in me, it is those delectables.
  3. I love all three of these, especially number 1; soulknife is my favorite class. Also, killing someone with a weapon formed of your intent to kill them is the best kind of... recursion? Is that recursion? What word can we use there? I support you getting a sofa in your office. We must support the artists. I like it, it's a small touch, but the small touches are important. It could even come up with a few dialogue choices down the line. "Now, I'm not a man of the cloth, but Magran would want us to... SHOOT THEM![initiate ambush battle]" That could actually windup being in the game, as we may get a ship stronghold this time around. I want to talk to my ship and not be crazy. Kind of like how I could talk to my fortress in PoE1 and not be crazy. That could be fun, but I feel like it would be difficult for it to be implemented; would you want to see it as an actual item that someone wields, as a character with a class level, etc.? This sounds like fun on paper, but then it's not fair if you decide to take a non-Deadfire origin; what would those people get?
  4. I'm not really a fan of pre-buffing, though I can understand why some people want it; and if they did implement pre-buffing, I would want the game balanced with the assumption that buffs are NOT used. In this way, people can, in their own way, set the difficulty of encounters. Try an encounter on its own; get wiped out? Try it again buffed out! But I would like to see utility spells. I like the idea of, if I have a naturally stealthy character; why not give him a little 'performance enhancement' courtesy of the wizard, or even the priest? Of course, that's one less spell slot I'll have for when the fighting breaks out, but that's how choices and consequences work.
  5. Minsc was pretty amusing. I'd definitely like to see some quirky characters in this game. They need not even be on the team per se; maybe a recurring NPC? In Neverwinter Nights 2, the sort of... absent-minded Aldanon fulfilled that sort of role, at least for me, briefly.
  6. I like it for this idea alone; you could do a lot with this. Maybe a leading conversation where you can flesh out, for instance, some of your past lives, which may affect this npc's relationship with you, or with other party members. Maybe even the dialogue tree could unlock a certain skill, or grant some kind of bonus (or even just remove a handicap you might have for whatever reason).
  7. Cross, from the Playstation 1 game Kartia: Word of Fate. He was technically a villain, but I'd call him some type of anti-villain. He was obsessed with training himself to perfection, and only served on the side of the bad guys because it gave him access, not only to forbidden knowledge, but some high level challenges. I like the idea of someone who isn't necessarily bad, just opposed to you, and who constantly challenges you because overcoming you will allow them to become better; the kind of person who wants to truly reach the peak and pinnacle that they are capable of, who is motivated not necessarily out of greed or a desire to use that power to get what he wants, but more-so curiosity.
  8. I like this idea. Especially the part about displaying item properties; it would be nice at a glance to see what the damage, for instance, of all my weapons are, or how much armor each piece of armor has, just at a glance; being able to compare things by just following the numbers down columns.
  9. I would like for the option of a Throat Slit, which is exactly what it sounds like. Sneaky sneaky, get up behind someone... grab them around the head, hand over mouth, draw knife across throat, let them spray their blood all over the place before dropping the corpse like a sack of bricks. Somebody trained to do exactly that. I mean, how can people keep their composure when they're killing multiple people in a short amount of time? Same thing, people who've trained to do it. Enough training, especially of the hands on variety, can make anything easy. Then again, you do bring up a good point about armor. I think stuff like steel gorgets should stop my proposed Throat Slit, for instance. Maybe armor should offer varying degrees of sneak attack defense/protection? Or make sneak attacks do a lot more damage, but still subject to damage reduction from armor.
  10. Speaking of this--and I ap0ologize if it's been brought up before, I saw this and instantly responded, rather than reading-- I should be able to bring some oil with me. Like, lamp oil. Kerosene. What-have-you. Those old wall sconces and braziers and the like? I should be able to start fires in them, in the dungeons. It would be an awesome way to leave a 'trail of breadcrumbs', so to speak (so long as the lights don't start going out; or being put out).
  11. I love the ideas here, and would genuinely love a game where character creation is such a big deal. However, much like Odglok, I don't think PE is the place for it.
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