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  1. Broken Age has the great story and memorable characters, for certain, but the puzzles are (mostly) pretty straightforward, particularly for the veteran adventure gamer. Definitely not bad mouthing it and I'm planning on playing it again soon. Urg, well I'll have to give it a shot soon. Bad puzzles can turn an adventure game into an interactive movie. I'm looking at you, Dreamfall. hey! interactive movies aren't a bad thing… though if that was not it's intent then i guess it's a bad thing… but it's all about the intent of the creator and how well the story is told.
  2. Concentration is similar to Concentration in 3E/3.5 (somewhat similar to Poise in Dark Souls) but it is for everyone, not just spellcasters. Concentration prevents you from playing hit reactions when you take damage. If you cannot maintain Concentration, you will play a hit reaction and your attack/reload/spell is interrupted. We're still defining the system (in fact, I was messing around with the formulae before I sat down), but that's the general idea. In the new scheme, Might affects damage/healing whether it's a single application or over time. Penetration is something we may or ma
  3. i can't wait to see this film, although the plot is a little creepy... though the CGI used in his films (CG of which he pioneered with 5 centimeters per-second) it has to do with how the lighting interacts with the 2D animation (the 2D is also animation is made on the computer i believe)
  4. while i refuse to watch 5-centimeters per second because it's an OVA, but i have seen the films made by the writer director of that OVA. the most emotional anime i have ever seen is Clannad, i have never cried more while watching an anime than what i had with that show. the only other show/film that has done that to me was Air the movie. though the show had better animation oddly enough.
  5. Dude whatever you are smoking I want some, it sounds great i think it was called... purple haze? i honestly can't remember. i just have this strange craving for chocolate chip ice-cream and hotdogs...
  6. i died today i now haunt my computer, it's not all bad though, i can still access the internet and play some games (as i am in a pretty crappy MacBookPro) i wish i could have haunted a high end gaming rig, at least then i could play skyrim, playing games while you are haunting a computer is kinda trippy because i can experience the game like interact and feel everything, well to an extent i can only interact with objects that are programmed to be intractable, needless to say why i would want to inhabit a high end PC to play skyrim. god i'm bored.
  7. Walter literally was central to pretty much all of the major threads in the show including a lot of the human storylines like his relationship with his son. Fringe arguably was his story, not to detract from the other characters or actors though who were all wonderful. yeah, the story arcs where he is trying to repair the relationship with his son, and him trying to get over the pain and guilt for stealing peter and destroying the fabric of two dimensions. the actor is very expressionate in showing this pain, especially in the eyes.
  8. as the release date for Tales of Xillia draws closer, is there anyone here looking forward to this game besides me. JRPG haters please don't post if you don't have anything truly constructive.
  9. if you give it a chance and watch all of season one, you might like it, and the show has been completed (thankfully it wasn't canceled with season 3) four twenty-three episode seasons is more than enough content to finish the story. hell most anime don't get past twelve/thirteen episodes these days.
  10. yeah, the actor who plays as walter is fantastic. the subtle emotions he expresses, like when he is in emotional pain his expression looks like he really in pain. oh did you notice that the actor who plays as walter, played in Lord of the Rings as Denethor II the Steward of Gondor.
  11. I recently asked on the Project Eternity Kick Starters page at the possibility of a Pen and Paper RPG inspired by and set in the world of Project Eternity. what inspired me to ask is two fold, 1) i was watching a show on a youtube channel called Counter Monkey, which sparked my interest in the world of Pen and Paper RPG's. 2) Sine the guys at Obsidian are huge fans of Pen and Paper RPG's as well as CRPG's and WRPG's i thought there was a possibility of this happening. This is the response i received Hello Keichi, Thank you for your interest in Project Eternity. At the moment, we are unable
  12. i recently started watching a show called Fringe, and so far i am blown away by it. i am in the middle of season four, and it isn't as interesting season one, but that is because the secret was still in the "Box" as JJ Abrams put it. anyways i wanted to hear the communities thoughts on the show.
  13. the more i hear about this game, the more i want it. i think i may play either a Cleric or a Paladin, i prefer being a support player.
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