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Found 1 result

  1. I'd like to have some fun with this game. A lot of posts I've read seem very concerned about this or that thing and all seem to have serious overtones. Whatever happened to having some fun? A good chortle as it were. Now, I'm not saying I want this game to be slapstick but I've always appreciated humour and irreverence in RPGs - probably why Paranoia was favourite of mine and please someone KS a Paranoia CRPG already! Let's face it you can't have good drama without peaks and valleys. You need to both build and release tension. And one of the best releases is always comedy. Think about any time you've been in a tense situation that's been diffused with comedy. Or just you're general day to day laughs you get with friends, co-workers, family. As they say, if we couldn't laugh, we'd just cry all the time. That's one of the admirable things Terry Pratchett does so well in his novels where he can treat serious subjects with humour - at the appropriate points - and it makes it much easier to deal with. As an example as we're discussing the PE pantheon of late I'd like to see maybe a few silly deities thrown in for comic effect. Perhaps your party could stumble across a cult and engage in a bit of fun hijinx without the hacking and slashing. In this case let's call them The Order of Perspicuous. Perspicuous is the Lord of the Obvious. His followers exist because they feel that the most obvious things in the world are, well, obviously the most important. Let's face it, the gods wouldn't have made them so obvious if they didn't want everyone to notice them. So by their way of thinking, the more obvious something is, the more important/holy it is. Secrets and the hidden things of the world are the sole purview of evil! As the party was passing by the abbey they were flagged down by one of the monks asking them if they could assist the monks. It seems that the holy relic of the church has gone missing. The relic being a sculpture of the all-seeing eye. The abbot leads the party to the main cathedral to show them where the statue was - placed in a spot of prominence of all to see of course - and explains it's been missing for several days now and htye have no clue as to who took it or why. However this leaves the party perplexed because the statue is still there in plain sight. They say as much to the abbot and the fellow monks there who becomes incensed and declare this isn't an issue for jest. Yet, the statue is really there but for some reason or reasons, the monks and local villagers all seem to think it's gone missing. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to find out why this is the case and how to resolve it. In this case it would make for some entertainment if there things the clergy and village folk could see and the party couldn't and vice versa. This could make for some entertaining discussions and interactions. Anyway, you get the gist of where I'm going with this. I'm all for high drama but let's not forget to get the fun in there too! Cheers big ears!
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