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Found 11 results

  1. Hello. I beat the game once, and I'm wondering these things. Anyone can help with answers or theories? Thaos As I understand it, Thaos dies each life and is reborn with his memories intact; but does that mean he is always reborn in the same body? How does that work? In all visions of him, he looks the same. Also, there's an option when you kill him where you can let him keep his memories... Isn't that the same as having done nothing? Other than having stopped his plan, I mean. He's going to come back, isn't he? Eothas Did Eothas really want to stop the whole plan from the beginning?
  2. For myself one of the most fascinating aspects of Poe that has been announced is Animancy, it makes sense that in a setting where the Soul is real and can interact with the mundane, that there have arisen individuals who wish to study it in more detail. Applying the scientific principle to what would seem a supernatural phenomena to us, but to the denizens of Poe is indisputably natural. However due to the use of Animancy in update #73 as a flawed means of immortality resulting in actual Undeath, one has to question the morality of the science and its practitioners. Is it only the most amo
  3. Its been a while since the kickstarter campaign but I seem to remember that it was mentioned a couple of times that the state of someones soul changes as they move through the cycle and that those with a damaged or shattered soul are mistrusted by some (though how you could tell just by looking I don't know). I think it would be really intesting if you could choose the state of your soul during character creation and the effects that might have on gameplay. Say for example having a perfect soul might give you a boost to certain defense stats. Having a shattered soul might give you a boost to
  4. Metaphysics in video games has always been something that has interested me (36 Lessons of Vivec is amazing). I am not entirely sure why, but it is most likely the slight insight into the writer's mind and how their world-view(s) influence the story of the game that makes the topic so interesting for me. I was even more excited about P:E when I found out about the part that souls play in the world, and I am interested in discovering how they are explained in the story in more detail. So my question is, how do you feel about the inclusion of metaphysical topics in video games (and P:E
  5. What if you could discover an NPC that was created dynamically, and designed to be your Kindred Soul? So that he/she were a different class/build each playthrough depending on your own class/build. And only once you found them, together you could perform super awesome abilities, either in combat or spellcasting, or both, or in other ways. Or maybe there's a trade-off? And depending on your future actions, you either bring them closer to you or drive them away. It could cover some elements of romance/bromance and other complexities of party make-up. A power shift in companions, jealousy, or
  6. One of the theories in archaeology for explaining the henges and standing stones scattered across the british isles is that they are visual statements of ownership, oftentimes remains are found buried underneath and the dead are also laid to rest in the foundations of homes, ostensibly to watch over their descendants. This got me thinking, with the importance of souls in the world of Eternity perhaps the more primitive societies (and perhaps even the civilised ones) might see it as pefectly reasonable to bind the willing soul of a family member to their home and hearth. Acting as a lorekee
  7. I've been thinking about the kinds of creatures and monsters which might inhabit the world of Project Eternity while adhering to the themes and the nature of the world. Here's a few main "types" I've come up with: 1. Soul-Swapped These are wildlife or people that have accidentally been assigned or possessed by other souls. Perhaps a person's soul was accidentally transfered to an animal, and both the physical animal and soul within become changed and twisted over time. This should allow an interesting menagerie of were-creatures - some good, some aggressive, while still adhering to the "n
  8. We know that souls will be the power source that allow our heroic (and not so heroic) characters to perform the extraordinary. As souls are used as power could individuals be able to craft souls into items? Could an individual have the power to remove a soul to make a weapon? Could desperate individuals offer their soul up so that some champion could wield it to avenge a great wrong? This is something I wanted to do in a D&D game but sadly never got to run. A few rare artefacts empowered by souls created in times of desperation. One example was of a blade made by a nation on
  9. So, well to begin with could we bring to mind the Souls update and how Sawyer mentioned that the gods are meddlesome and also are purposely obscuring the nature of souls/how they work. I have an idea for why this might be and thought I'd make a thread on here to see if anyone has any of their own ideas/theories/what have you. What occurred to me is I'm guessing the most obvious reasoning. The souls spend time among the gods in-between re-incarnations, so perhaps the souls are intertwined with the gods and not just leaves floating about the godly landscape? Are souls a source of p
  10. In the context of this fiction... Where do you feel souls come from? How do new souls come about, if any? What do you think they look like or are shaped like? Are they huge, small, shaped and sized like us? Are they us, ours, or visiting? Do they have much to do with conventional ideas of souls or are they just called souls and happen to share some apparent similarity to what these people would call souls?
  11. They've made it clear that Souls are going to be a key thematic element of the game. They've mentioned "Strong Souls" "Lineage Souls" "Travelling Soul and" so on. So what element do you think Souls represented by Races or Classes. They've said that magic is powered by souls so I'm inclined to think Classes. So someone born with multiple Souls could be a multiclasser, someone with a "Strong" soul might be a fighter, someone whose soul has been to divine realms might be a cleric, one with purity might be a Paladin, one with lineage might be a wizard, and so on. Alternately it cou
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